Music Tea w/ Gorgon City

An overseas deep house duo consisting of music producers Foamo, aka Kye Gibbon- and Rack N Ruin, aka Matt Robson-Scott, Gorgon City burst on the dance music scene two years ago with the release of their romping Real’ EP. The electric title track became a moderate hit in the U.K,. but after gaining a huge live show following as well as a hit with follow-up single, “Intentions,” Gorgon City truly out themselves on the dance music map. 

The destructive duo followed up success  last year with their first fill length album, Sirens, as well as an accompanying remix album, in which both sets proved to be a deep house buffet of beats topped with an A-List roster of vocalists, including MNEK, Katy B, Erik Hassle, and one Ms. Jennifer Hudson, who owns it as one of the recent best deep house tracks to ever grace headphones-the vivacious and uplifting, “Go All Night.” 

Tomorrow night, the overseas beat masters will be taking the stage at Union Transfer for an evening that will is guaranteed to be packed with a live music punch that only these groovy gentlemen are known to deliver. Philly Mixtape had the esteemed chance to break a few music tea mugs with Gorgon City before that they take over Union Transfer tomorrow night, and the duo spilled about what their Philly fans can expect from their anticipated show, what the future of dance music will hold, and just what it was like to be in the oh, so fabulous presence of Ms. Hudson. 

Step onto the Gorgon City deep house dance floor below. 

PM-Kicking our music tea off, what was it like to work with the lovely Jennifer Hudson on both the song and city nightlife wrapped video for your blockbuster single, “Go All Night?” 

GC-She is incredible. Her voice is so powerful and great to work with in the studio. It was all quite crazy for us, to work with someone so famous and talented. We’ll never forget the day in Brooklyn when we recreated a 90s house club in NYC! 

PM-What will you be gentlemen be treating your Philly fans to once what you take the stage tomorrow night?

GC-We’re bringing our biggest live show yet on this tour. We have our full live band along with our 2 singers, Lulu & Josh. It’s going to be big!

PM-Will you guys be able to check out Philly while you’re here? 

GC-Not sure yet.It all depends when we arrive! I grew up skating and always dreamed of skating Love Park, so would be cool to check out the skate scene…


PM-Are they are any artists out there you’re just dying to work with? 

GC- We’d love to work with George Ezra, and also Rae Strummurd.

PM-Where do you guys see deep house going maybe, ten, twenty years from now? 

GCHouse music will never go away! It is global and its’ tempo is naturally infectious – whether the current sound will continue won’t affect the future of house music in general.

PM-You guys ready for that new Adele album to drop? 

GC-Yes! She is a British treasure and we can’t wait to have her back.

PM-One last music tea spill, what would you say to a young deep house music producer who was just starting out in the crazy business? 

GC-Prepare for a lot of mad people and a lot of difficult things to deal with. It’s a lot of fun but can all be a bit too much sometimes! But still do it because it’s all worthwhile! 

For tickets to tomorrow night’s show, dance your life right away right here



5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Ignoring Jennifer Hudson

Sigh…okay kids, I’m not gonna lie, today’s “5 Reasons Why” topic was a little bit hard to write. Not only am I writing about a talented music artist that no one seems to get excited about anymore, but this is also on how that same artist is on the verge of entering “Forgot-About-Friday” world. Yes, the diva-in -distress is Ms. Jennifer Hudson, who’s been doing some incredible things in music these days, but sadly…no one seems to be paying attention to her. With that being said, this travesty absolutely needs to end, so I came up with 5 reasons why you guys need to stop and pay some music respect to the incredibly talented, JHud. Dive into my convincing case below…

1.She’s top diva at this year’s Cincinnati Music Festival….

