Tropical House Groove of the Day/Justin Bieber/”What Do You Mean?”

Go on with this island laced flow, Mr. Biebs…

All week long, Philly Mixtape has been serving you with a pineapple plethora of tropical house grooves because for one, they’re just so delightful, and two, because the influence of this insatiable genre is deliciously all wrapped up in today’s mainstream melodies. That case holds particularly true with Justin Bieber’s Caribbean kissed #1 smash single, “What Do You Mean?,” a certified jam that has grabbed a hold of headphones across the music globe and has also put the Biebs music career back on track after, well, you know. 

While 2015 might be only the year that we will ever have this groovy music genre laced in today’s hits, for now, let’s just enjoy that it’s here because tropical house has been an underrated music island for so long. If it’s hitting #1 on the Billboard charts, you know it must be a good time. 



Mixtape Music News

1. Madonna kicked off her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal last night…

After what has felt like years of anticipation, the Material Girl kicked off her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal last night..and it’s everything we expected after the icon’s endless teases on Instagram leading up to her latest road spectacle.

There were pole dancers dressed like nuns, blinding nonstop theatrics, and…Mike Tyson? Yas.

With a mix of tracks from her “Rebel Heart” record (“Unapologetic Bitch,” “Iconic,” “Living for Love,” among others.), and classic tracks like “Dress You Up,” “Vogue,” “Holiday,”(which served as the encore.), and a track she hasn’t performed live in nearly 25 years, “Material Girl,” the Queen of Pop certainly owned the stage last night, with Philly DJ and producer Diplo opening things up for good Material measure. 

The diva certainly wasted no time in getting to down to concert business, dressed up in a barely there  nun’s outfit,(and of course, a matador.) while riding one of her dancers (who was also dressed like a nun) as her personal “surfbordt.” And The Last Supper recreation? Priceless. 

But perhaps the biggest highlight of the evening came during Madonna’s rendition of the French classic “La Vie en Rose,” in which the audience went wild and delightfully sang along. Even better is when she threw shade towards her marriages. “Who wants to get hitched? Anybody want to get married? Sucker? It’s downhill from here.” She later followed up with: “In spite of all of that heartbreak, pain and suffering, I wouldn’t trade love for anything.”

And those outfits, which were designed by Miuccia Prada, Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang, only further prove that Madonna is just that unapologetic concert bitch. For pics of last night’s opener, check your music life right here

The Rebel Heart Tour is set to takeover Philly on Sept 24th. 

2.Justin Bieber just owned the Today show…

Justin Bieber is back….

Words we thought we would never say again, but now they’re words that are indeed true. Just moments before Bieber performed for a hungry tween buffet of rain-soaked fans on the Today show this morning in New York City, the hosts presented the pop star with a plaque commemorating a major honor.

As reported last week, Mr. Biebs  became the youngest male artist to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “What Do You Mean?”, his tropical kissed new smash and also his first No. 1 hit on the chart. In fact, several people from Guinness World Records stopped by the Today show to deliver the plaque, which the hosts then handed to Bieber before he served up his hits,  “Where Are U Now” and “Boyfriend.”

After he made everybody swoon, Bieber sipped music tea inside the Today interior, answering some tough questions that were thrown his way.  “I didn’t leave, but I took some time to do some soul-searching,” Bieber admitted when asked about his recent music break. When asked if he’d be interested in performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Bieber had no problem saying. “I’d be interested. I’m down,” he said. 

That just might be a possibly these days for Justin. Stay tuned for more on this one. 

3. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are rapping again….

Does this really need an explanation? You just have to watch. 

4.Britney is staying in Vegas!!!

After months of nail-biting frustration…it’s confirmed….Godney is staying in Vegas!!

The pop starlet recently confirmed a two-year extension of her Vegas show, Britney: Piece of Me,  at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, announcing the news during her Wednesday night spectacle and according to a release, she told the hype crowd, “I have some big news tonight … I am going to be in Vegas for two more years!” 

Dates will now run through December 2017., and ticket for performances from January through April 2016 will go on sale Sept. 14. Also according to the release, Piece of Me will also get a makeover that will include new elements that are expected to elevate her showmanship….and maybe coincide with a new album? We can only hope. 



5.Ellen threw major truth towards her stint on American Idol.

Remember American Idol? Better yet, remember when Ellen served as a judge? Lol…

Well, not to worry because Ms. DeGeneres doesn’t miss her days when she judged Idol’s 10th season. (Hey, Ms. Kara.) 

