Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Paula Abdul/”Promise of a New Day”

I guess yesterday’s kickstarter jam, “Spotlight” by Madonna, got me feeling a little inspired, so I decided to keep the good vibes going today by serving up a little gem called “Promise of a New Day” by the one-and-only, Paula Abdul. Those of you that had the tape where it came from, ‘Spellbound,’ know that this jumping number kicked off Paula’s underrated second set. With its inspirational lyrics (“See the wisdom from mistakes of the past), gliding beat and melancholy melody, Ms. Abdul’s delightful single will no doubt lift your spirits on this chilly Tuesday. Also, “Promise” would go on to become Paula’s last #1 single on the Billboard charts, so we should never forget it. Eagle’s calling your name today, so dive in below and get inspired by “Promise of a New Day.”