• Janet Groove of the Day/”Make Me”

    TweetThere are many reasons why Philly Mixtape loves ridin’ the disco ball when it comes to Janet’s strobe-kissed 2010 single, “Make Me.” For one, it’s Ms. Janet. (I mean…) Two, “Make Me,” which is off of her ‘Number Ones’ greatest hits set, is an underrated Janet gem that no one seems to talk about or

  • Janet Groove of the Day/”The Pleasure Principle”

    TweetWhat exactly is the principle of pleasure? Philly Mixtape thinks it’s listening to today’s Janet groove, the highly seductive, “The Pleasure Principle,” the 6th single off of her ’86 ‘Control’ album. For some reason, Ms. J’s “Pleasure” seems to get overlooked in her extensive music catalog because while yes, her other ‘Control’ hits did chart

  • ’90s R&B Groove of the Day/Aaliyah/”One in a Million”

    TweetHappy Monday, everybody! This weekend was certainly a busy one for Philly with the Broad Street run and what seemed to be a million street festivals taking place all over the city. Throw in the fantastic weather that’s finally here, and it was a¬†perfect weekend for all of us. Needless to say, we’re all feeling

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