• 6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Grease:Live

    TweetRemember just a few short years ago when we didn’t get excited to see our favorite musicals rewired into live T.V. versions? Ever since NBC served us with a live retelling of The Sound of Music  in 2013 (love you, Ms. Carrie), the network has not only kept up with delivering a new one each

  • Beverly Hills, 90210 Groove of the Day/Cathy Dennis/”Why”

    TweetIt’s time to dance with Ms. Dennis…. One of the best elements of the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack is that it still contains quite a memorable mix of music genres–pop, R&B, ballads, Paula Abdul. Another genre that shimmers throughout is just a touch of deep house that’s provided on the upbeat banger “Why” from everyone’s

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