Groove of the Day/Glass Animals/”Gooey”

Hailing from Oxford, England, Glass Animals--Dave Bayley (singer/guitarist), Drew MacFarlane (guitarist/keyboardist), Edmund Irwin-Singer (bassist/keyboardist), Joe Seaward(drums)–have made a solid name for themselves in just a short time due to their vivid ability to serve up big pop hooks that are loaded with lots of synth flavor with just a umph of hip hop flow. 

After releasing their debut EP, Leaflings, in 2012 while they were still in college, the group caught the headphones of famed producer Paul Epworth (U2, Coldplay, Adele’s 21), who in turn signed them to his Wolf Tone label in 2013. This was also around the same time when Bayley opted to go to medical school, but with the music and those new fans calling, he chose to stick with GA and help executive produce their first album, Zaba, which is cooked up with the perfect blend of, well, everything you could want from a red-hot indie band who are certainly doing their thing on the scene. 

The success of their freshman set would lead the fine tuned English Breakfast tea sipping gentlemen straight to the road and onto many, many music festival grounds (hey there, Lollapalooza), which have certainly become the place where GA has gained the most steam. In fact, you just might say that the festival life is the reason the guys recently topped themselves with their sophomore set, How To Be a Human Being, which is the reason why they’ll be owning the stage at The Fillmore later tonight. While we can absolutely be sure that they’ll be ready to serve us with their hits, “Life Itself,” “Toes” and “Black Mambo,” the light flair of their biggest smash, “Gooey,” will be exactly what we came for and get us more than ready for…it all. 

Let’s vibe. 



Review/ Firefly Festival 2015

Imagine being handed a pass to go to the best music festival the East Coast has to offer…(I hear you Governors Ball). The only directive given: take some photos and go have fun. By the end of your 4 day weekend you’ve acquired 5 additional passes (all rightfully so), wound up with 4 interviews, lots of new friends, and lots of mud on your shoes. This is what happened when Mixtape went to Firefly. And here’s what we have to tell you about it:

It’s All About The Music

Billboard has already told you that Betty Who stole the show…only second to Paul McCartney…they’re wrong on both accounts. Both of those artists blew us all away. Paul brought me to tears. Spoon was spot on as ever. AWOLNATION won my saving grace.

But there were two acts you probably missed because you were busy charging your phones or seeing Snoop. These two bands are going to have a huge impact in the next year: Empire of the Sun and Glass Animals.

I can’t say enough good things about these two acts. And being in a sea of people during their sets, you could feel the good energy reverberate off into the atmosphere. Not to mention the insane talent and fresh sounds that came from them.


Like any festival, there were many conflicts of interest. Snoop was on the same time as Empire,  Modest Mouse the same time as Kygo…yet we were able to see both floating in between (thank you VIP pass).

The biggest conflict was Thursday night. X Ambassadors (who tore. it. up. another act you need to hear), TYCHO (brought a full band complete with ocean scenes and many many shirtless bros), and The Kooks (who stole the night with their insanely catchy melodies). All three acts were on point, great openers for the weekend, and all worth mentioning.

Kygo was a full on feel good party. The energy, the vibes, the happiness. The same went for Aoki, a living legend, who seems even more relevant today by his Firefly set.

Festival Layout

Firefly’s a huge festival and it’s getting even bigger. As far as stages go, Forest, Backyard, and Lawn all seemed to be the most accessible. Pavillion…was a great idea with a terrible execution (it was a muddy pond the entire time complete with agitated security guards). Apparently there were two hubs for food, confusing interviewees when they tried to meet up with us…staff and security had NO idea where we were or were trying to go…this was a recurring theme the whole weekend. Best hangover food we tried was at one of the food vendors outside the venue (mac and cheese, sausage, bacon, chicken, in a roll…yes this is a thing and it’s called the Dr. Lector).


The amazing talented people Mixtape met along the way was due in part to the equally awesome staff behind the stages that drove golf carts around the entire weekend…god bless them. The rides were a cross between being in Jurassic World and Entourage as we were chauffeured around in the muddy Woodlands.

PM_YNOT Backstage

Expect some awesome Music Tea this week. This Firefly experience was truly one for the books.

PM_YNOT Firefly Experience

See all photos over on Philly Mixtape’s facebook page here.

And share your favorite moments from the festival in the comments section below !!