10 Buzzworthy Grammy Moments

Last night, Madonna’s ass, ooops, I mean, the 57th annual Grammy awards were bared to the public, and while I say “yas” to some parts of the show(you better work, Ms. Lennox), other times, well, I’ve gotten more spiritually uplifted while watching Kim Kardashian’s latest T-Mobile commercials. (BTW, Jessie J, PLEASE fire your However, the music and fashion were what we all tuned in for, and there were quite a few buzzworthy Grammy moments that we will all be gabbing about on this melancholy Monday. We dug through it all to pick out 10 love-it-or-hate-it moments from last night’s sonnet spectacle. Dive in below.


1.Hozier/Annie Lennox/”Take Me To Church”/”I Put A Spell Of You”

Five words-Best…performance…of..the..night


2.Sam Smith taking it all home

Mr. Adele. err, Smith was the big winner of the night, taking home four trophies, including the coveted Best New Artist award. However, was he a bit cocky or just vindicated? You decide…

3.Madonna/”Living For Love”

Well……she looked great.

4.AC/DC opens the show

This morning we ALL crossed off “AC/DC opening the Grammys” on our lists of things we’d never thought we would see in our lifetimes.


Candyland on Crack set+Sia singing to the wall+Maddie Ziegler+Kristin Wiig?=Most fucked up, yet brilliant performance of the night. Wiigs down.

6.Beyonce/”Precious Lord, Take My Hand”


7.Pharrell Williams/Lang Lang/”Happy”

I don’t know about you guys, but the acid I took in high school kicked back in while watching THIS disaster, err, performance.

8.Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett/”Cheek to Cheek”

She hasn’t looked and sounded this good in years! And Gaga wasn’t so bad, either.

9.Katy Perry/”By The Grace Of God”

Ms. Perry can really shine when Missy Elliot and Left Shark aren’t there to steal her thunder…

10.Beck Winning Album of the Year for ‘Morning Phase’

Kanye, shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. That’s all.