Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Sheena Easton/”Strut”

You know how sometimes you’ll just be, um, strutting down the street and the most random song pops in your head? Well, that’s exactly what happened with today’s kickstarter groove, the music runway werkin’, “Strut,” by the fabulous, Sheena Easton. Maybe the song popped into my head because I had just finished a killer workout, or maybe I’m just patiently waiting for winter for strut its ass on out of here so we can get down with some springtime weather. Whatever the case may be…I’m certainly glad “Strut” popped into my music brain. Sheena’s ’84 tune is also the perfect hump day treat, as we all prepare to strut right into the end of the week. For those that know this sexy sonnet, enjoy! For those that don’t, turn it up and work it out….you’ll be glad you did.