Pride Tea w/Jade Starling

I’ll never forget the first time I got to be in the fabulous presence of Pretty Poison lead diva, Jade Starling. I remember, I was still a music bitch in training at Philly Mag, and her and I sat down(as well as her incredibly talented beat partner in crime, Whey Cooler) in their conference room, and from those very first broken mugs, the two of us instantly clicked on all kinds of levels. 

Over the past few years, Jade and I have become more than just music business confidants, I’m happy to call her a friend. I was even more thrilled that she took time out of her always insane schedule to break Pride mugs with me before she hits the stage in both DC and Philly, where she will be slaying alongside the one-and-only, Ms. Deborah Cox tomorrow at Penn’s Landing’s Festival Pier for a set that is sure to rock your rainbow world. 

So, before you get down with it all weekend, take a little time to sit at Ms. Jade’s always delightful Pride Tea table, you’ll certainly be glad you did. 

And for much more on this red-hot dance darling, go right here...right now. 

How are you feeling heading into this weekend’s Pride shenanigans? I cannot fucking wait! Even more excited that my new single “Party2Life” drops this weekend (June 24th on iTunes, kids!) and I’m premiering it at both the DC Pride Party at The Eagle and here in Philly. I’ll be playing with DJ Manny Lehman and he’s also going to be doing the remix! It’s going out to 88 radio stations, it’s crazy! 

Perhaps a new music video to go along with it? We’re actually shooting it this weekend at Pride in DC! I’m going to have laser lights and of course, lots of hot guys dancing behind me. It’s going to be amazing. I was told there’s going to be about 15-20 hired dancers and porn stars there, and I know that it’s a leather bar, so I’m going to dress like such a leather bitch! 

How about the new album? I am working on a new album, but this is just a single. The mix that we’re serving up is a collaboration with Mike Ferullo. It’s a festival mix, it’s more EDM. There’s a lot of remixes coming, but this is my favorite one because it really gets people going!

You’ll also be in great company here in Philly on the Festival Pier stage…Absolutely! I love Deborah, she’s incredible. And of course, Betty. They fucking rock and they’re a staple to Philly Pride. I think it’s great that Franny supports certain groups. I’ve also known her for such a long time, we’ve done so much together. She’s wonderful! 

What do you think separates Philly Pride from any other Pride? First of all, you’re in the City of Brotherly Love! You’re always going to have a wonderful, warm family type feeling when you’re here in you’re hometown. For me, Pride in my hometown means everything because I get to come home and be with my LGBT brothers and sisters, so it’s very important for me to be back every chance I get because I love my Philly family! The LGBT community has supported me since day one and they’re the ones who are there for me no matter what. It’s so heartwarming to me when people come up to me and say, “I’ve followed you all these years and we’re so proud of you and happy to have you here!’ It always makes me feel so welcome! 

You know, I love the way you are constantly promoting all that you do. It shows that you truly understand “it.” The best person to promote you is you. I mean, any one can have their manager do it, but what’s the fun in that if you’re not the one getting out there and doing it?  I always love being out there and meeting the fans, which is what we’ll be doing after the show on Sunday, so come say hi! 

So, it sounds like you’re more than ready to get this party started! Oh, yas! I’m going to have my weave done, my lashes on. Let’s bring this party to life, honey! 

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Philly Groove of the Day/Pretty Poison/”Catch Me(I’m Falling)”

A delectable ditty served to Sony Walkman headphones all over the music globe in 1987, “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” was cooked up by New Jersey based dance-pop group, Pretty Poison. Included in the trailer for the classic ’80s Jon Cryer film, Hiding Out, as well as the lead single for their debut album, Catch Me I’m Falling, the infectious song bulldozed its way to number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart and found a comfortable home nestled inside the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 and remained in the top 40 for over three months. 

While a lot of ’80s songs are certainly forgettable, “Catch Me” still contains an unforgettable synth-ful rhythm that will still make you move and have you living for your Aqua Net sprayed life. The dance tune has also proved to show its long music legs over the years, with UK songstress Joss Stone sampling it on her Introducing Joss Stone cut, Proper Nice,” and “Catch Me” was also featured prominently in the fourth season of the smash T.V series Breaking Bad. Really, how can we ever forget? 

