10 Groovin’ Full Intention Rewerks

Right when I began getting lost in today’s Rewerk Wednesday featuring groovin’ UK beat duo, Full Intention, I pressed play on their romping rewire of Jennifer Lopez’s ’01 hit, “Play.” Naturally, my head began to bob as their remix hit my music “G” spot, but I also couldn’t help but to bow down and recognize just how fun and light their killer J.Lo remix is. Not to say that I don’t love my harder music headboard bangin’ grooves, but now that Philly Mixtape’s fancy is turning to spring, Full Intention just brings the heat when it comes to crafting the perfect warm weather playlist. Whether you’re cruisng around the city, getting ready for your Saturday night or just looking for those perfect beats to treat you right, Full Intention has all the funkdafied flavor you need. So, on that steamy club romp, let’s get our “Rewerk Wednesday” on, shall we?

Full Intention are U.K. DJ/remixers/producers Jon Pearn and Michael Gray, who started working together in the early ’90s. Their first major hit as Full intention was 1996’s “America (I Love America),” which put them on the music map after the track caught fire on both the overseas and U.S. dance charts. Soon, the British boys became one of the most in-demand remixers in the dance-music werk, only further cementing their fiery status as their remixes took over the music globe, especially with their retellings of “To Be in Love” by Masters at Work, “What You Need” by Powerhouse, and most notably ,”So in Love With You” by Duke, which became a huge hit worldwide…and still sounds just as fresh and groovy’ as it did two decades ago.

To further get to know Full Intention, you have to get to know their many, many, many, many aliases. In fact, Philly Mixtape lost count of just how many aliases these boys made music under. It’s a well known fact that many DJ’s musically ride it out under different names, but Full Intention takes the music cake when it comes to having so…many…monikers. In fact, even before  they were known as FI full time, the dazzling duo already had their headphones up in the name game, appearing as Hustler’s Convention, Groove City, Grade A, Arizona and XXX. Further down the music road they kept the aliases up, delivering such aptly titled names as Ronaldo’s Revenge, Sex-O-Sonique and Miami Ice Production. Their biggest ‘not FI hit’ hit came in 2000 when they appeared under the moniker, Hustle Espanol, delivering the mucho caliente cancione, “(Do The) Spanish Hustle.” 

However, despite their million-and-one aliases, what it comes down to with Full Intention is their memorable music catalog. Over their two decade spanning career, they have remixed some of the best hitmakers in the biz, including Eddie Amador, Jamiroquai, Duran Duran Bob Sinclair and the late, great Frankie Knuckles, as the duo took on Frankie’s signature hit, “Tears” to glowing results. FI have  also romped in the music bedroom with plenty of divas, putting together dazzling remixes for Whitney Houston, Christina Milian, Brandy, Emma Bunton, Mariah Carey, and especially Jennifer Lopez, who has had her hits, “Play,” “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and “Get Right” all rewerked to perfection by Full Intention..

Before you guys lost in all this Full Intention music truth, Philly Mixtapw would like to thank everyone for keeping ‘Rewerk Wednesday’ going strong. Earlier this week, we told you guys that along with ‘Rewerk,’ ‘Must Listen Monday’ and ‘Forgot About Friday’ were the only three original columns to make it to the final round now that the Mixtape site has found its official groove. For a former DJ like myself, getting lost in these grooves is everything, but more importantly, I hope it’s everything to you guys. Thanks for the music love, everybody! And now, we dance…