Table Talk w/DJ Chris Urban

What do Franky Bradley‘s, L’Etage, Tavern on Camac and Positano Coast all have in common? 

Besides being all fabulous Philly places to go and get your party on and stuff, they’re also all of the places that one of the City of Brotherly Love’s hardest werkin’ DJs, Mr. Chris Urban, serves out his unique buffet of beats every weekend for all of us to get down to….

….and that we most certainly do when it comes to this explosive DJ Daddy

You may also find Chris at the address of 1724 Passyunk Avenue, which has quickly become well-known around the town as iLL Exotics, a joint small business venture he shares with his partner, the equally yaaas, Mr. Franco Franchina

And what might one find there, you might ask? How about an incredible collection of the sexiest plants, reptiles and amphibians that you’ll ever get to be all sorts of up-and-close-and-personal with. Intrigued? You absolutely should be. 

But what really makes DJ Chris Urban a true class act in this groovy city of ours is that, quite simply….he’s just a really, really good guy, bro. 

You’ll all get to pick his cheery vibe up right away as the superstar beat maestro took time from his busy slaying-our-lives schedule for a little Philly Mixtape Table Talk action where he threw mugs across the room and spilled all about his business, and of course, those beats. 

Now, take a seat, actually, get on the local dance floors because DJ Chris Urban is speaking…and the whole entire city of Philadelphia has certainly been listening. 

Okay, so crackin’ open this Mariah approved cupboard of hot tea on such a winter’s day, let’s pour it out and heat things up with a little business biz…about your growing small business, iLL Exotics. Basically…who, what, where, when and why? Spill it all….  ILLExotics is the baby of my partner, Franco, and I. We specialize in house plants, captive bred reptiles & amphibians and everything to house  and successful care for one! We launched our website (check this…now) at the top of 2018 and opened our brick and mortar mid-June at 1724 East Passyunk ave. [It’s] located inside Floral & Fauna, a shared space with our florist friend Creations by Coppola. We have BYO Terrarium building classes in our space every weekend that you can sign up for on our website as well as educational outreach bringing all the cool things in our store to schools in the Philadelphia area to share our passion with future generations! 
What has your experience been like with the rollout this past year?  In complete honesty it’s been hectic! The ball is rolling and we are doing our best to keep up with it. The neighborhood has been super supportive, and we have a lot of big plans for the future. 
Okay….time to hit the floor with some grooves. It’s also a new year, so it’s time to keep the motivation gang. What’s one album or albums that you blast off to keep your creative self fresh and ready?  Not really an album yet–hopefully she has one in store for us soon–but “Made for Now” by Miss Janet Jackson has been my track for this new year. I’ve got several fire remixes that I drop occasionally in the club … but if you’re looking for motivation in this new year, Janet won’t let you down. 

What words of wisdom would you give to the aspiring DJs out there who may be picking up those coveted headphones for the first time this year?  If this is your first time on the decks – dive in and learn your instrument and craft. Practice your fundamentals till its effortless and muscle memory, that’s a great start.
So, I’ve been sewin’ my former DJ oats lately and have been diving through the ol’ collection…and I’m sure you can agree…there’s nothing better! So, what are some of your favorite throwbacks that you think all of the kiddies and kweens of the world should get down to right now?
…….Ciara/”1,2 Step”

…..Missy Elliot/CiCi/Fatman Scoop/”Lose Control”

…….Mary J Blige/”Real Love”/Biggie Remix 

And of course where can everybody witness you serve it out this year and any future floor ownership plans you can spill…now.
1st and 4th Fridays at Franky Bradleys (10 pm)………..2nd and 3rd Fridays at Tavern on Camac (10 pm)………Saturdays at L’Etage (10 pm)……..Sundays for Bottomless Brunch at Positano Coast (12pm-4pm). 
One last sip…describe your 2019 agenda in one word or phrase. Rise Above & Slay.
And there you have it. Now, let’s dance along with DJ Chris Urban for the rest of our motha f@#kin’ lives, shall we? Always. 