Yesterday it was announced that Jennifer is set to headline the 2015 Cincinnati Music Festival which will also feature R&B staples the O’Jay’s, Maxwell and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. The two-day annual baby makin’ music extravaganza will return to Cincinatti’s Paul Brown stadium the weekend of July 24th-25th, and consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble Co. will be sponsoring the event. While it may not be the behemoth that Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ tour is about to be, the festival still attracts more than 50, 000 people across the country, who will all be coming to see Ms. Jennifer destroy the sound system…and that’s saying something. If you guys have the urge to check it out, you can go right here. I have a feeling that it may be worth your diva coins…

2. Her latest release ‘JHud’ is amazing…..and no one cares…

Last year, one of Philly Mixtape’s favorite albums of the year was ‘JHud,’ the dreamy third album from Ms. Hudson. Since its release last fall, the brilliant set has sadly sold only 61, 000 copies…and I say….Wtf? Not only is ‘JHud’ Jennifer’s best work yet, she also teamed up with top-notch collaborators Timbaland, R.Kelly and Pharrell for a good portion of the record, creating grooved out ’70s and ’80s inspired jams laced with light disco riffs and sultry diva vocal stylings, built to perfection by Ms. J Hud. If  you’re looking for a solid pop/R&B album, this is the one that you need to add to your collection right away. If albums cuts “Walk It Out,” “I Can’t Describe,” “Dangerous” and “Bring Back the Music” don’t set the mood for you, then all music hope is lost for you, my friend…


3.She’s musically tight with explosive UK dance production duo Gorgon City…

If you haven’t heard “Go All Night,” the blazing banger with Jennifer soaring on top of UK’s beat wizards Gorgon City’s disco kissed beat, you are truly missing out on some satisfying music lovin.’ However, that’s only a small slice of this dreamy music matchup. The trio also worked together on ‘JHud,’ creating a dazzling rewerk of the Andrea Martin classic jam, “I Still Love You,” taking its smooth original form to angelic new music heights. The new found music BFF’s have also done a serving of overseas radio interviews, most notably performing on BBC Radio Live, where they joined music forces to bump their strobe lit sonnet. You can dive in below, and if you want to check out the whimsical work of Gorgon City, go right here. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

4.She’s still got THAT voice….

Whether on a slick-and-tasty R&B music treat or a glow stick groove, Jennifer’s still got that voice that is custom made for any kind of beat you throw her way. We also know that she kills any live performance she takes on, proving that just last month at the Grammys, also with her infamous ‘Dreamgirls’ Oscar performance with Bey and..sigh…her haunting rendition of “I Will Always Love You” at the Grammys the weekend that Whitney Houston died. THAT voice also equals true talent, which is (sadly) something that gets lost a lot in pop radio these days…..are you paying attention yet?


5.Because she has an Academy Award and you don’t….

Need I say more?









Grammy Performance of the Day/Jennifer Hudson/”I Will Always Love You”

It’s really hard to come up with words to describe Jennifer Hudson’s haunting Whitney Houston tribute at the 2012 Grammy awards. Perhaps it’s because we’re nearly days away from the three year anniversary of the singers untimely death on that fateful Grammy weekend.  Or, maybe it’s because I can’t help but think of everything that’s been going on with Whitney’s only daughter, Bobbi Kristina. This past week, we’ve all been reading and watching in horror as Bobbi Kristina has seemingly met the exact same fate of her gone-too-soon music mother,Whitney, not to mention, almost to the exact day. There really are no words to describe it, especially when now watching Jennifer’s iconic Grammy performance.

Dealing with Whitney’s untimely death on the eve of the show in 2012, the Grammys had a bit of a problem. How would they address the singer’s death on such sad, short notice? That’s when the almighty Jennifer Hudson stepped up to the plate the only way she knew how-by singing Whitney’s signatures smash, “I Will Always Love You.” While you can see throughout the performance that Ms. Hud’s emotions were running very high, she managed to send chills down the spines of everyone watching with her flawless take on Whitney’s timeless tune. I give high praise to not only Jennifer for being such a strong diva, but to the Grammys for putting together such a moving moment in music time. Sigh….