6 Reasons Why We’ll Be Liv-ing for Ms. Janet’s ‘RRHOF’ Induction..All Year Long

March 29, 2019….

Everyone in the whole entire universe might want to mark this date on their calendars as it’s the blessed day that the Queen of Our Slayed Music Lives, the legendary Janet Jackson will get oh, so rightfully inducted into the coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Also joining Ms. Poetic Justice herself in the induction ceremonies (which will take place in Brooklyn’s Barclay Center) will be The Cure (Robert!), Radiohead(Thom!), Def Lepperd(“Sugar!), The Zombies, Roxy Music and our beloved Princess of Scarves, Ms. Stevie Nicks. (!!!!!!!!) 

But alas…it is Janet who is going to be stealing all of our MTV Icon hearts with this outstanding achievement that we all must prepare for in just eight grueling long weeks.

However, the 2019 music and pop culture forecast suggests that janet. may be once again snatching a year to call her own (yes, boo) beyond the Rock and Roll and Hall of Fame induction…..

…….and here’s 6 reasons why we’re still just not worthy of her long-lasting diva prowess even all of these choreo slay-ed years later. 

1.Because the nomination took for….ev……..     When Janet’s RRHOF nomination was announced last year–while indeed it was most celebrated–many people (okay, everyone) pondered as to why it took so damn long. Well, you know there was thing that happened allllll the way back in 2004, and beyond that…we have no fucking clue as to why.

But we digress, and beggars certainly can’t be choosers, so we choose to live our best 2019 life around her coveted RRHOF nomination all year-long. Finally get the point? Good. Let’s dance for Janet…and get ready. 

2.Because Rhythm Nation 1814 is turning 30 this year….. No, you’re not hallucinating, well, maybe a little because it’s so hard to believe that September 19th of this here year marks three decades since Janet served us with her life/game changing musical masterpiece, Rhythm Nation 1814

And while it’s ridiculously easy to spill tea until the end of music time (it never ends, Praise the Lawd) about one of the best recorded (and still most relevant) albums ever, we must prepare to lose ourselves in all of its gorgeousness once more…today. 

Hoop earring/key combo? Check. Timeless Ms. J choreography? It’s time to start practicing. RN 1814 interludes for days? You know it.

Eight Billboard chart owning singles? Oh, yas, Janet kweens–“Miss You Much,” “Rhythm Nation,” “Escapade,” “Alright,” “Come Back to Me,””Black Cat,” “Love Would Never Do(Without You),” and “State of the World,” and they’re all still here for us.  Because when it comes to this album, it’s time to listen up and start celebrating right this second. There’s really nothing else to say but 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…go. 

3.Because we’re ALL still feeling “Made For Now”……  Last year, Janet served us with this Daddy Yankee featured ditty……and we just can’t figure out why it didn’t spend ninety-five weeks owning the top of the Billboard Hot 100. But rather than throw shade at all of those who haven’t reveled in its glorious werk, we’ll all (you just have to) just watch its accompanying video over-and-over again and try not to live our best lves to its glowing choreography and brilliantly shot NYC scenes. And when it comes to Ms. J’s nearly half-a-dozen costume changes? Gurrrl, you betta. 

4.Because that 2019 Ms. Janet album, though…..  Of course, “MFN” certainly needs a full record to call its home, and rumor has it that our Queen is silently at work on a follow-up to her 2015 set, Unbreakable. We know that Janet likes to take her creative time with the recording process (leave her alone, she’s werkin’ here), so that’s just what we’re going to do. In the meantime, let’s get through those lonely we-need-a-new-janet-album-now nights together and patiently wait for her next artistic adventure. 

5.Because she is a true survivor….and will continue the fight for ALL of us this year and beyond…. So, how does one finally overcome that ridiculous 2004 drama (those halftime shows are a bitch, eh, JT?) and later on, pain-in-her/our-ass baby mama drama? (thank you, next,Wissam Al Mana) You serve the world with your box office destroying State of the World Tour and show the god damn universe why you will always be The Qween Ms. Janet. No further statements…just take a gander at those receipts. And that adorable son of yours? Another reason why we’ll be liv-ing for you the rest of our slayed lives. 

