Grammy Performance of the Day/Eminem/Elton John/”Stan”

Back in 2000, Eminem was facing all kinds of homophobia accusations from gay-rights groups thanks to the scandalous lyrics that were laced throughout his Grammy winning record, The Marshall Mathers LP.. Facing the controversy mic on, Eminem made the brilliant move of enlisting Sir Elton John to sub for Dido (!) on the performance of his hit single “Stan.”

Although it was reported in interviews that Mr. Em wasn’t initially aware that Elton was gay, the rapper certainly knew how to strike back to the haters by the time they took the stage. Following the now legendary soul-gripping performance, Eminem simultaneously clasped hands with the rock legend and (naturally) flipped the audience the bird.

Despite the Eminem music shade, It was all good either way because the newfound 2001 Grammy Awards besties still remain very close today. 





Grammy Performance of the Day/Melissa Etheridge/Joss Stone/Janis Joplin Tribute

Who can really forget this showstopping Grammy moment from 2005? While Ms. Stone and Ms.Etheridge may have seemed like an unlikely pairing, when you add the electrified music stylings of Janis Joplin into the mix, a dazzling music moment in time is bound to happen-and it most certainly did that night. While individually, the two gals have their own brilliant styles, Joss with her soul and Ms. Etheridge with her rock, together on stage, the feisty divas perfectly matched to create a performance that still remains one of the most talked about Grammy moments of all time. Kicking things off, Stone slayed “Cry Baby,” but it was Etheridge, who was the real force here for not only nailing Joplin’s signature sonnet, “Piece of My Heart,” but for also making her triumphant return to the stage after being diagnosed with breast cancer one year earlier. If your looking to get even more chills on this frigid Thursday, but yet warm at the same time, this is the performance to watch. Dive in and relive this incredible Grammy magic below.