• Groove of the Day/Garbage/”Only Happy When It Rains”

    TweetNo explanation needed. Now, pour that misery down and give Ms. Shirley Manson and Garbage your rainy day music love.  This month’s grooves sound like….  Cover photo courtesy of www.avclub.com  Pour a litte Philly Mixtape down and follow it up on…. Facebook     Twitter        Tumblr     Instagram 

  • 10 Garbage Tracks You Should Be Diving into Right Now

    Tweet“I came to cut you up/I came to knock you down/I came around to tear your little world apart,” devilishly coos Shirley Manson on “Vow,” the ’95 tune starring her alongside her alt-rock group, Garbage. Boy, do those lyrics hold their relevance today as Ms. Shirley has been quite vocal in tearing down everyone’s favorite

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