Forgot About Friday/R&B Baby Makin’ Groups of the ’90s

While last week’s Forgot About Friday list lived that random dance diva life, this week’s list is all up in those R&B baby makin’ groups of the ’90’s. We know the slinky decade was full of nostalgic feelings, but none were as surprising as the feeling that came over you once those bangers served up by Dru Hill, 112 and Soul For Real started tickling our music “G” spots. While groups like Boys 2 Men succeeded in making lots of babies, there were others, well most of them, whom ended up just delivering just one or two hits and then literally fell of the music map.

We could sit here all day day and reminisce Mary J. style as to what happened to each of these next R&B acts, or we could take a more civilized route and press play on each of these sexed-up tracks and ponder the times they each owned a spot on our knockin’-da-boots mix tapes. 


Whether they were breaking hearts on “Cupid,” breaking headboards on “Dance With Me” and “Everywhere,” or missing Biggie Smalls alongside Diddy and Faith Evans on “I’ll Be Missing You,” 112 represented ’90s R&B in all of its upstairs-to-the-bedroom glory. Of course, no 112 collection is complete without their ’01 summer groove, the slinky and delicious, “Peaches & Cream.” 

Dru Hill

Similar to Boyz 2 Men but with more rough edges and bleached hair for days(ahem, Mr. Sisqo), the boys of Dru Hill ruled the charts with budior beats, “We’re Not Makin’ Love No More,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” and the So So Def rewerk of “In My Bed,” which we will never forget to bob our heads to once it starts having its way with us in the headphones. 

Bel Biv DeVoe

Poison” and “Do Me.” NEVER forget. 



We certainly liked the way that Hi-Five played the kissing game with us…but were devastated when they left us and fell off the face off the music map.


After 7

Ready or not….you definitely forgot about the short-lived career of these baby makin’ music boys.


Soul For Real 

While it would be so much fun to figure out just what the hell happened to the “Candy Rain” crooners, it’s a lot more fun to get lost in their delicious ’90s groove. Classic. 



Summer Groove of the Day/Arrested Development/”Tennessee”

Although sometimes it’s deemed necessary to start the week with a explosive beat to help get us into the post-weekend groove, other times it’s nice to set it all off with an easy, breezy funkdafied flow. Arrested Development‘s light-yet-powerful ’92 smash, “Tennessee” is just that groove to start this week off right and to also prepare us to embrace the dog days of summer in August. With Speech’s flawless rhymes and a beat that will give your grandma life, “Tennessee” still plays out like a delightful spiritual journey through music time. And that flawless ending breakdown provided by AD diva Dionne Farris? Absolute perfection. 

If you haven’t played a game of music horseshoes to ‘Tennessee” lately, do yourself a favor on this fine Monday and dive in. Even after all of these years, AD‘s classic anthem still contains the right music ingredients to take you to another music place. 





Janet Weekend Groove/”Come On Get Up”

We made it, kids! Another week bites the music dust-and what a week it has been! Thank you to all of you for the continuing support and music love! To close out our fabulous Janet week as we prepare to celebrate her 49th birthday tomorrow, Philly Mixtape is going to leave you with “Come On Get Up,” a should’ve-been-huge single from Janet’s ’01 ‘All For You’ set. From the first second those punchy synths kick up, you know you’re in for a real Ms. Jackson-if-you’re-nasty music treat! For those who may not have reveled in this thumping ditty, now is your chance to join Philly Mixtape and Janet on the floor because that’s just where we’ll be once “Come On Get Up” starts blaring through the system. Happy weekend. everybody!