Telling Howard Stern on Tuesday, she stated that doing AI was “one of the worst decisions I’ve made,” and that she couldn’t stand crushing so many people’s music hopes and dreams.

“As a fan of the shows, it doesn’t matter that I sing or I know anything about pitch … I’m like everybody else at home, so I thought I’m gonna represent those people at home that have opinions,” Ellen said, according to The Wrap. “But then I just thought, like Howard says, I can’t break this person’s heart. Let somebody else do that.”

Do you think Ellen will return when AI says goodbye next year? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. 




Mixtape Music News

1.Justin Bieber found time to dry his tears and release the video for “What Do You Mean”….

Justin Bieber cried after he performed at the VMAs last night. But that’s not to say that they could have been tears of excitement as he dropped the new music video to his tropical house-laced comeback single, “What Do You Mean,” after the big show.

After much teasing of the track’s official release with a star-studded social media campaign and countdown, Mr. Bieber dropped the song’s lyric video this past Friday and performed it for the first time live at last night’s “ugh” VMAs. Watch the full music video below and revel in all that new Bieber hair that is being served up for us. Love it or loathe it, his new coif is something that we may not be able to escape anytime soon.

2.Happy 45th birthday, Ms. Debbie Gibson! 

Born on Aug. 31, 1970, Ms. Debbie served up her first Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Only in My Dreams,” before turning 17 and has a tidy bundle of five Hot 100 top 10s, including the No. 1s “Foolish Beat” and “Lost in Your Eyes.” 

Following her biggest hits, Gibson has gone on to be a fierce Broadway diva, hit the road with fellow ’80s chart queen Tiffany and, most recently, she starred in the UP TV movie The Music in Me.

To celebrate such a historic pop occasion, there’s truly only one song we need to play today at full blast-“Electric Youth,” the energetic synth-ed up title track from Ms. Gibson’s second studio album of the same name. Because it’s just so electrifying, of course. 


3.Zac Efron should definitely not quit his day job and become a full-time DJ…

The movie box office doldrums of August saw box-office champ Straight Outta Compton remain No. 1 for the third straight weekend, while crushing heartthrob Zac Efron‘s electronic dance music drama, We Are Your Friends, along the way. The DJ flick debuted to a dismal $1.8 million from 2,333 locations, the worst opening of all time for a new major studio movie opening in 2,000 or more theaters, not accounting for inflation.

If there’s any silver lining here, it’s that that Warner Bros. paid a modest $2 million to distribute the film in North America, so it’s not a complete disaster for the studio. 

Hey, at least Mr. Efron has next year’s Neighbors 2 on the horizon…

4.Miley surprised fans-and her label-by dropping a new album at the end of last night’s VMAs….

If you happened to catch the end of last night’s VMAs, host Miley Cyrus caught everyone by surprise when she dropped a new, free album at the end of the broadcast. But as much as it was a surprise for her fans, her label, RCA Records, knew nothing about it. 

Cyrus used the social media platform of last night’s VMAs to announce Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz-a “homemade” side project that serves up a new creative energy and was crafted up without financial support from her label.

Spilling music tea with the New York Times a week prior to last night’s spectacle (of which it most certainly was), Ms. Miley said her new studio set cost about $50,000 to make, also confirming that RCA didn’t contribute to the budget for Dead Petz and it won’t count toward fulfilling her multi-album contract with the label. “They had never heard the record until it was done,” Cyrus spilled. 

The Times shared a statement from the label which reads, “Miley Cyrus continues to be a groundbreaking artist. She has a strong point of view regarding her art and expressed her desire to share this body of work with her fans directly. RCA Records is pleased to support Miley’s unique musical vision.”

Maybe her new set will wash away the memories of all those outfits she wore at last night’s annual MTV gala. Check it out right here

5.Jay Z just had a one day love affair with Instagram….

Surprise! You can now follow Jay Z on Instagram! Oh, wait, false alarm…

According to New York Daily News, Mr. Hova joined the social media trap, err, app, this weekend, posting a photo tribute to Michael Jackson, and then strangely deleted the app 14 hours later — after garnering 100,000 followers behind the lone Gram.

Jay’s account was never verified, but he did receive a shout out of music love from executive Michael Kyser, who posted a photo of Jay on his phone. Maybe Mr. Z is intimidated by his wife, Beyonce, who is the #2 most followed person on Instagram, following (literally) behind Kim Kardashian