5 Reasons Why the ‘Jessie’s Song’ Episode of ‘Saved by the Bell’ is Such an Important Part of Our Lifetimes

Much like we all do when we first wake up in the morning, we jump on our phones to see what’s poppin.’ Today, we ALL got a special treat from the wonderfully weird Jimmy Fallon in a clip he put together of a fantastic ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion bit as part of his L.A. week. While it was certainly a joy to see the ‘SBTB’ cast (except everyone but Screech and the actress- formerly- known -as- Lark Voorhies) together on screen again, however, as we all know, it was that moment when Ms. Berkley belted out her famous “I’m So Excited!!” dialogue that all got us more awake than a bottle of her deadly caffeine pills. It was soon after I started seeing the HUGE social media buzz from this now infamous Fallon clip, ¬†that I thought, “Wow, that episode of ‘Saved by the Bell'” really just keeps going…and…going and famously going. That’s why today, I just had to come up with “5 Reasons Why” the greatest moment in television history, “Jessie’s Song,” is indeed such an important part of our existing lifetimes.

1. Because it showed that ‘Saved by the Bell’ knew how to keep it real that…

It’s no secret that ‘SBTB’ was high grade camp cheese all the way, dealing with plot lines about the Zack Morris phone and sneaking into clubs named, ‘The ¬†Attic.’ However, when it came to this dynamo-of -an- episode that dealt with real teen issues like addiction(although…), it proved that beneath all of the Kelly Kapowski pom-poms, the show proved to dive a little bit deeper into the kiddie pool for this particular go around.


2.Because it gave Elizabeth Berkley a chance to shine..

True fans of the show know the order of MVP’s went like this-Zack, Kelly, Slater, Screech, Lisa (“a Lisa no en casa.” Fucking brilliant..) and…..Jessie. It was in this glorious episode that Berkley truly proved she do anything with her A-list breaking performance in ‘Jessie’s Song’-stretch, bend and truly just put her mind to it and go for it. Just think, without this snubbed-of-an-Emmy performance, Ms. Berkley may have never graduated to the pole in her Oscar snubbed role in, ‘Showgirls.’

3.Because it gave us all a chance to act one time or another…

How many times have you acted/shouted out the words, “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m sooo scared!” in front of your friends? Too many too count, I bet.

4.Because this episode will be passed down from generation to generation to generation….

I know this episode, my moms knows it and my nieces know it. My kids are certainly going to know it, my grandkids will know it and trust me, this episode will go on until we’re all long gone. Anyone beg to differ?

5.Because it gave us Hot Sundae..

The cherry on a top of it all is a delicious Hot Sundae groove called, “Go For It,” or as I like to call it, “Jessie’s Anthem.” Dive in.