5 Reasons Why We Could All Use (A Little) More Kylie Minogue in Our Lives

If you’ve noticed that the fabulous people in your life are feelin’ a bit more fierce and yaaaas this weekend, it’s because Aussie pop disco diva Kylie Minogue just released her country-kissed fourteenth studio album, Golden, yesterday (tap here) to the delight of headphones all across the globe. 

Well, almost all of them.

Because you see when it comes to the exceptional four-decade career of Ms. Kylie, it’s a tricky one.

As much as she’s regarded across the shimmering as a true disco queen, a legend, an unstoppable force that’s owned every music chart she’s danced and pranced on…..


Well, not so much.

With the exception of a pair of breakthrough Billboard Hot 100 singles (we’ll get to them…calm down, kween) and straight ownership of the Billboard dance charts, the mainstream music market hasn’t been so kind to the iconic groove-filled goddess.

And dare we say…she’s a tad bit underrated over here? Yes, it’s very pearl clutching.

But not to worry, because we now get to revel in all things Mizz Minogue and convince not just those who aren’t on board her caboose, but to those who’ve stepped into her world in the late ’80s and have remained there ever since.

Because at the end of the day, we could all use a little more Kylie Minogue in our everyday lives…and here’s 5 reasons why. 

So, let’s do it and then…let’s dance. 

1.That angelic voice…..Whether on a synth-fully delicious banger (“Get Outta My Way,” “Into the Blue”), punch-y disco romp (“Million Miles,” “Sexy Love), bedroom ready beat (“Fever,” “Sexercize”), classic club anthem (“Your Disco Needs You,” “On A Night Like This”)  or reinvented dance craze (“The Locomotion”), Kylie has a voice that’ll just simply give it to ya and make you lose-it-in-the-music in the most delightful way possible.

On or off the dance floor, of course. 

Although her vocals may not be as brass as Madonna’s or a powerhouse like Adele’s, it’s one that will forever remain purr-fect for those days when you’re feeling happy, sad, feisty, a lil’ kinky, or for when you’re just plain…spinning around. 

2.Because you still do “The Loco-motion” and you still can’t get “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” out of your head…..    Speaking of Kylie’s timeless ’80s floor filler…..admit it…you still do it, Mom and everyone else.

And when it comes to the oh, so ooo-ey, goo-ey goodness of Kylie’s early ’00s breakthrough beat? Well, the title speaks for itself because we still fucking can’t get it out of our heads. But then again, why would we want to? Even almost two decades later, the Cathy Dennis (!!) penned tune still plays out as tempting and delish as the day it was rightfully served into our Minogue music hearts. Respect a little more, please. 

3.All of those delicious videos…..  From the delightful free-flowing love on display in “All the Lovers” to the simply stunning choreo (and those red boots!) in “Get Outta My Way,” from the girl-on-girl-on-girl realness  in “Sexercize” to that white outfit in “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” It’s all here and so, so, so much more in Kylie’s klassic music video vault.  And of course, we just cant’t leave out……any and every look from her late ’80s/early ’90s contributions. Priceless...and they all deserve your attention right….now. 

4.She’s a survivor……    Perhaps the Fever diva’s (go here) biggest feat came in 2007 when she kicked breast cancer’s ass after being diagnosed two years earlier. Although the iconic disco ball destroyer was on a world tour while she received her diagnosis, like a true tour-de-force, she kept on and underwent treatment while on the road.

Although her touring schedule was scaled back a bit, there was no stopping her recovery–and making sure her fans knew she was going to fight this fucking disease. And then it happened….in early 2007, the world rejoiced when it was announced that she was in remission, and soon came her tenth studio album, the dark and daring, X.

Although critics were a bit shady as to why there weren’t more tracks about her cancer battle, but hey, it’s Kylie’s fucking business, right? X not only proved that she didn’t miss a beat while fighting her fight, but that she won the battle and her grooves will go on forever and ever.

Werk, Ms. Minogue, werk. 

5.She’s a fucking legend……  Listen, whether you’re completely obsessed with everything she does, somewhere in the middle, or have no idea who the fuck she even is(let us pray for your music soul..), there’s simply no denying that this pop disco diva is a true legend.

Throw in that undeniable fighting spirit and the fact that she continues the slay for all of us (and will most likely do so long after we’re gone) there’s no better time to bow down and rightfully insert a little more Kylie Minogue into your everyday life. 

So, do it…like now. 


Groove of the Day/Kylie Minogue/”Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

Feel the Fev-ah. 

