Groove of the Day/JoJo/”Let It Rain”

Although JoJo‘s thunderous pop anthem from her 2007 set, The High Road, provides the perfect soundtrack for what’s going to be a ridiculously rainy Tuesday in Philly, it should also hype us up quite a bit for when the “Honest” diva takes over The Trocadero stage exactly one month today. 

And since we can’t predict the weather or that moment when our umbrellas decide to go all bat shit crazy on us, we should grab those tickets for a show that’s guaranteed to pour down all kinds of pop music truth in the best way possible…by the one-and-only, Ms. JoJo

Who knows, maybe after you have one romp in the “Rain” you’ll forget all about those storm clouds out there aiming to make your walk to and from life miserable today. Actually, that’s not even possible since it’s going to be a crazy one out there, so be safe and be sure to take some time to get lost in a little music as it will always have the power to guide us through even the darkest and stormiest of days

Especially this joint by JoJo…so “Let It Rain” all damn day. 

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Groove of the Weekend/JoJo/”Honest”

Yesterday, our beloved JoJo released Mad Love, her first album in nearly a decade since The High Road (and that annoying record label drama) mercifully stepped into our headphones in 2006. 

Packed with pain (“Music”…sigh) pulse (“Like This”) and plenty of that Ms. Levesque sass that we’ve come to grow and love as of late (“Fuck Apologies,” indeed) from the “Leave” songstress, make no mistake that with this album, JoJo is back

But since it’s the weekend, we’re going to wait until next week to dive completely into JoJo’s heartfelt new set, but for now, her somber, yet shimmering new track, “Honest” is guaranteed to turn your Saturday all sorts of up in just the right way. 

Just listen and welcome your girl back..because that she most certainly is. 

This month’s grooves sound like…

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Groove of the Day/JoJo/”When Love Hurts”/Sweater Beats Remix

We need to all clutch our fall music pearls right now because Ms. JoJo’s much, much, much anticipated new studio set, Mad Love, is set to take over…our lives exactly one month from today. 

After what’s felt like years of anticipation (oh, has), our “Leave” and “Too Little, Too Late” galpal is finally striking back with a ferocious new sound and sass, as clearly evident in her feisty Wiz Khalifa co-starring Love lead single, “F$ck Apologies,” which truly holds nothing back when it comes to the return of Mizz. JoJo. 

Also on board for the Aquamarine star’s new romp is “Here” and “Wild Things” songstress  Alessia Cara, and the one-and-only Terror Squad and  “Conceited” bitch herself, Ms. Remy Ma, who pops them bottles on the simply titled, “FAB.” We’re like, so ready for that one. 

While we can only hope that our now waaay grown up songstress (peep this) gets into that Ariana Grande sized formation on the Billboard music charts once again, what we can do is welcome back a true music artist who’s certainly been through it and then some, as anyone who’s followed her industry for over a decade now knows, which is certainly all of us. 

Oh, just admit you’re a JoJo queen because it makes life so much better….as does this killer Sweater Beats rewire of her pop dance floor fire “When Love Hurts,” which will continue to serve us life well up until the new album and that new beat..drops. 

And of course a lil’ Ms. Ma once a day keeps all them pesky haters away…

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