Are you dying for a little Table Talk with Philly Mixtape? (it’s like The View, but music instead of politics)
Then join the pham right here and here and let’s destroy some Lennox! 
Cover photo courtesy of DJ Chris Urban, bro 



5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your ‘Freeze’ On At Valanni Tonight

Well, here we are…smack right in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year.

But a difficult decision for some around this time is not only figuring out what to get for that one person on your list who hates everything (we all have one) or figuring out just when the Macy’s Christmas light show is (it’s every two hours starting at 10 am until New Year’s Eve, kids), but it’s deciding just what fabulous event to attend since there seems to be at least five every night of every day of the god damn week from now until the time Santa slides down the chimney.

However…you should absolutely put that fear on ice when it comes to Valanni’s (1229 Spruce Street) annual winter spectacle, Freeze, which is taking over your sleigh tonight starting at 9pm. 

Why? Let these 5 reasons persuade you to go…because you must, you fabulous ice kween.

1.It’s all for Toys for Tots…. If you’ll remember from last year’s chilled out shindig, before you stepped a fancy heeled foot inside Valanni, you were greeted at the door by a delectable handful of oh, so handsome marines. While we wish they were there for us, they were wonderfully donating their time for Toys for Tots, and guess what? They’ll be back this year.

Founded by Major Bill Hendricks in 1947, TFT was inspired by his wife Diane after she tried to donate a homemade Raggedy Ann doll to a needy child but couldn’t find any organization to go through.

After telling her husband, Hendricks gathered a group of local Marine reservists who coordinated and collected some 5,000 toys for local children that year from collection bins placed outside of Warner Bros. movie theaters, and Toys for Tots was born. In fact, the following year it was launched as a national campaign.

So, if you’re coming tonight, be sure to bring an unwrapped gift for the kids and let’s keep those wonderful Toys for Tots vibes going strong, not just for tonight, but for the remainder of the holiday season and beyond.

2.It’s being hosted by some of your favorite Gayborhood besties…. If there’s one thing that these not-so-elusive Valanni parties (hey there, this past March’s Emerald City) are quickly becoming known for (besides being ultra chic and fabulous), it’s that they’re hosted by a bright buffet of some of your favorite Gayborhood besties.

This year is no exception as Cyoni Darling, Michael Duffy, Billy Cavallo, Brooklyn Ford, Joey Arzillo, Maria Top Catt, Dantasia, Tommee Boom, Aeryanah Von Moi (she’s not listed but I’m sure she has something to do with it) and Anthony Retro are all coming together to make you feel like you’re more fucking frozen than Madonna in the desert with all those Rottweilers. 

Throw in guest bartenders Tre Rios and John Hersker along with special sponsors Stoli, Bluecoat, Ms. Ford’s’Showgirls (get your ass to the next show) and Nutz & Boltz Men’s Fashion (hey, Mr. Noce), and this is going to be one hell of an iced out public affair, kids. 

3.NYC’s Maddelynn Hatter is about to have you checking your purse for your entertainment life… As if the spirit of giving, great vibes and phat beats aren’t enough to have you feeling all sorts of Mary and bright as you step it on over to Valanni tonight (check your small heart if they’re not), NYC drag doll Maddelynn Hatter (seriously…she betta werk with all those looks) will be stopping by to own your entertainment life with her one-of-a-kind stage presence.

And if there’s anyone out there who’s aware (which is like, the entire East Coast) of what Ms. Hatter can bring to the table, you know that she’s going to make you werk for that Christmas goose. 

Enough said. 

4.DJ Carl Michaels will be spinnin’ them cuts like nobody’s business….. A DJ who clearly needs no introduction as everyone and their drag mother (literally) has fallen under the strobe lit mercy of the grooves provided by the Gayborhood’s reigning beat maestro, Mr. Carl Michaels. 