6.Do you really need another reason?  For the love of all of those nasty boys…’s the legendary, iconic and inspiring Mizz Janet Jackson we’re spilling tea about here! And March 2019, 2019 can’t get here fast enough. Who’s ready? Everyone…and we can’t fucking wait. 

Cover photo courtesy of our Queen of Life

For much more Elle Woods inspired 6 reasons inspired courtroom truth, live it up with Philly Mixtape right here and here all year long and then some! 



Jam of the Day/Roxette/”It Must Have Been Love”

There’s a bit of sadness in the comedy air today as we’re all reeling from the sad news that iconic movie director and producer Garry Marshall died late last night at the age of 81. The Hollywood legend passed away from complications of pneumonia following a stroke, which was in a statement released by Marshall’s long-time publicist, Michelle Bega. 

On his long, long list of accomplishments, Marshall directed and produced a slew of iconic T.V. shows including The Odd Couple, Mork & Mindy, Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, which famously co-starred Marshalls’s younger sister, Penny. He also maintained a marvelous film career that includes 18 films, among them BeachesOverboard, Runaway BrideValentine’s Day, Frankie & Johnny, Georgia Rule and this year’s Mother’s Day

But perhaps his most notable achievement (it’s a close finish with The Fonz) came in 1990 when we were welcomed into the fabulous world of a little film called Pretty Woman. Not only did the movie break all kinds of bank at the box office, but it made an A list star out of its leading lady Julia Roberts, and it welcomed (sigh) Richard Gere back into the Hollywood game after the actor was caught up in a string of box office duds in the late ’80s. 

Of course, without Marshall’s theatrical genius, our Sony Walkman headphones wouldn’t have blessed with the accompanying 5 times platinum Pretty Woman soundtrack, which contains all the hits including’s Roy Orbison’s iconic title track, the late Natalie Cole’s “Wild Woman Do,” Go West’s “King of Wishful Thinking” and Roxette’s classic rock ballad, “It Must Have Been Love,” which cried it out all the way to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. 

In a year that’s already been oh, so quickly filled with a long list of iconic Hollywood deaths, Marshall is yet another famed figure we lost too soon. However, although he may not no longer be with us, his angelic spirit will certainly carry on (as well as on Netflix forever), and will also grace the stage next year as it was confirmed by Bega that Marshall had just finished a rewrite for a Broadway-bound musical version of Pretty Woman.

Those of us who’ve lived for every Garry Marshall pop culture moment in time know that his brilliance was in a comedy class of its very own and had one goal and one goal only–to take the viewer away into a happy place, all puns intended. So if you are one of those out there today who may be hearing his name for the first time, take a little time to get lost in some of his greatest work and experience his magic, because if you don’t you’ll be making a big mistake…huge. 

Rest in Peace, Mr. Garry Marshall. 





Britney Groove of the Day/”Stronger”/Miguel Migs Vocal Mix

Back when I was just a young DJ in training, one of the first CD Maxi Singles (yes, I know) that I ever mixed with was the collection of rewerks for Britney’s third Oops..I Did It Again single, ‘Stronger.” Loaded with high energy dance music redrafts by Mac Quayle, Jack D. Elliot and Miguel Migs, each mix has its own special kind of vibe, taking the intense Max Martin flavor of the original and transforming it into a disco daydream on the dance floor of Godney life. 

One particular remix that stood out for me (and most certainly does today) is Mr. Migs’ dreamy deep house take on Brit Brit’s feisty fire. His flowing vocal mix takes the auto-primped vocals of the original and places them on top of a crisp, chilly after hours groove that only the mega- talented DJ knows how to cook up. Even 15 (!) years later, his romping rewerk of Britney’s TRL destroying number still bumps-and-grinds just as deep and delicious as it did back then.  

Since the weather outside today is all wrapped up in damp and dreary, light some candles, spark it up and let Miguel Migs’ sultry “Stronger” remix slip into your headphones like Britney’s nude beaded bodysuit from the 2000 VMA’s…

Happy Birthday, Britney! 

Of course, there’s always the original….