Lady Gaga Set to Star In ‘American Horror Story’ Season 5

So….yes, you are reading this correctly. According to, Lady Gaga is set to headline the upcoming fifth season of ‘American Horror Story,’ which will be subtitled,”Hotel.” The singer even confirmed the news herself, tweeting “Make Your Reservation Now” along with #GagaAHSHotel. While details of the diva’s upcoming  ‘AHS’ appearance are being kept wrapped up tighter than her infamous meat dress, sources confirm that Gaga will very much be the star of the anthology series latest chapter. You guys know by now that Season 5 will likely be the first season without head-bitch-in-charge, Jessica Lange.

A few days ago, I ran a 5 Reasons Why Gaga is THIS close to making a comeback, and it now looks like we have reason number six. As she proved with her ‘The Sound of Music’ tribute at the Oscars this past weekend, she not only showed the world that she can sing her ass off, but that she also proved to us once again just how mega-talented she is, something that got lost during her in-your-face theatrics these past few years. I’m sure she will knock her ‘AHS’ role from the after party to the hotel lobby. Indeed, Gaga’s theatrics have now found a better home on ‘American Horror Story.’ Once again, well done Gaga.

“Just Dance”