Summer Groove of the Day/Fifth Harmony/Kid Ink/”Worth It”


It’s time to face the music truth….summer is coming to an end.

But not to worry because as we know, the fall always has the potential to bring the music heat, especially since Ms. Adele and Ms. Janet are poised to make their grand return to diva form in the upcoming months. But before we jump into all that pumpkin spice, the time has come to dive headphones first into the summer 2015 music vault and sort through all of our favorite ditties…

All week long, I will personally be serving up my personal favorites for everyone, and let me tell you, putting this list together might’ve been one of the most difficult music tasks I’ve given myself all summer. But I did manage to narrow it down to 5 sun-kissed sonnets, and if you’ve been following Philly Mixtape these past few months, you should have no problem picking out which summer ’15 scorcher will be in my #1 spot..

Kicking off the list is the bouncy, bubbly “Worth It,” by Fifth Harmony and Kid Ink. With it’s grimy groove, seductive sax sample and funky fierceness provided by the gals of 5H, “Worth It” is not only one of the most tantalizing tunes of the summer, but indeed also the year.

And remember–always own your life like you’re worth it. Because, guess what? You are.