Rewerk Wednesday/Otto Knows

Whether destroying the DJ decks overlooking dance floors around the globe or serving us strobe lit life on original fires, “Dying For You,” “Next to Me,” “Million Voices” and “Not Alone,” Swedish based house DJ Otto Knows (real name–Otto Jettmann), um, knows how to give it to us and give it to us hard with anything he has his headphones in. 

Falling hard for the love of that dear, sweet house music at the young age of sixteen, Otto first found his way when he began spinning it out in Stockholm‘s underground club scene. In record(s) time, he made quite a name for himself and in a chance meeting became instant beat buds with fellow Swedish DJ, Avicii, as well as the esteemed members of Swedish House Mafia. (Maxwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso). 

Together, all of these gentlemen including Knows would invigorate the Swedish club scene and bring tall over to the Billboard Dance Charts, whether on a dashing original fire or dance-all-f#$king night worthy remix. Among Knows’ long list of rewires and refires are his turn at Dada Life’s “Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker,” Imogen Heap’s “Hide & Seek” and “iTrack,” a collaborative thunder with Avicii and Oliver Ingrosso, plus seriously a whole big ol’ milk crate more. 

And in case you’re wondering after getting lost in some of his most bangin’ bangers…DJ Otto Knows isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

On Friday night, the Swedish based DJ is about to take over NOTO Philadelphia with all of his fire, so get those tickets and then get ready to plain and simply…fucking dance. 

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Otto Knows cover photo courtesy of Wikipedia 



Rewerk Wednesday/Wolfgang Gartner

If there’s one thing we should all be incorporating more into our lives right now, that would be the art of dancing like nobody’s fucking business. Especially when it’s the grooves provided by DJ Wolfgang Gartner at the helm of your dancing feet.

With an alias list that also includes Bosco & Terell, Count Funkula, Frequent Flyers, the Girth, Mario Fabriani, and Spyro Pappadopoulos, Wolfgang Gartner (real name–Joey Youngman) has made a knack for cooking up grooves that will make you move for daze, not to mention they have the trunk power to persuade you to grab that Grey Goose to get you and your girl feelin’ all sorts of loose.

Beginning in the late ’00s, there were nearly a dozen Gartner grooves (he’s also got a swell deep house vibe) served to dance floor across the globe, including “Push and Rise,” “Space Junk” and “Emergency,” as well as top notch collaborations with DJs and vocalists, Medina, Omarion, Eve, Jim Jones, Marc Griffin Brit Brit, Tiesto and MSTRKRFT

But perhaps Gartner’s biggest slice of dance life he ever gave us (besides his pulsating 10 Wats to Steal Home Place from last year) came back in 2010 on “We Own the Night,” a red-hot collaboration with Luciana and Tiesto that’s still guaranteed to make you feel more ways than one.

Much like you will when Wolfgang Gartner takes over Coda tomorrow night. So, get those tickets and then…dance.

Dance some more. 


Dance Tea w/ Sultan + Shepard

Whether touring the dance music globe while serving up their their own dance floor fires, collaborating with high profile music guest stars (David Guetta, Benny BlancoTegan and Sara) or snatching Grammy nods (that remix of Bruno Mars’ “Locked Outta Heaven,” though..) the dynamic pairing of Canadian DJs Sultan + Shepard has certainly shown no signs of slowing down since they joined forces a decade ago.

And judging from the way they pretty much destroyed Montreal with their non-stop live beat shop that was on fine, fiery display on New Year’s Eve, they’re more than ready to turn it all the way up in 2017.

Lucky for us, they took a little time out of their insane schedule to spill some dance music tea with Philly Mixtape, in which they broke mugs about the industry, those upcoming grooves, and like, life and stuff.

Let’s dance.

And for much more Sultan + Shepard dance music truth, peep it on up right here. 

Let’s get right to the bat and spill about the ever changing dance music scene. What is maybe one positive and one negative of the ever changing industry that you guys see?  S:On the positive side, there’s so much more emphasis on the songs and the producers who make the songs. Electronic music has finally been accepted in the US as a real genre and so it’s great to see the power shift from a few DJ’s and clubs to artists and fans. On the negative side, there are so many people making music that as soon as a song or sound becomes popular, everyone tries to copy it. And because the community is no longer a small, tight-knit group, there’s no sense of trying to be unique and a lot of people are just doing whatever they can for likes or plays or whatever. Hopefully, there will be more emphasis on quality in the near future.

Since those blessed live music moments can’t always be perfect, what is one moment that you guys felt didn’t go so right but that you ended up learning from in the end? N:To be honest, there’s a lot of stuff that happens on the backend side of the business that can be really shady. People often tell you things that they will do and then they don’t end up delivering. For us, the most important thing is to focus on the positive side, the creative side. If people want to be shady with their business, then we usually don’t work with them again. We try to be really transparent and up front with people about what we’re expecting from doing a deal or a song and it’s important for us to openly communicate on that level. We’ve learned that the more that you’re up front in the beginning, the more things stay cool over the long run.

Each of you shout out that one album you can’t live without…

N:Underworld/Born slippy S:Greece 2000/Three Drives (on vinyl)

Any favorite places you’ve guys have toured through?  N:India, Peru, Colombia.

Anything you can spill about what’s coming on the 2017 horizon? More singles! And then an EP next year on Armada which we’re really stoked about. It’s our first EP so we’re excited to finally do one. Plus some killer remixes and some more surprises coming along..

One last spill, what words of advice would each of you give to any dude or diva who just picked up a pair of headphones for the very first time? S:Be unique! Do your own thing. It’s important to be inspired by other artists, but don’t try to imitate anyone (at least who’s currently around!). Take inspiration but try to add something original to the conversation.