Event Spotlight:Bradley’s Bucks Playground

In case you needed something tremendous to do this upcoming Wednesday and/or Thursday night, head straight over to Franky Bradley‘s (1320 Chancellor St.) because the Bucks start right here and your local entertainment hearts are about to get stampeded on all over again by these fine local dancing gentlemen.

Yes, that’s right, the rumors are absolutely true as FB’s exquisite all male dance troupe, Bradley’s Bucks, are about to take over, scratch that, destroy the second floor stage with their well crafted antics and techniques they’re going to serve up in their version of the most entertaining playground you’ve ever set a fancy foot upon.

However, don’t expect any easy, breezy games of hop scotch and four square as University of the Arts trained and Brian Sanders JUNK performing Bucks members Teddy Fatscher, Tommy Schimms, Frank Leone, Mikhail Kelevra, and William Ernest D. Burden will be putting on a show full of their trademark aerial stunts complete with some of the most involved futuristic and modern dance routines that you only wish you could do at night with the door locked where no one else can see. 

But not to worry about all of that, because these Buckin’ Boys have got you covered with it all and then some this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday night. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re each easy on the eyes to look at, and besides serving you all of that local dance fire, Bradley’s Bucks are known to be, like, funny as shit, so expect just a touch of humor to be intertwined with all of that entertainment truth that’s going to be taking over Franky Bradley‘s once again this week. 

Speaking of a little funny business, the always f#$king hilarious Christa D’Agostino along with her hosting partner-in-werk, Mr. Nick Reeves, as well as Tom Schmitt, & Falon Joslyn Pattani will also be on hilarious hand in the Bucks’ one-of-a-kind….Playground.

And yes, if you try to jump on the stage they will get you…especially Ms. Christa

Throw in some fabulous drink specials and you’ve got yourself one hell of a one, two Philly entertainment punch this week stampeding all over the city of Brotherly Love. 

Now, the only things left to say are….

Wednesday, March 8th/$7 Advance/$10 Door/Doors @9:30pm /Showtime @ 10:30pm
 Thursday, March 9th/$7 Advance/$10 Door/Doors @ 8:30pm/Showtime @ 9:30pm 

Get tickets for both nights here and right here. 

And Bradley’s Bucks and the rest of the fabulous crew at Franky Bradley’s will see you there! 


5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Bradley’s Bucks ‘Jungle’ Takeover

Sexy…masculine…ready….just so god damn extraordinarily talented. 

Yes, those are just a few of the words and praises we can all spill about Bradley’s Bucks, Franky Bradley’s all male dance troupe that’s about to stomp on your heart with another stunning show tomorrow night. However, this isn’t just any show, as the Bucks (we’ll meet them all in a second…calm down, Mom) will be serving up a Jungle theme that is looking to have you check your Naomi Watts in King Kong life at the door.

Meaning, it’s time to get fully ready, ladies and fabulous gents. 

But perhaps the most incredible element of tomorrow’s spectacle (oh, and what a spectacle it will be, kids) is that Jungle is going to be a part of this year’s annual FringeArts Festival, which as we’ve experienced in years past is laced with some (if not all) of the best entertainment that’s ever been thrust upon Philly’s local stages.

So, for those of you who’ve already grabbed your tickets for Bradley’s Bucks, you’re about in for a real treat. And for those of you haven’t yet, you better make like Simba and grab them right here and right now while we all prepare ourselves for the impending Bradley’s Bucks Jungle takeover at Franky Bradley’s tomorrow night.

And here are 5 other ways you can prepare yourself for this truly one-of-a-kind Philly entertainment experience that’s about to take over..your life. 

1.Show your local entertainment love to this fine herd of local dancing gentlemen…. First things first, show your local dance love to Tommy Schimms, Teddy Fatscher, William Ernest D. Burden, Ryan James Stauffer and Mikhail King–the fine dancing gentlemen who are more than ready to put their Tarzan game face on for your heart racing pleasure tomorrow night.