As a special treat for your Friday, Philly Mixtape had the esteemed chance to break some music tea mugs with Pretty Poison lead diva, Jade Starling, and she was more than happy to spill on all things “Catch Me,” as well as how she will be forever grateful to the song for the rest of her pulsating dance music career.

PM-Hey, boo! Thank you for taking the time to spill with me! First up, what does the power of “Catch Me” mean to you? 

JS-The song has really turned into this iconic anthem. Who knew??! It took on a life of its own and it’s amazing that it’s still so popular today.  It’s still getting airplay, it’s still tying used in movies and in T.V. commercials. It’s definitely turned out to be the gift that kept on giving. It really is just a blast that people still truly connect to that song. 

PM-What was the creative process like in creating “Catch Me?” 

JS-I co-wrote the song with Whey Cooler and we were writing it for the album. At the time, we didn’t realize what we had. We knew it was a good song, but didn’t realize it was going to become this anthem. I guess a lot of times when songwriters are writing a song, we might say, ‘hey, it’s good!’ but then you don’t realize that it’s going to become so big! We had other songs that we thought were better at the time, but this one just seemed to connect. 

PM-Let’s spill about that video….

JS-Yes! We shot at Hollywood High and it was directed by the late Bob Giraldi, who also directed “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. At the time, he was also doing these really great Pepsi commercials. It was really great working with him, he was very professional. Being on the set with a all these extras and all these dancers, it was amazing. I would say that it was the first really big budget major label experience that we had. We ended up doing international tours and all kinds of great things happened from the song and from the video. We also were one of the first videos to feature the “Cabbage Patch” dance, too! 

PM-I love it! It doesn’t get any better than that. Any shouts of music love you wanna throw out for your Philly fans? 

JS-I love my Philly fans. I live for them and I can’t thank them enough for all their continued love and support over the years. Everything started right here in Philly, and I just want to them to know that their support means the world to me. There will be more shows coming up and I’ll keep everyone posted! 

For all things Ms. Jade Starling, including losing yourself in the remixes for her latest club smash, “Better & Better,” show the dance diva some local music love right here








Must Listen Monday

Just when you thought it was time to stop adding tracks to your summer playlists….today’s Must Listen Monday comes along featuring a buffet of new tunes that are not only quite delightful, but some are gaining loads of summer music buzz. 

Among the buzzworthy beats is “Body On Me,” a tribal-kissed new banger from Rita Ora and Chris Brown. There’s also dance diva Jade Starling‘s banger,”Better and Better” getting the Chris Cox remix treatment, Hailee Seinfeld delivers a bright ditty called, “Love Myself,” Brian McKnight mysteriously reappears with the bedroom-laced, “Uh Oh Feeling,” and even Ms. Kylie Minogue makes the list with the jazzy, “Absolutely Anything and Anything at All,” which is serving as the lead single from the upcoming UK sci-fi movie, Absolutely Anything. 

But, if there’s one diva who’s creating the most heat, it’s everyone’s favorite moody chanteuse, Ms. Lana Del Rey. Over the weekend, the songstress served up “High by the Beach,” which is the lead single from her hotly anticipated Honeymoon set. The deep, dark ditty is classic Ms. Lana, but contains a slightly different funkier feel than some of her earlier offerings. 

Get “High by the Beach,” then get lost in the rest of these Must Listen Monday tracks, which are always guaranteed fresh from Philly Mixtape‘s headphones to yours. 


Lana Del Rey/’High by the Beach” 

Brian McKnight/”Uh Oh Feeling” 

Charli XCX/”X-Ray Specs”

Kaskade/Rae Morris/”Call My Name” 

Kylie Minogue/”Absolutely Anything and Anything At All”

Rita Ora/Chris Brown/”Body On Me”

Robin Thicke/Nicki Minaj/”Back Together” 

Hailee Steinfeld/”Love Myself” 

Macklemore/Ryan Lewis/Ed Sheeran/”Growing Up”

Jade Starling/DJ Laszlo/”Better & Better”/Chris Cox Rewerk

Calvin Harris/Disciples/”How Deep Is Your Love”/Calvin Harris & R3hab Remix

Calvin Harris/Tinashe/”Dollar Signs” (Not a new release, but you need this in your headphones right now.)