2015 Groove of the Day/Duke Dumont/”Ocean Drive”

A 2015 groove that’s deliciously deep and all wrapped up in ’80s flavored synths, Duke Dumont’s “Ocean Drive” knows how to treat your headphones right. Although not as hard-hitting as his 2014 werk, “Need U(100 %)” and “Won’t Look Back,” the Duke’s dreamy ditty still gets the job done with a steamy accompanying video that will hit your music “G” spot every single time. 

Also, if you’re wondering just who the sensual male vocalist is on Mr. Dumont’s tantalizing number (which was even better live, we’ll get to that tomorrow), it’s singer/songwriter, Boy Matthews, who was taken from his job at Pizza Express and placed into the recording studio to cook up a demo for the track. Originally thought with Justin Bieber (!) in mind, Mr. Dumont liked what he heard from Matthews so much, he decided to keep “Ocean Drive” just the way it was…and our 2015 music lives are so grateful that he did.



Review:Duke Dumont Served out Deep House Life at the TLA Philly on Friday Night

Looking back to UK DJ Duke Dumont’s live dance music stage affair that took place at the TLA Philly this past Friday night, there are quite a few words I can dish out to describe just how dazzling it truly was. But what made Duke’s stage fire shine so bright is that he came armed and ready with a percussion engineer and keyboardist, coming together to be one hell of a tantalizing trio who served out a deep house buffet of beats, as well as a riveting light show that I’m pretty sure gave me Cataract for a brief moment in time…but it was so worth it. 


Before the Duke owned the TLA stage, Philly based DJ Dave P. and DJ Hayden James heated up the dance ready crowd with dizzying hour-long sets of deep house grooves and of course, since Adele’s soaring “Hello” track was released this past Friday, Mr. James brought out a classic rewerk of her trademark heartbreaker, “Rolling in the Deep,” which got the awaiting audience even more thirsty for Mr. Dumont. 

Once the Duke took the stage, him and his merry band of deep house inspired musicians took over for what felt like a short set (it could’ve been hours, you just got lost in a dance music trance from start to finish) packed with all of his deeply insatiable grooves, including opener, “Won’t Look Back,” to “The Giver,” “Melt,” “Need U(100%) to closer, “I Got U.” But besides giving the audience a true live feel of his ever growing catalog of smashes, Mr. Dumont made sure they got involved as much as they could, (we did) all while he showcased his true genuine music love for his devoted Philly fans. 


In his native UK, Duke Dumont is a certified superstar who took his first two singles-“I Got You’ and “Won’t Look Back–straight to the top of overseas music charts all around the globe. Over here, he hasn’t quite hit that stride yet, and it’s quite a shame, actually. On Friday night, the Duke proved that he’s a real music artist, playing live cuts of tracks that could have easily played off a laptop. On top of being quite an entertaining show, it was a refreshing one at its very best, proving exactly why he’s that big of a deal in his native English Breakfast tea sipping music land. 

Duke’s latest offering, “Ocean Drive” off of his Blasé Boys Club Part 1 EP has become his most well received hit stateside, meaning that he just may be inching closer to the mainstream music love he deserves. If you didn’t catch Duke Dumont’s shimmering show at the TLA this past Friday night, you truly missed out on a live dance music spectacle that gave the crowd exactly what they came for–to live.

Let’s hope that Mr. Duke Dumont visits Philly again very soon. 










5 Reasons Why You Should Be Living That Duke Dumont Music Life

Who’s ready to dance on this steamy Tuesday?

For close to a decade, Adam Dyment, aka Duke Dumont, has not only been cooking up whip-cracking remixes for artists like Lily Allen and Mark Ronson, but he’s also crafted some of his very own daring and deep dance tracks that have packed funkdafied floors across the globe. While he’s been bulldozing the overseas charts with his heavenly hits, the Duke has yet to truly make his mainstream music impact stateside, except for on the dance charts where each of his swirling sonnets deserve to be. 

Being that’s we’re now entering the shimmering month of August, Philly Mixtape can’t think of a better time to get you hooked on Mr. Dumont’s ferocious feast of sun-kissed beats…and here are 5 reasons why

1.His latest single “Ocean Drive” will make all of your summer music dreams come true…

Just in time for the sticky disco days of summer, Mr. Dumont has just cooked up “Ocean Drive,” which is serving as the lead single from his upcoming Blasé Boys Club Part 1. The deep, synth-ful number plays out like a whirling summer breeze;blaring across as a tune that’s necessary to play while your summer cruising with the windows down. While it may not be as throbbing as his offering last summer, the pumping, “Won’t Look Back,”the tantalizing tune still absolutely deserves your headphones’ attention. It may just be the song you didn’t think you needed as we get ready to musically soar through August. 

2.His videos will take you on a whole new kind of music ride….

Besides being an incredible dance music producer, the Duke has also made a name for himself in creating some of the most colorfully weird music videos you’ve ever seen. His vibrant clip for “Need U(100%) features a gentlemen with a boombox in his stomach that people can’t stop listening to. The Coppertone-ready clip for “I Got U” is a summer virtual reality dream come true. But it’s his video for “Won’t Look Back” that’s his most unique;featuring a pogo-sticked up trio of convenience robbers all dolled up in masks representing the Royal Family. You just have to see it to believe it. 

3.He’s set to grace the stage at this year’s DJ Expo….

Next week, the Trump Taj Mahal in A.C. is hosting the 25th annual DJ Times sponsored DJ Expo—and Mr. Dumont is all set to own the stage. For those that may not know, the groovy gala remains the music industry’s longest-running and best-attended trade show. Each August, the DJ Expo hosts more than two-dozen educational seminars, an exhibit hall jammed with the latest DJ-related gear, and a buffet of sponsored events. All those that are going are certainly in for a real treat once Duke Dumont hits that coveted dance spotlight.

For more on the DJ Expo, get to werk right here

4.Because we must always show music love for overseas music artists…

By now, everyone knows that Philly Mixtape is a huge supporter of many overseas music artists. While there are a handful of  reasons, the main one is that sometimes the music vibe is a little more groovy overseas sometimes than stateside. In fact, Duke’s singles “I Got U,” “Need U(100%) and “Won’t Look Back” each danced their way to the top of the UK Music Charts. Now, imagine a deep house tune of the same caliber hitting the top of the charts here? It;s something that hasn’t happened here-and it may not happen in our music lifetime. For that, we must always appreciate the find work of Mr. Dumont and all of the overseas music artists who show their music chops stateside. 

5.His grooves will make you dance for your life…

After listening to his dynamic catalogue, you get the feeling that Mr. Dumont just has one thing on his mind during the creative process–he just wants want to make us dance. His music his fun, frothy, perfect for any season and will simply give you the life you need on the dance floor. Hey, life can be tough sometimes, but as long as we have the grooves provided by Duke Dumont, it’s all good. The best part of it all is that he’s only beginning to make us move with his deep collection of ditties. Let’s live it up now while we can.