And he’s back at Freeze tonight to cook up those deep chills just for you all over again. Ready? 

5.Do you really need another fucking reason? If so, you clearly are a Scrooge. Ready, set, Mariah and see you tonight!




Halloween Tea w/ Ashley Coleman

If you didn’t get a chance to revel in Ms. Ashley Coleman’s delightfully bubbly personality while she served up delicious cocktails at former lesbian bar, Sisters, you certainly know her from being that upstairs bar diva at Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar. These days, the lovely gayborhood goddess has been keeping very busy working hard to be an avid crusader for Philly’s LGBT community with her red-hot events company, bASh Events, in which she will host her highly anticipated Freak Show event at Tabu just in time to make all of your Saturday night Halloween dreams come true. 

Philly Mixtape got the esteemed chance to break some Halloween tea mugs with Ms. Coleman, and she spilled on all of the Freak Show happenings, including which incredible local performers will be owning the stage tomorrow night, and whether or not this Freak Show has any reminiscence to Ms. Jessica Lange’s led AHS Freak Show…and the answer may surprise you.

The time to show some local events love to the one-and-only Ms. Ashley Coleman is…right now. 

PM-Kicking off our little Halloween spillage, spill for everyone what Circus Freak is all about….

AC-Wow, where to start? There are so many exciting things! Circus Freak is at Tabu on Halloween. It’s an event that I’m throwing for the William Way Center. I really wanted to have an event where the price is accessible because it’s Halloween and there are already so many options. So, tickets are just $5 dollar pre-sale and $7 at the door, or $5 at the door if you’re in full costume! It includes free food and passed around hors d’oeuvres. We’re also doing suggestion shots where everything of what you pay goes directly to William Way. Absolut is also one our sponsors and we have special cocktails, which includes the Absolut Clown Car, which is basically the bartender grabbing whatever flavors of Absolut and they’re going to throw them in your drink! We’re also doing a costume contest at midnight, too! It should all be very interesting, fun and we get to give back, which is the best part! 

PM-Now, this event actually coincides as part of your red-hot bASH Events planning company. Spill for everyone a little bit about that as well..

AC-I started bASH events as a community forward event company. Meaning, I don’t take any profits from the events except to cover overhead and that’s it. I give everything else to charity. It’s bringing the community together and especially since we don’t have a lesbian place anymore, it’s a good way for me to bring to bring everybody together. You know, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to get dressed and gussied up, so that’s what it’s really all about! I have to say, things have been really good with it, too. We’ve done the gay prom the last two years, so that will be an annual event. We also have a super secret speakeasy event coming up called Lock & Key that will feature some really lounge-y jazz performers. It’s going to be sexy and really, really fun. 

PM-I’m guessing that it’s a top-secret location? 

AC-Yes! You guys will find out soon enough! 

PM-Now, back to sippin’ about Circus Freak. I hear there’s going to be lots of tricks and treats served up for everyone tomorrow night…

AC-Absolutely! We have The Goddess Isis performing two numbers and also the return of The Notorious OMG! It truly is going to be a Freak Show. Mr. Sean Green will be playing the lira. Burlesque queen Mas O Kiss will be singing live on point and be taking her clothes off at the same time! It’s going to be out of control. I don’t want to say too much, but I promise that there will be quite a few surprises along the way. 

PM-Now, if you had to pick just one Halloween song to listen to for the rest of your spooky life, which one would it be? 

AC-Let’s see. It definitely would not be “Monster Mash,” I’ve heard that one enough. One Halloween song, that’s a tough one. There’s not really one that stands out, maybe if Mariah revamped “All I Want for Christmas” and did a Halloween version…that could be something! 

PM-So, bottom line, is Freak Show going to be similar to Ms. Jessica Lange’s led AHS Freak Show

AC-Defintely not! This show is going to be a lot sexier and a lot less bloody! Halloween is our gay high holiday! It’s our day! 

For all of the Freak Show truth, go right here.…if you dare.