Besides each of them being extraordinarily talented in their own individual ways (aerial stunts! bungees! dazzling floor routines…there’s nothing they can’t do), they’ve all vigorously studied the art of dance (and so much more) at Philly’s esteemed University of the Arts, which in turn has led a handful of them to be a part of Brian Sanders Junk dance troupe, which as we all know is the very foundation of this September’s FringeArts takeover. 

This week, I got the chance to spill with Mr. Schimms (who co-captains the Bucks with Mr. Fatscher) about what being a part of the Bucks has done for his personal and professional career, and he spilled, “Teddy and I both have a creative outlet in Brian Sanders JUNK, and now the Bucks allow us to take a step back and be in the driver’s seat making creative choices. It also gives us the opportunity to explore different ideas and how we can make the next thing unique or never seen before. I also believe that it has really shown us every aspect that goes into a performance, from developing movement on different apparatuses to building sets, lighting, and a music score.  The Bucks bring our two loves together in life. Dancing and the service industry. Dave Morreale as venue director at Franky Bradley’s as well as Buck’s Daddy nables us to eliminate limitations and create without restriction.” 

Enough said. 

2.Say hello to the men behind the scenes, or in DJ Chris Urban’s case….that curtain…. Okay, so tomorrow night you’re guaranteed to see another fine scruffy, ponytailed gentlemen running back and forth through FB’s making sure everything is on point, No need to be alarmed, that’s just aforementioned FB’s creative director Dave Morreale and he is that guy who is simply going to make sure you (ays, you) are having the time of your life at the show tomorrow night. Because if there’s anyone who’s working just as hard as the Bucks in bringing it all together, it’s certainly Mr. Morreale. So, when you see him scurrying around tomorrow night, stop and say hello, because he’s doing this all for you (yas, you again), and please, remember to always show your love to the performers gracing that stage because…respect. 

And of course, we must always bow our headphones down to Mr. Urban, the man not only behind the curtain (seriously, you won’t see him…ever), but behind the grooves that Bradley’s Bucks are taking and putting their ferocious routines on top of. Bottom line, if you’ve ever danced in the City of Brotherly Love, you’ve danced along with Mr. Urban…meaning this show just got a little more if that were possible. 

3.Get ready to get a little wet…. First up, get your mind out of the gutter. Second, yes, you just might get a little wet tomorrow night because rumor has it (maybe, I don’t know, I hear a lot of…stuff) that there’s going to a pool all up on the FB’s stage. This of course gets us thinking right back to early summer when Beyoncé and her groovy back up gals stopped by Lincoln Financial Field as part of The Queen’s Formation World Tour and got to werk with a routine that we’re still drying off from.

Now, imagine a flock of ferocious dancing man beats splishin’ and splashin’ around like Bey. There you go. 


4.Dive into everything else Franky Bradley’s has in store for the rest of your summer… Ever since Franky Bradley’s took over for former Philly lesbian bar Sisters almost two years (!!) ago now, they’ve more than proved they’ve got what it takes to usher in the hottest talent from the Gayborhood and beyond. 

Whether it’s been the in-your-face antics of Martha Graham Cracker, the classic DJ stylings of Rich Medina or the monthly serving of their stunning drag show, Franky’s Foxes (by the way, condragulations on Mary D’Knight on becoming the newest Fox…and Nicole Fatima, werk), FB’s has what it takes to keep you living that entertainingly sun-kissed life. And just what do they have in store for the rest of your August? Since we don’t want to give it all away here, peep on their official website and see what’s in store right…now. 

5.Just get ready to have a great f#$king time… Really, it’s just that simple because these boys have been working overtime to make sure you’re going to be magically welcomed into their extraordinary dance jungle. And now, we get our Guns ‘N Roses on.

See you tomorrow night! 






Music Tea w/DJ Chris Urban

Anyone in Philly whose been lucky enough to get served by the thunderous grooves of DJ Chris Urban can most likely describe their toe tapping experience with these words and phrases–“Destructive,” “Strobe-lit chaos,” “Ooh, he made my check my life on the floor all night, gurl!” However, those who’ve gotten to know Mr. Urban on a personal level will mostly describe him as being “busy as f#$k.” 

