• Summer Groove of the Day/Janet/”No Sleeep”

    There’s no need to argue that Janet Jackson has owned our music lives all summer long… Where do we truly begin when it comes to how the diva has simply teased and tantalized us during these past few hot-and-steamy months? It all began right around Memorial Day when the ageless icon not only announced a

  • Madonna Summer Groove of the Day/”Express Yourself”

    What’s really to say about “Express Yourself,” the second incredible single released from Madonna‘s Patchouli-kissed ’89 Like a Prayer set…….besides everything. From the moment the Her Madgesty‘s anthem-for-the-ages hit Sony Walkman headphones in the summer of ’89, it immediately bulldozed its way into the Billboard Hot 100 top 5 and expressed itself straight to the number two

  • Madonna Summer Grooves of the Day/”Who’s That Girl”/”Causing a Commotion”

    Musically picture it–summer of ’87. Ms. Madonna was all wrapped up in the pinnacle of her ’80s super-stardom, fresh from True Blue and heading straight into Like a Prayer mode. But in between the time she pleaded with papa and had us all down on our knees, she made a fun, flirty, disastrous little film called, Who’s That Girl,

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