Groove of the Day/Madonna/”Cherish”

There are many words and phrases that come to mind whenever Madonna’s delightful third Like a Prayer single, “Cherish” gallops (and that it most certainly does) into our headphones–pure pop pleasure, yas, queen, Sean Penn-tastic, just to spill a few. But another word that might come to mind is just how f#$king deliciously underrated the Material Girl’s late ’80s love romp truly, truly is. 

Although it stormed the Billboard charts and grabbed the number two spot when it was released at the top of September all the way back in good ol’ 1989, it’s easy to forget after the world got served with the 1, 2, smack of Like a Prayer‘s righteous title track and the still thunderous, “Express Yourself.”

But if there’s one thing we can certainly take away from “Cherish” was that its accompanying video further proved that Madonna had established herself as a true visual artist, as evident in the Herb Ritts (Rolling Stone, anyone?) helmed clip featuring a pre-“Vogue” diva frolicking on the Malibu beaches with one sexy Mer-family. Brilliant. 

It’s also a perfect way ring in a fantastic Labor Day weekend and then some, because as we know a little classic Material Madge goes a long way, especially this underrated groove. 

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Groove of the Day/The Knocks/”The Feeling”

While we could easily sit and spill all damn disco day long and break mugs about all the reasons why the grooves provided by James “JPatt” Patterson and Ben “DJ B-Roc” Ruttner–aka NYC based retro disco duo The Knocks–will simply take you there, but since that Labor Day life will be taking over in just a few days, we need to just the music play. 

Whether serving up a crisp groove on a sweaty summer dance floor, warming up the chilliest of nights with any one of their slick “bootleg” remixes or working it out with their music bestie Carly Slay Jepsen (that’s what the kids call her, right?), The Knocks hypnotic collection of sugary beats will just make you feel all kinds of “it” all over. 

Their rocked out electro banger “The Feeling” is certainly no exception, coming armed and fabulous with a tantalizing bass line that will get you moving around in your Labor Day weekend bikini-and-stilettos combo in no time flat. 

One romp in the headphones and you’ll certainly understand why. Go.