Forgot About Friday/Seduction

“Can you feel it beat, can you feel it beat, can you feel my heartbeat? 

Since momma always said speak the truth when it comes to that music, if you’re not simply feeling it once the perfectly harmonized intro to Idalis DeLeon, Michelle Visage and April Harris aka the one-and-only Seduction‘s ’90s smash, “Heartbeat,” kicks off…you clearly have no f@#king soul. 

So, for those who may not be aware of everything Seduction served out back-in-the-day, you’re about to get schooled in this week’s Forgot About Friday with a fabulous lesson..for your music life. 

While Expose owned our ’80s lives and Destiny’s Child owned our ’00s lives, with the exception of En Vogue who were the fine essence of all things ’90s girl groups (there might have been a few..hundred), the tantalizing tunes and funky flow of Seduction came to a very close second place comparison in serving it all up and then some to the Billboard charts and all of us. 

(Side note-no shade to TLC as we all know they were in a music class of their very own..and Total, Mokenstef and Changing Faces…love ya…but what are you even doing here..we’ll get you gals later).

And here is where it all started all the way back in the late ’80s when C+C Music Factory creator and first class DJ Robert Cliviles formed the group and put the gals’ style, sass and one-of-a-kind sound on top of those irresistible ’90s house beats that we still can’t escape from no matter how hard we try.

But really, why would we want to? Like anything Cliviles touches (see..every single one of his remixes..ever), his all-seeing creative eye was right on the money with the smashes that Seduction began to serve out, which of course includes “Heartbeat” (the extended version is the only one that you need in your collection), “Could This Be Love,” “Breakdown” and “(You’re My One and Only) True Love.” 

Of course, we must show our love to the track that started it all, the cheeky, “Two To Make It Right,” which coincidentally was taking over airwaves and the charts the same exact time as Mr. Rob Bass’ similarly titled classic dance anthem, in which any ’90s kid knows that our swagger and our Sony Walkman headphones we’re gettin’ all sorts of right when that pulsating pair of tracks took over in 1990.

But like pretty much every girl group of the ’90s (with the exception of DC as Destiny Fulfilled was Beyoncé getting ready to be Beyoncé, the pulsating powerhouse of Seduction lasted a hearty handful of years on the charts before the gals went their separate ways. While DeLeon and Harris eventually brought on new members Sinoa Loren, Eunice Quiñones and Maria Fiora after Visage left to go kick it with Ms. Rupaul, let’s face it, the original flavor of Seduction will always seduce us whenever or wherever it takes over anything we do in this crazy little thing called life. 

Speaking of Ms. Mish and her bestie, Ru, we all know she went on to rightfully own her judges chair and her judgement on everything the fabulous queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race present us with every season (which is on Fridays now…anybody hear?), and if serving up all of this ’90s diva music truth isn’t enough for you, she was also the head mistress on The S.O.U.L.S.Y.S.T.E.M’s 1992 groove, “It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day.” Or, if that doesn’t ring a bell, just think of that song from The Bodyguard soundtrack that was the only single released among all of those Whitney owned classics. 

And for that alone, Ms. Michelle Visage betta werk. 

Of course, we all know Ms. Idalis DeLeón went on to become a prominent MTV VJ (that’s someone who hosted music video rotation for any millennial out there and yes, that was a big thing), and also became quite the acting diva as well taking on roles on TV shows such as Living Single, Six Feet Under, Nip Tuck and feature films like Running Scared and Vicious Circle. In fact, she still has the acting big today and inspires other fellow acting dudes and divas on how to get bit with iDalisMedia, which teaches the kids how to brand their act through precision on camera performance while serving up lessons on career brand media strategy. And if there’s any spunky diva out there who can add just the right amount of flair into any of our lives, it’s certainly everyone’s favorite female VJ from back-in-the-day. Sorry, Kennedy. 

Ms. April Harris also went on to succesful career with it all, going on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Howard University’s School of Communication and has slayed lead roles in traveling stage productions of Dreamgirls, Wicked Ways, Smokey Joe’s Café, The Wiz and many, many more. This not only proves that Harris and each one of these lovely ladies had it going on, but that Mr. Cliviles was absolutely right in putting them together and giving us the rhythms, rhymes and the reasons why we’ll always love the classic music art of Seduction.

Now, there’s just one thing left to do…dance. 



Forgot About Friday/Eiffel 65/Alice Deejay/ATC

Sigh……..anybody else really, really miss the music of the late ’90s/early ’00s? If not, you will once you try to figure out just what the fuck happened to Eiffel 65, Alice Deejay and everyone’s favorite “la la la la la” dance music maestros, ATC in this week’s edition of Forgot About Friday

Peep it up and dance it out. 

Eiffel 65/”Blue”  Yo, listen up here’s a story about how Eiffel 65 had one annoyingly delightful dance track out in ’99….and then they were never heard from again. 

That is until Flo Rida incorporated pieces of “Blue” into his Billboard Top Five single, “Sugar,” co-starring the lovely Ms. Wynter Gordon in 2009. 

Alice Deejay/Who Needs Guitars Anyway?  “Do you think you’re better off alone” and “Talk to me.” It was those ten words that made up Alice Deejay‘s dance smash, “Better Alone” and it was also those ten words that took over our lives for a few months back-in-the-day. Plus, those 2000 produced synths and that beat are still just as delightfully cheesy as ever. Wait, no they’re not…but we still live for “Better Off Alone”…anyway. 

Admit it, you still do. 

ATC/”Around the World(La La La La La)” No words…..just those opening bells and all sorts of “la la la la la’ing” all damn disco day


Forgot About Friday/Samantha Mumba

“Gotta Tell You” and “Baby Come On Over.” (sit down, Xtina, this isn’t about you..yet). 

Or, “Baby Come On Over” and “Gotta Tell You.” 

Yes, ask anyone who was, like, alive during the TRL days of the early ’00s and they’ll instantly serve out the names of these two tracks when it comes to bringing up the Ireland based sass of the one-and-only, Ms. Samantha Mumba

Of course, true Mumba maniacs are aware of her vastly underrated 2002 single, “I’m Right Here” (that key change, tho) and that time she gave us full on acting diva in The Time Machine. Priceless. 

As if it ever left us.