Janet Groove of the Day/”Make Me”

There are many reasons why Philly Mixtape loves ridin’ the disco ball when it comes to Janet’s strobe-kissed 2010 single, “Make Me.” For one, it’s Ms. Janet. (I mean…) Two, “Make Me,” which is off of her ‘Number Ones’ greatest hits set, is an underrated Janet gem that no one seems to talk about or listen to…ever. When the delectable was released–besides the dance charts–the sultry single was nowhere to be found on pop charts or radio for that music matter. We have to wonder why because the high energy track is one of Janet’s best later career grooves. From its shimmering start to its whirling finish, “Make Me” will indeed make you shake that ass all hump day long. Another reason why you should be groovin’ to Janet’s tasty groove? It’s the last single she’s delivered to headphones while we (patiently) wait for her album to (supposedly) drop this July. Ready to get on the floor? Ms. Janet is waiting for you….go.




Janet Groove of the Day/”The Pleasure Principle”

What exactly is the principle of pleasure? Philly Mixtape thinks it’s listening to today’s Janet groove, the highly seductive, “The Pleasure Principle,” the 6th single off of her ’86 ‘Control’ album. For some reason, Ms. J’s “Pleasure” seems to get overlooked in her extensive music catalog because while yes, her other ‘Control’ hits did chart higher, but the video for Janet’s breathy cut is in a dance class all its own. For those that are well immersed in the iconic clip know that we get served a straight-haired, kneepad wearing Ms. Jackson who delivers a buffet of dance moves in what looks like an abandoned loft/garage/dream crib. (Philly Mixtape has been searching for its location for years…still can’t find it.) Not only does Janet serve up some classic, killer moves, but when it comes time to do that infamous backflip, well, that most certainly is the principle of ALL Ms. Janet video pleasure. 





’90s R&B Groove of the Day/Aaliyah/”One in a Million”

Happy Monday, everybody! This weekend was certainly a busy one for Philly with the Broad Street run and what seemed to be a million street festivals taking place all over the city. Throw in the fantastic weather that’s finally here, and it was a perfect weekend for all of us. Needless to say, we’re all feeling it today. Whenever Philly Mixtape needs to get back in the flow of things after an action packed weekend, a serving of sexy ’90s R&B grooves is just what the music doctor ordered. Luckily for you guys, Mixtape will be serving up those jams all sexy week long. Also, now that spring has sprung, these bedroom beats are perfect for taking a cruise in the candy apple drop with the windows down, strolling around the city or any other relaxing activities tickle your fancy in the warm weather months…

Kicking off ’90s R&B week is “One in a Million,” the steamy, sultry  jam delivered by the late, great Aaliyah off of her ’96 album of the same name. While any one of ‘Liyah’s tracks are perfect to bump on gorgeous days like today, ‘Million” stands above the rest with its naughty-but-nice flow, sexy lyrics and crisp beat, which is served to perfection by the one-and-only, Timbaland. Even almost 20 years after its release, “Million” sounds just as seductive and fresh as it did back then, which means it has all the makings of a classic ’90s R&B groove…and then some. If you haven’t gotten lost in Aaliyah’s delicious ditty lately, now is your chance to let your eardrums be caressed one again-they certainly won’t be disappointed.