Jam of the Day/Toni Braxton/”You’re Makin’ Me High”

So, anybody know what day it is? Of course we do, it’s April 20th, the first official day of my personal favorite stubborn bull of a Zodiac sign, The Taurus. But oh wait, yas, it’s certainly another day, isn’t it? Sorry, man, I got stoned and I forgot for a moment. Without a doubt, it’s 4/20, a day where all the “potheads” of the world (ages 17-25) will unite throughout the day all over social media with posts about how they’re always and forever living that “chronic life.” 

Well, lucky for you guys, everyday is 4/20 around here, but it’s always nice to pass the music dutch to the left and dive into the vault to pick out the perfect banger to bump on this official stoner’s holiday. That’s why my personal favorite “stoner jam” is Ms. Toni Braxton’s epic mid ’90s bedroom ready groove, “You’re Makin’ Me High.” 

A flow that truly needs no explanation, this music love makin’ melody was magically cooked up by the legendary Babyface, and together with Ms. Toni, the dazzling duo came up with a smooth, sensual sonnet that sounds just as ready as it did twenty (!) years ago. Not only did it catapult the songstress into the official diva realms, but it would launch her sizzling sophomore set, Secrets into the atmosphere (“Un-break My Heart”…bankruptcy…sigh) and steal a piece of our music hearts along with it. 

So, if you’re out they’re celebrating and getting those eyes oh, so low from the once a year chiefin‘, take a break from the Afrroman for a moment and press play on this groove….it’s the only one you need today. 





Summer Groove of the Day/SWV/”Weak”/”Right Here”

Since Philly Mixtape had an unexpected day off yesterday, its absolutely necessary to double up the daily summer grooves. Also, since its Throwback Thursday, we’re also going to dive deep in the summer music vault and serve up the classic ’90s R&B tracks, “Weak” and “Right Here” by Taj, Coko and Lelee, otherwise fabulously known as SWV.

Anyone that experienced the music of the ’90s knows that before Destiny’s Child started saying “No, No, No,” SWV was certainly kickin’ it on the music scene.With their timeless flow, bold, diva-licious vocal arrangements and a style that was in a class of its own(those fingernails!), there’s no denying that these talented gals musically owned us all through middle school and junior high…

What makes “Weak” and “Right Here” stand out besides being truly fantastic summer wonders, is that they’re both each in a very groovy style of their own. Their trademark tune, “Weak” is laced with an insatiable organ intro, slowed down new jack beat and the fact most of us still attempt it karaoke certainly proves its timeless staying power over the years. But, “Right Here,” with its soft flow and smart, seductive Michael JacksonHuman Nature” sample, it proves to be another gem that still sounds as mellow and fresh as it did back then.

In a music word, Long live Sisters With Voices

Get musically weak in the knees over this summer grooves playlist. 




Summer Groove of the Day/Madonna/”Papa Don’t Preach”

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, let’s go all the way back to 1986 and press play on a little Madonna ditty called “Papa Don’t Preach.” Fans of Madonna’s earlier work know that this song is not only one of her trademark ’80s tracks, but it’s also one of her most controversial. Of course, it’s nowhere near as racy as her S&M-tastic early-’90s cuts, “Justify My Love” and “Erotica,” but it did tackle an issue that alway heats a debate–teenage pregnancy. When the song was released as the second single from her True Blue set in June of ’86, it took off on the radio and also in many heated discussions about its lyrical content. Women’s organizations and other professionals in the family planning field criticized the Material Girl for encouraging teenage pregnancy (remember those “Madonna Don’t Preach” videos?), while groups opposed to abortion saw “Papa Don’t Preach” as a song with a positive pro-life vibe. Even former almost First Lady Tipper Gore, who founded the Parents Music Resource Center, said the song delivered a positive message, at the time stating that it “discusses with urgency, a real predicament which thousands of unwed teenagers face in our country. Ms. Gore was also okay with the fact that it was “all to the good” if Madonna’s iconic tune would erupt discussions about pregnancy between teens and families. Whatever the controversial music case, “Papa”  did go on to keep the top spot for two weeks, all while giving Madonna her fourth chart topper. 

But, as we all know, it was the video that was created for the song that also made a lasting impression on everyone. When it premiered on MTV, it immediately went straight to former VJ Adam Curry, where he put it onto his Top 20 Video Countdown. Shot along Staten Island laced with shots of New York City, the video instantly went down as one of Madonna’s most iconic clips, featuring the Queen of Pop in a whole new look complete with the perfect ’80s jeans,  a slick blonde bob, as well as cutting to shots of her in a black-bustier number where she performed her “Papa” promenade. Add in Danny Aiello into the music mix as her doting daddy, and the clip certainly earned its status in the MTV music video hall of fame. No matter what you think of Madonna these days, this was one of her songs that represented a time when she musically owned each and every one of us–and didn’t blink trying.