Werkout Groove of the Day/Lanfranchi & Marchesini/”Boys & Girls”

You guys ready to keep sweatin’ it out at the Philly Mixtape gym? Today’s groove is brought to you by Lanfranchi & Marchesini and their roaring romp, “Boys & Girls.” Besides having the energy to just make you move, the track is also laced with a glorious after-hours-club-in-paradise-kind of vibe, which is perfect for the beautiful day that is just starting to bloom today. Whether you’re on a run, slicin’ it up in spin class, doing squats at the gym or just boppin’ around the crib, L&M’s groove will, um, groove you for all of music eternity. While many of you music kids out there may not have had the pleasure of this killer cut tickling your eardrums, Philly Mixtape says to take a chance on it….you’ll be glad you did. These days, we need the power of music to bring us all together more than ever…




Werkout Groove of the Day/Tamia/”Stranger in My House”/Thunderpuss Remix

Happy Monday, everybody! This week is already shaping up to be quite an explosive one,  as the one-and-only legendary DJ Barry Harris will be stopping by Philly Mixtape on Friday to spill some delicious music tea! For those that may know about this extraordinary talent, Mr. Harris made a big name for himself in the late-’90s/early-’00s as one half of Thunderpuss, an incredible dance music production duo who cooked up some of the hottest remixes to ever grace headphones and dance floors around the music globe. Harris, along with his Thunderpuss partner, Chris Cox, brought the heat for close to a decade before the duo went their separate ways in the mid-’00s. In our incredible sip-and-spill, the iconic DJ held nothing back, including spilling on what his favorite of all time is, and just what he thinks of today’s dance music-and his answer will certainly surprise you…

Since this week’s daily grooves are giving it up the gym and werkin’ it out, Philly Mixtape can’t think of a better tune to make you sweat on this fine “Must Listen Monday” than the gigantic Thunderpuss remix of Tamia’s “Stranger in my House.” While the smooth, sultry bedroom laced original is also quite tasty, this remix takes it to a fiery strobe-lit level that will get you guys burnin off those consumed calories from the weekend in no time flat. Be sure to stay tuned this week because we’ve also got the music catalog of Ms. Jody Watley making its first appearance in the Philly Mixtape world, and we’ve also got a VERY Britney-licious ‘5 reason why’ on the music horizon. All in a week’s werk! But, for now, we dance…and then some, courtesy of the whirling Thundepuss remix of “Stranger in my House.” Go time! 






Deep House Groove of the Day/Miguel Migs/Meshell Ndegeocello/”What Do You Want”/Deep Salted Vocal Edit

There are many reasons why Philly Mixtape goes in deep with the Miguel Migs salted mix of “What Do You Want,” the UK DJ’s dreamy deep cut featuring the lovely, Meshell Ndegeocello. For one, musically it takes us to the next level of deep house grooves, with its buried synths, feisty groove and shimmering vocals. Two, really, anything DJ Migs touches turns into pure deep gold, with this track just being one of the superstar DJ’s many, many, many deeply delicious cuts, as his latest set, Dim Division, will take you there. To check it out go here

However, the main reason that Mixtape is living for this leather-and-laced numbing number is because of its uplifting lyrics. With the whimsical words, “Live your life,” “Be free” and “Now and then take a look around/Remind myself to stay on solid ground,”strung on top of a deep flowing beat, it’s music truth on a Thursday…and then some. 

Do you what Philly Mixtape wants? For you guys to get down and enjoy this fun, moving, bubbly number….we think you most certainly will.