• Groove of the Weekend/CeCe Peniston/”Searchin'”

    When it comes to all of those Easter egg hunts that are about to be all up in our backyards this weekend….just keep on searchin’ and let no little kid claim that crown in finding that last one.  And of course, you’ll snatch that unjust victory by letting this delightfully New Jack Swing‘ed up groove

  • Holiday Weekend Entertainment Mixtape

    Don’t ever just stand there, let’s hop to it.  Strike a local and legendary entertainment pose this holiday weekend…there’s really nothin’ to it.  Go.  The Importance of Being Earnest Because a showing of this beloved Oscar Wilde play this upcoming holiday weekend is always a good idea, especially for those who’re looking to get down

  • Groove of the Day/Victoria Monet/”Do You Like It”

    Let’s all say it together now…… T……G…….I…….motha f#$kin…..F. Now, dance. And remember, don’t just like it up…..live it up. You only get one. Happy holiday weekend, everybody! Victoria Monet cover photo courtesy of The A&R Report. 

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