Yes, Kylie Kween, that’s absolutely what we felt and what we all still feel when it comes to the overseas dance diva’s sensual eighth studio album, Fever, which will be celebrating fifteen years next week since its stateside release. 

While opener, “More More More,” as well as glorious grooves, “Love at First Sight,” “Fragile,” “In Your Eyes,” “Dancefloor” and “Come into My World” still make us werk and serve for our Ms. Minogue lives, it’s today’s groove, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” that indeed, we still can’t get out of our heads or headphones. 

But really, why the f#$k would we want to? 

Still just as light and frothy as it ever was, the saturated-with-sass (and Cathy Dennis penned!) tune is always a fun romp with an equally cheeky accompanying video to boot. 

Or, should we say fancy white stiletto? Yes, Kylie Kween, yas. Now, watch.

That is…if you haven’t already fifty times today. 

This year’s grooves sound like…

Cover photo courtesy of fan 



Track-by-Track Truth/Kylie Minogue/Kylie Christmas

If there’s one thing to understand about the three decade plus music career of Ms. Kylie Minogue, it’s how deliciously underrated it is. Now, if we were to say that thought to anybody in Kylie’s native Australia–and to the rest of the overseas world, for that matter-they would simply laugh in our face. Why? Because across the music pond and beyond, Ms. Minogue has maintained her status as a legendary chart destroying dance diva who has served the masses with an unprecedented amount of strobe-lit hits and grooves that just don’t get out of your head. Over here? Well, with the exception of her ’88 breakthrough smash, “The Loo Motion” and ’02’s classic, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” the disco diva has always struggled to maintain a solid stateside career.It’s hard to figure out why because her music is light, fun, frothy, and full of stomping rhythms that just want to make you move and groove across the dance floor of life, much like her just released Kylie Christmas, which comes through shining brighter than Rudolph’s red nose. 

A sleigh ride ready music romp featuring of mix of new and classic holiday tracks, Ms. Minogue delivers a solid seasonal set complete with plenty of grooves that will get your disco balls mistletoe ready. With big productions and those effervescent strobe lit glows and coos that only Ms. Minogue knows how to deliver (especially on “Oh Santa), each track on the set is sure to make your season bright in one way or another, which is the whole point of a Christmas album, right? 

For some reason, critics haven’t been to kind for Kylie’s latest whirling wonder, but maybe they should musically search a little deeper for the spirit of the holidays, because Kylie Christmas is as close as we’re going to get this year. Now, is Kylie’s whirling holiday opus going to dethrone Ms. Mariah from her owned seasonal perch? Most likely not, but the set only further proves that she’s still got what it takes to deliver the goods. And maybe, just maybe, this album will put the pint-sized starlet a little bit further on the stateside music map. 

Only Kylie time will tell, but for now, deck those headphones dive into the track-by-track of Kylie Christmas below. 

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” 

Yes, it is, especially if we Ms. Kylie around for the holidaze with her take on this timeless tune. 

“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” (w/Frank Sinatra) 

Kylie Minogue and Ol’ Blue Eyes on one track equals Christmas disco queen heaven. 

“Winter Wonderland” 

Not the strongest take on the record, but still a decent listen even if you’re sick of hearing the song already this month. 

“Christmas Wrapping” (w/ Iggy Pop) 

While there’s no way to replicate The Waitress’ mystical presence on the ’80s licked original, Ms. Minogue certainly comes close and brings on the legendary Iggy Pop for the delightful music ride. 

“Only You” (w/ James Corden) 

A very interesting pairing none-the-less, but the two melt together like a snowman in June. 

“I’m Gonna Be Warm This Winter” 

And so will we as long as we have Kylie’s take on the Connie Francis original.  

“Every Day’s Like Christmas”

Strobe-lit Santa heaven. 

“Let It Snow”

With so many more music presents to choose from, it’s easy to want the gift receipt for this one. 

“White December” 

You’ll want to deck your headphones with this festive jam right away. 

“2000 Miles” 


“Santa Baby”

It’s no Eartha Kitt (or Madonna), but still all wrapped up in Kylie, which is just as groovy. 

“Christmas Isn’t Christmas ‘Til You Get Here”

We’ll be right over. 

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” 

Yes, this one’s been done a million times before, but none with that klassic Kylie touch. 

“200 Degrees” (w/ Danni Minogue)

While only on the deluxe version, it’s absolutely worth a listen because you certainly can’t beat two lovely Minogue ladies on one track for the price of one, especially when there’s a disco fireball beneath them.