• Must Listen Monday

    Although summer is nearing its end, there’s still plenty of time to add to your sun-kissed playlists… Apply the Coppertone and get lost in three new tracks from JoJo, as well as the latest offerings from Benny Benassi, Chris Brown, Mac Miller, Mike Rizzo’s Funk Generation, and plenty more in this week’s all new piping

  • Must Listen Monday

    Just when you thought it was time to stop adding tracks to your summer playlists….today’s Must Listen Monday comes along featuring a buffet of new tunes that are not only quite delightful, but some are gaining loads of summer music buzz.  Among the buzzworthy beats is “Body On Me,” a tribal-kissed new banger from Rita Ora and

  • Forgot About Friday/R&B Baby Makin’ Groups of the ’90s

    While last week’s Forgot About Friday list lived that random dance diva life, this week’s list is all up in those R&B baby makin’ groups of the ’90’s. We know the slinky decade was full of nostalgic feelings, but none were as surprising as the feeling that came over you once those bangers served up

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