Groove of the Day/Katy Perry/”Walking on Air”

Out of the oh, so few enjoyable music moments off of Katy Perry’s 2013 Prism record (sigh…there truly were…take a seat, “Birthday”), one of them is undeniably the ’90s deep house romp that is “Walking on Air.” 

Armed with a delicious MTV Party to Go groove laced with CeCe Peniston inspired vocal werk with a tinge of gospel to go along with….it all, you have to wonder why the tantalizing track was never released as an official single.

While we could sit and ponder that notion all day long (also…where’s that new album,boo?), the weather is about to own our late October lives once again and this Kitty Purry groove is all you need to make the day that much more sweeter. 

As if that were possible. Now, dance. 


This month’s grooves sound like….

Walk on local and legendary entertainment air and follow Philly Mixtape right here…


Holiday Groove of the Day/Katy Perry/”Everyday Is a Holiday”

You could travel the world, but there’s definitely no escaping H&M’s bonkers holiday commercial/music video starring Katy Perry and her new snow-covered groove, “Everyday Is a Holiday.” Backed by lush church organs, a heavenly gospel choir, and a beat provided by overseas deep house wizard Duke Dumont, Ms. Katy’s dizzying new ditty is all wrapped up in booming festive cheer. Also, since the Duke and Katy’s collaboration is just so merry and delightful, we can only hope that the newfound music besties are continuing to work together on Katy’s much-anticipated Prism follow-up, which is due out sometime next year. It would certainly be a “Holiday” wish come true. 

Merry Monday! 




5 Reasons Why You Should Give Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ Another Spin

Pass the music Botox, please…because Katy Perry‘s blockbuster Teenage Dream record is now five years old…

While there are many, many reasons why you should give Ms. Katy’s Teenage romp another spin, Philly Mixtape‬ came up with these 5 reasons why you should absolutely let your headphones feel the pop sugar rush of Ms. Perry’s swirly sophomore set just one more time. 

Ready…set….whipped cream bikini.

1.Because “California Gurls” and the title track are still your official summer anthems….

Before Teenage Dream entered our music lives on August 24th, 2010, Katy’s One of the Boys follow-up was already high on buzz due to its first lead singles-the sun-kissed, “California Girls,” and the electrified title track, which both proved to be unstoppable forces of music nature on the Billboard singles charts. Both dangerously catchy Teenage tunes lathered up #1 spots on the Billboard Hot 100, which as we know would only be the beginning of Katy’s #1 Dream single stretch.

Packed with plenty of that infamous Max Martin pop music punch (as was the rest of the album), both Dream ditties lit up our music hearts five years ago…..and we most certainly never looked back.

2….and so are the songs on the rest of the album.

One word pretty much sums it all up…..”Peacock.”


3.Each of the accompanying videos are all wrapped up in Katy Kat music lovin’…….

While each of the singles that Katy served to us from Teenage Dream-the title cut, “California Gurls,” Firework,” “E.T.“, “Last Friday Night(T.G.I.F.” and “The One That Got Away, to name them all, were equally as scrumptious, it was their accompanying videos that truly turned them into the pop tour-de-force #1 smashes that they each became. No offense, “The One That Got Away.”

The cotton candy-coated clip for “California Gurls” will always have us strapping on our whipped cream bikinis, and the video for the title track will always have us wondering just who the f#$k that hot guy is in the video? 

There’s also the explosive, chest popping inspirational clip for “Firework,” and while the video for fourth single “E.T.” is bizarrely spaced out (and Kante’s in it), the wacky tone of it still werks. 

But if there’s one clip released from Katy’s sugary Dream era that’s all wrapped up in Teenage lovin,’ it’s the ’80s inspired video for “Last Friday Night(T.G.I.F),” which is complete with a wild house party, forgotten about “Friday” diva, Rebecca Black, and everyone’s favorite ’80s tween idols-Ms. Debbie Gibson….and Corey Feldman, too!

It truly doesn’t get any better than that.

4.Because, Prism…..

……just didn’t hit our Kitty Purry “G” spot. While Katy’s Dream follow up has its shining moments sprinkled throughout–the roaring, “Roar,” the trap-tastic, “Dark Horse,” (although…the video.), the booming, “Unconditionally” and “Legendary Lovers,” and the ’90s deep house inspired standout, “Walking On Air,” most of the record dares to tread on the ambition of its predecessor…and doesn’t quite get it right.

Not to say that Prism is a bad record, but tracks “Birthday,” “This Is How We Do,” and “International Smile” sound like they were left on the Dream cutting room floor (no shade, Mr. Martin.) and let’s not even get into the snoozy second half of the album. (Except “By The Grace of God,” you can stay.)

While we all patiently wait for Ms. Perry’s next music venture, Teenage Dream will just have to suffice our Katy kravings.

As if it didn’t already.

5.It’s a great moment in pop music time….that might not ever happen again. 

Besides just being a standout pop record, Katy’s sophomore set is also an historic album one at its very best. Each of the first five singles released from Dream hit the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, making Ms. Perry the first female ever in pop music history to achieve such an incredible feat;tying the record that Michael Jackson achieved when those five singles (we know them.) off his epic Bad album went straight to the top.

Truly, Teenage Dream is one moment in pop time that we’ll never forget anytime soon.

It also has us thinking…you can take a seat, Ms. Swift.

Now, squeeze into those skintight jeans and don’t ever look back when it comes to getting lost in Katy Perry’s vivacious pop music wonderland that was–and still is–her Teenage Dream.

The Complete Confection awaits you, Katy Kats…