Summer Groove of the Day/Janet/”Someone to Call My Lover”

Welcome to Monday, everybody! Hope everyone has had a chance to get their beauty rest because this week, Philly Mixtape will be serving up all kinds of summer grooves to keep you moving all week long. To ease us into Monday, and also because the weather has cooled off quite a bit, ushering in a mellow vibe, today we’re serving up Ms. Janet’s delightful ’01 summer single, “Someone to Call My Lover.” With its old school flavor, irresistible America “Ventura Highway” sample mixed with coo-ey lyrics, (“Maybe we’ll meet at a bar/”He’ll drive a funky car.”), listening to it you’ll forget that “Someone” was actually Ms. Janet‘s last top 5 single on the Billboard Hot 100…

But, since we know there’s been all of the delightful news recently that our girl is striking back this summer, we have a feeling that her grand return to delivering those chart destroying hits is just around the corner. But, for now, Janet’s mellow jam for your Monday will play out fabulously in your morning music headphones. Enjoy!! 



Weekend Summer Groove/Katy Perry/”California Gurls”/Manhattan Clique Rewerk

Here we are, everyone! The end of another fabulous week–and what a smokin’ hot week it was! To keep those warm, wet and wild music temps up, you’re about to get served with the bubbly Manhattan Clique rewerk of Ms. Katy’sCalifornia Gurls.” But, before we get to that, be sure to check back with us next week for all the music truth you can handle, including an action-packed Must Listen Monday, a local 5 reasons why music case, and kicking off the week, we will be dedicating the Mixtape Music News all for a diva who is getting ready to strike back in the summer music scene any day now. And no, unfortunately, it’s not Adele….yet. Have a great weekend, everyone! Werk. What it’s all about.



Janet Groove of the Day/”Go Deep”

If there was a late-’90s video that represents Philly Mixtape’s crazy high school parties to the fullest, it’s the clip for Janet’s sexy ‘The Velvet Rope’ single, “Go Deep.” The ’70s funk/New Jack Swing kissed cut is already a fun romp, but when you werk in a video that features Ms. Janet showing up at the house of an unsuspecting teenager with her brood of dancers ready to get the party started, well, it certainly makes for one classic Ms. Janet video. Besides, how many times did you attempt to get your washing machine to overflow at one of your house parties? Bet it never turned out as sexy as it does in Janet’s iconic clip…

However, the best part of “Go Deep” is that this is one of those Janet tracks that is vastly overlooked in her memorable music catalog. In fact, it seems as if every single and track from the ‘Velvet’ era seems to get overlooked, so today Philly Mixtape will be pressing play on Janet’s phenomenal ’97 album once again in a very rope burn-licious edition of your ‘5 Reasons Why’ segment, But, for now, the sensual clip for “Go Deep” will do as we call Rene and Boo and get this Janet party started all day long.