• 2015 Groove of the Day/Duke Dumont/”Ocean Drive”

    TweetA 2015 groove that’s deliciously deep and all wrapped up in ’80s flavored synths, Duke Dumont’s “Ocean Drive” knows how to treat your headphones right. Although not as hard-hitting as his 2014 werk, “Need U(100 %)” and “Won’t Look Back,” the Duke’s dreamy ditty still gets the job done with a steamy accompanying video that

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Living That Duke Dumont Music Life

    Tweet Who’s ready to dance on this steamy Tuesday? For close to a decade, Adam Dyment, aka Duke Dumont, has not only been cooking up whip-cracking remixes for artists like Lily Allen and Mark Ronson, but he’s also crafted some of his very own daring and deep dance tracks that have packed funkdafied floors across

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