Jam of the Day/Sonny Fodera/Yasmin/”Feeling U”

If there’s one thing we can all agree on today is that it’s (finally) going to be a flawless day outside in Philly after what’s felt like weeks of damp days angst…oh. has been. 

So, without going too much into detail as to why you should absolutely turn this Sonny Fodera provided deep house banger starring slaying vocal diva Yasmin up right now, you just have to listen to it in all its synth-ed up glory. Take a little time to listen to the music today, because these days when we’re all feeling it together come so few and very far between, especially in today’s sometimes (okay, all of the time) bonkers world. 

Turn it up.. 




Jam of the Day/Pascal Junior/”Overdose”

One of my personal favorite underrated Ciara grooves (well, besides all of them) is “Overdose,” a synth-fully delicious number from her (oh, so vastly overlooked) self-titled 2013 album. Decorated with a brilliant pop production style that shifts Ms. CiCi away from her more contemporary R&B sound and into a predominantly pop-orientated vocal werk, the gritty, grimy groove plays out to absolute trunk rattling perfection….especially on warm weathered days like today. 

While “Overdose” (for some f#$king reason…sigh) wasn’t given the proper radio credit it still absolute deserves, at least deep house guru Pascal Junior recognized its brilliance and sampled a few elements of the banger when he transformed them into a ferocious, fiery ditty that takes the original to new levels of dance music ecstasy. While it certainly can’t complete with CiCi’s fine tuned version, it comes pretty damn close and is certainly the perfect banger to bump as we begin to get into weekend formation. 

Get lost in both takes below and Philly Mixtape will see everyone on Monday. Oh, and get ready. That’s all. 

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Deep House Groove of the Day/Vintage Culture/”You Can’t Hide”

As if the classic Fugees and Enya mash-up, “Ready or Not” wasn’t already just that groove in itself, deep house DJ Vintage Culture came along a few years back and put a deep beat underneath of it, which took the unforgettable ’90s track to a whole new kind of Lauryn Hill level.

Since arriving on the dance music scene in 2012, VC has spun out a massive collection of remixes as well as his own deep werk, including “Nothin,” his latest hot-to-headphones slice of moody music heaven that’s most likely already on its way to an after hours lounge near you.

Believe it or not, “You Can’t Hide” also has a deep Philly connection because the chorus of The Fugees version is based on the classic ’60s song, “Ready or Not Here I Come (Can’t Hide from Love)” by The Delfonics, who were the absolute pinnacle of Philadelphia Soul back-in-the-day (if we were to name all of their hits, we would be here all day), as well as their accompanying record label, Philly Groove Records.

There’s that City of Brotherly Love music influence once again. It’s quite wonderful, isn’t it? 

For much more Vintage Culture music truth, sweat it out to his official Spotify page right here and be sure to keep up with Philly Mixtape all week long as we’ll be serving up deep house grooves all week long to the point where you won’t be able to take it anymore.