Since beginning his now very well established L’Etage Saturday night residency (go here) four years ago, the local beat master has certainly made for himself on the Philly scene, whether it’s been destroying city blocks while spinning it out at the gayborhood’s annual OutFest festival, taking your brunch to the deepest levels of the house music sea while doin’ his thing at Positano Coast, or helping his friend, esteemed local dancer Samuel Reyes, by lending his talents to help take learning dance to the highest of all heights at Koresh Dance Academy. (By the way, Mr. Urban is also an incredible dancer who graduated from the University of the Arts) Keeping up? 

If that’s not enough local heat for you, Philly’s busiest DJ also has his headphones attached to incredible local drag diva Pissi Myles’ ravenous L’Etage residency, What Makes Me Pissi, as well as Franky Bradley‘s Franky Foxes,’ a tantalizing troupe of six incredible Philly drag queens, who along with the beats provided by Urban at their red-hot monthly show, have established themselves as the hottest drag troupe in Philadelphia. 

But, wait there’s more. 

Tomorrow night, Mr. Urban will be presenting his brand spankin’ new party at Franky Bradley’s called Floor Werq, in which the red-hot local DJ will be–plain and simple–making you sweat for your life in February. But before he gets ready to own your shimmering Saturday night lives, Chris broke some music tea mugs with Philly Mixtape, spilling about his bright new dance music venture, what he thinks about Ms. Lil’ Kim these days, and of course, just how he all

Show your local music love to Mr. Urban below, and for all of the Floor Werq you can handle, check your dance life right here for more info. 

First up, I just have to know, how do you keep up with all of your projects that you have going on at once? The key is… maintaining a schedule. I honestly rely on my Google calendar–it’s like my bible you could say. I have everything synched up so I can literally stay sane! 

Now, let’s get down to Floor Werq business. How did the whole concept of your glow stick ready new party come about? Well, coming up with a name for a new dance party is always an interesting process, mostly because I’m not a marketing guy! So, I brought it back to something that represents me and went with the whole dance aspect of it. Since I went to school for dance at the University of the Arts, I have a dancer’s heart! That’s also where the “floor” part came in, keeping it all dance related–plus you’re always workin’ it out on the floor. 

What kinds of grooves can everyone expect tomorrow night? An array of everything, to be honest. It’s going to be pop music, hip hop, dance music from the ’90s all the way up until now. It’s all of your favorite hits that you’re going to want to hear while you’re out. Over the four-hour period you’re going to get it all! 

Now, not that you can really compare the two, but how is Floor Werq different from your L’Etage residency? It’s at a larger venue, so it will have a different kind of feel. Also, this party is my own to play with as far as the whole concept and idea. At L’Etage, I’m a resident there, so Floor Werq is more of being in the position of being a creative director. We’re also going to have glow sticks, dancers and a fine display of LED lights. which will add up to make this a really fun party. 

So, more or less, you’re L’Etage residency is their baby, and Floor Werq is your baby… Yeah! I’m L’Etage’s baby! I’ve been there for 4-and-a-half years, and it’s awesome because [the residency] has grown so much and I’ve gotten to see the growth. L’Etage is my first residency and I will always have my roots there. 

Let’s switch it up a bit and talk about how Lil’ Kim slayed back this week in the new video for “Auction” alongside Puff Daddy. What do you think about the new track? I’m actually excited that Puff Daddy’s back because they’ve all been on hiatus for too long and I think it’s time to come back and lay it all down for us. I think the new track is great and I hope that more music comes out of it. Their music is art–they take the putty and they mold it to comes back as a 2016 revamped version. It’s exciting!  

In your very own esteemed words, why should everyone and their mother come to get served by your glowing ‘Floor Werq’ party tomorrow night? It’s all about the energy, so they should stop by and catch the positive vibes, no judgments–just dancing all night with your friends along with some great beverages. And most of all, people need to dance!