Jam of the Day/Janet Jackson/”Escapade”

Oh, Ms. Janet. 

That was certainly everyone’s expression last week (and after some of the shade I read, I’m putting that nicely) when the legendary diva announced that she was postponing her Unbreakable World Tour (again) so she could begin to start to “planning a family” with her husband of four years, gazillionare Wissom Al Mana. 

There’s no denying that some of us (okay, all of us) were outraged that she postponed her once hotly anticipated tour for the second time (her upcoming Aug 24th stop in Philly was a rescheduled date from February), as evident in the shade begun flying towards the diva. Truly, what does “planning a family” actually mean, anyway? Aren’t we all doing that? 

However, all music truth to be told, were any of you out there truly surprised by this earth shattering announcement? Without spilling all the Janet tea, this certainly isn’t the first time Ms. Jackson-f-you’re-nasty has canceled tour dates and we must face the truth that it will most likely not be the last time. So, while keep patiently waiting to hear just what the f#$k is on the horizon for Jackson’s Unbreakable era, we must focus on all of the good she’s done for our music lives, most notably when she supplied us with seven chart destroying singles (eight if you count “State of the World,” in which you absolutely should) from her groundbreaking Rhythm Nation 1814 set.

A record that transformed Janet into Janet, RN1814 exploded onto the album charts in late 1989 and for close to three years, it sold (and sold) while serving us with all those singles (you know them) that were each accompanied with slick, sophisticated videos that no one will ever forget and will remain solid pieces in our music and pop culture lives forever.

In fact, it was quite the difficult task in picking which Janet groove to add to the April mix (she certainly put me through it….again), but looking at the upcoming weather forecast and the fact that we’re this close to having a make out part with the weekend, “Escapade” is clearly a top-notch choice for today’s Philly Mixtape jam of the day. 

Get the point? Good. Let’s dance…and leave the Janet shade at home….because you know you still love her. 

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Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Janet Jackson /”Escapade”

Starting things off, I would just like to apologize for my sudden absence from the music world yesterday. Unfortunately, I was having major trouble loading the daily posts onto the site, so after certain careful “Mixtape” consideration, I had  to shut Mixtape down for a hot second until I figured out what the issue was. As you can see, we are back and ready to rock and ready to help you guys get  ready for your weekend, Philly Mixtape style..

Today’s kickstarter jam, “Escapade” by the one-and-only, Janet Jackson, really needs no explanation. Not only was it the delightful third single released from her epic ’88 set, “Rhythm Nation 1814,’ but it also lodged the diva another#1 hit because of its enormously catchy hook and moving melody. Also, “Escapade” gave us a reason to yell out “Minneaoplois” any damn time we felt like it. Dive into Ms. Janet’s classic party starter jam below….