Groove of the Day/Ms. Janet/”All for You”

No words….just watching this video for Ms. Janet‘s blockbuster 2001 single over and over again and remembering she betta werk for that legendary choreography. 

4, 3, 2, 1,….go. 

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Ms. Jackson-if-you’re-nasty cover photo courtesy of get 


Groove of the Day/Janet/Blackstreet/”i Get Lonely”

Does this one really need an explanation?

Most likely not because one, it’s Janet, and two, you’ve most likely already owned the sexy, sassy, ready Tina Landon helmed choreography that’s all up in the steamy video for Ms. Janet’s third single from The Velvet Rope, the Blackstreet assisted “I Get Lonely,” like, three times today. 

To the very few out there who may not be familiar with this track and the flawless album it calls home (go right here…right now) waste absolutely no time in jumping into it all right now. Your Wednesday/life will thank you and then some. 

And again….it’s Ms. Janet… 



This year’s grooves sound like….



10 Grooves Where Indeed That Rhythm Is Gonna Get Ya

With the recent serving of Katy Perry’s ’80s/90s/everything inspired new single, “Chained to the Rhythm” (btw..slaaaay that performance between Bey and Ad last night, gurl) the Teenage Dream diva not only gave us a light and frothy new tune for everybody, but gave us a swift reminder of just how lovely it is to be linked up to all of the rhythm that life has to offer. 

However, “Chained” is also a wonderful excuse (aka..Monday) to unlock the music vault and pull out those grooves that demand all of our rhythmic respect, which is why classic beats from Gloria Estefan, DeBarge, Snap, Corona, AC/DC and our dearly departed MJ are all sorts of served and waiting just for you to just straight up to get down to. 

Plus, it’s always an artistic delight to watch Ms. Janet‘s still stellar “Rhythm Nation” clip over and over and over again. 

Which is indeed what you’re about to do right…now. 

Katy Perry/”Chained to the Rhythm”  Because there’s truly no way other than to be chained all. 

Gloria Estefan/”The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”  Beware…because from that very first “oh, way, oh, wah,” Ms. Gloria‘s classic fire is still coming to get you. Yes, you. 

Selena Gomez/”Me and the Rhythm” With all of this slinky Selena sass that’s offered up on this tantalizing Revival groove, it’s a shame it didn’t get served up a single. Which is even better, because it’s one of those grooves best played at night when you lock the door where no else can see. Now, dance. 

DeBarge/”Rhythm of  the Night”  No explanation needed, just a big ol’ serving of that nighttime rhythm love that only DeBarge knows how to truly cook up. 

Janet/”Rhythm Nation”  If you’re not a part of Ms. J’s Nation by now…get on it. 

Snap/”Rhythm is a Dancer” Yes, it is. 

Corona/”Rhythm of the Night” Although we still have no idea what Ms. Corona says in that very first line…it’s all pure fucking ’90s dance bliss. 

Fedde Le Grand/”Rhythm of the Night”  Even Mr. Le Grand and his deep house infused rewerk gets it. 

AC/DC/”Girls Got Rhythm”  Well, except for when it’s 2 a.m. in the club, then it gets a bit tricky. But either, way, slay, ladies and never get eliminated when it comes to those rhythmic grooves of life. 

Michael Jackson/”Slave to the Rhythm”  Because it’s MJ and we must always respect his rhythm. Now, repeat this list and keep on gettin’ down, kids.