The Madonna Vault

Don’t ever just stand there…..

Since Philly Mixtape began its online music life earlier this year, there’s been no other music artist whose owned that coveted music truth more fabulously than the Queen of Pop, Ms. Madonna.

Mostly because yours truly is a huge fan, but also because for nearly four decades, the Material Girl just keeps on serving us with plenty of diva demure, whether it’s in a sassy spillage of music tea over her latest studio set or road romp, or whether any one of her timeless albums hits a milestone, to which we know is always a call for a Madge-sized celebration. 

Posted below are some of the hottest Mixtape features starring the Material Girl, including a fiery set list of essential rewerks, 5 reasons why you need more of her fantastic Music and Ray of Light sets in your headphones, as well as an exclusive look back at all those fabulous Madonna concert tours. 

From the good, the bad, to The Girlie Show, it’s all here and so much more…

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15 Classic Lenny Kravitz Singles

Lenny Kravitz…what can we really say about him?

We’ve seen everything at this point. (no need to whip it out again.) Mr. Kravits also proven to show that his music palette is just as diverse as his change in appearance. He’s been rocking hard for almost thirty years now and truly, there’s no other artist more eclectic in their collection other than Mr. Lenny–he can rock, cry, be cool and he can certainly be suave, sexy, and sometimes….a sensitive little bitch. 

This Sunday night, Mr. Kravitz is set to take front-and-center at the Mann Music Center to combine all of his magical muscial elements for what will no doubt be a memorable evening for all those attending. So, to get everyone ready to belt those h, so classic Kravitz grooves, Philly Mixtape is serving up 15 of his most delectable singles, and ones that you will absolutely be rockin’ out to this Sunday.

It’s time to “Fly Away” with Mr. Kravitz..right about now.

“Fly Away”

You couldn’t away from this track on the radio back-in-the-day. Played more than any other of his singles at the time, this song was on repeat on MTV, the airwaves, NOW compilations and in everyone’s boomboxes. Could it be the insanely catchy guitar riff, the over-the-top vocals, or the sic funky bass line?! This tune still holds up as one of the most catchy singles of the ’90s and of his career and still rocks out just as fresh today.

“It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”

Arguably his second biggest single, “Over” found its way into every major strip mall discount store and fine dining restaurant over the years. And it’s just as catchy yet in an oddly produced ’60s homage to soul and disco. It works and shows the complete opposite end of Kravitz…the sensitive feminine side.


“Stillness of Heart”

Speaking of sensitive, Lenny can also rock a ballad. The tender track is fresh yet the production sounds old school. And that’s what we’ve come to love about Lenny. Even years later, the song still holds up and showcases his amazing harmonies.

“Are You Gonna Go My Way” 

This song will always be known as the single that introduced the world to Lenny as he was still finding his sound. This was the hardest, roughest, catchiest track that he had released at the time…a great precursor for what was to come.

“American Woman” 

After a hugely successful run of singles off his 5 album, he decided to reach the top with a cover of “American Woman‘.” Only fitting to what had influenced him as an artist, he now had transformed into a modern day rock god. This only solidified that. VH1 was all over this the entire summer of ’99 (also thanks to Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me)and subsequent year. What it really comes down to is that brilliantly distorted vocal at the end. Yas. 



A low point in his career, Lenny had just suffered through the breakup of his longtime girlfriend Lisa Bonet as well as the death of his mother. His Circus set was one of the darkest albums in his career, and while many regard it as a hidden gem based upon its soul-cutting straight from the heart lyrics, it was a total departure (and still is) to the rest of his career. Brilliant. 

“Thinking Of You” 

Coming back into the limelight as a force to be reckoned with on his 5 album, this was Lenny’s single written to his mother. Once again heartfelt though in a more optimistic and beautiful sense. This is such a soulful, sexy, groovy track that will forever be cherished in Lenny’s music collection. 

“Dig In” 

An obvious attempt to capture his “Fly Away” magic, it’s still a fine rocked out display of music. 

“If You Can’t Say No” 

Never losing his funked up sexy groove, this single saw the more mature side of Lenny. 


Attempting to do The Beatles mixed with Stevie Wonder, this was a single that seemed to do well but seemed out of place with what we’ve come to know from Kravitz. It became that strange video floating around the Internet….but the word epic pretty much sums it all up. 

“Black Velveteen” 

While on the same album as “Fly Away,” this song was much more industrial than anything Lenny’s did before. It’s catchy, dark and sexy in a weird sci-fi way. Some fans hate it. Some fans love it. What do you think? 

“Always On The Run” 

Mama Said was a very interesting album as it showed Lenny coming out of his shell while also being completely stripped to a few guitars and drums in the rawest of sense. It showed his abilities as a performer and a songwriter as the song encompasses all of that


This was an interesting track as it was around the same time as U2’s “Vertigo” and arguably just as catchy. It was the production style on this song (and album) that really changed his sound yet kept the vibe that will always be known as Lenny. That hair though…eek! 


Those rock ballads. Lenny kept writing them. This was one that had a similar vibe to ‘Stillness Of Heart’ but was oh, so good. An early-’00s classic. 

“Let Love Rule” 

Of course what’s all of this be without Lenny’s debt ditty? Just as catchy but oh, so cheesy, his 1988 single “Let Love Rule” put Lenny on the music map…and we’ve lived for every classic moment since then. 



VMA Performance of the Day/Prince/”Gett Off”

Let’s get a little cheek-to-cheek with Mr. Prince on this fine Tuesday morning…

Back in ’91, Prince (or maybe his name was something else back then..could we ever keep up?), was riding high off his Diamonds and Pearls record, so the music world was pretty much his oyster. And judging by his orgasmic VMA performance of D&P hit, “Gett Off,” the self-proclaimed “Purple One” was certainly aware of this.

During a set that lasted nearly seven minutes, the timeless pop icon certainly served up 23 positions in a one-night-stand wearing a ventilated yellow suit that literally left nothing to the imagination. Although he was in the middle of a fiery stage loaded with with musicians and whirling dancers, Prince’s slithery movements and jacked guitar work remained the focus of everyone’s attention that evening…until his ass showed up. After saying the line, “Let me show you, baby, I’m a talented boy,” the “Bat Dance” crooner spun around  to reveal that his oh, so yellow suit had holes in the seat to showcase his Diamonds derriere.

While this certainly wouldn’t be a big deal today, back then, seeing an ass(!) live on T.V.(!) was just so…shocking! But since we were all aware of Prince’s risky reputation, it certainly didn’t surprise his fans as he delivered a VMA performance that would certainly sting our pop culture minds forever. 

Go right here to “Gett Off” with Mr. Prince.