Another 15 Must Have Grooves for Your Summer 2018 Playlists

To all of those out there who’re already throwing in their beach towels when it comes to summer……..

…..knock it off because the latest and greatest late-summer grooves from Ariana Grande, Janet, Lil’ Kim, Calvin Harris, Black Coffee, Gorgon City, Brooke Evers, Nick Jonas, Alex Aiono and the one, the only….Cher (“SOS,” anybody?) are all right here to persuade you otherwise. 

Let’s boogie like a board. 

Gorgon City/Raphaella/”Kingdom”  In case you’re desperately searching for the proper album to bump to completion from now until Labor Day/the rest of your music lovin’ life, UK beat maestros Gorgon City have got you covered like Banana Boat. Their glorious new album, Escape, is loaded with scrumptious bangers like the one below, which is all of the more reason to dive in now. Oh, and you might want to grab those tickets to witness them take over The Fillmore this fall…because that is what Gorgon City certainly will do. 

Gorgon City/Duke Dumont/Naations/”Real Life”    …..and another one…..

Bishop Briggs/”The Way I Do”(Brooke Evers Remix)    Whole Ms. Briggs’ original fire will continue to own our souls, Ms. Evers just takes that beat and slays with it…listen up. 

Ariana Grande/”Breathin'”    That bounce, tho…and of course the empowering message that we just have to keep f@#king breathin no matter what. Thank you for this one, Mizz Ari. 

Janet/”Made for Now”   Because when Miss Janet tells you to dance….you do exactly that. 

Cher/”SOS”    Have you? Because you ch-ould.

Calvin Harris/Sam Smith/”Promises”    While there’s still many things in life to figure out, what we do know is that we want Mr. Harris’ next full-length record, like, right now…maybe tonight? 

Black Coffee/David Guetta/Delilah Montagu/”Drive”  Every…single…part…of…this. Turn it up. 

Philip George/Dragonette/”Feel This Way”  Okay, so this delicous-ness might have come out all the way back in 2016, but once you experience what it does to you…yes. 

Lil’ Kim/”Nasty One”   Once you have a romp (literally) with the video, you’ll soon realize that the legendary Mizz Queen Bee is indeed..back. 

Weiss/”Feel My Needs” (Purple Disco Machine Remix)   You better press out those bell-bottoms because we’re going straight to the late summer disco with this one, kids. 

Nick Jonas/Robin Schulz/”Right Now”    Just when you thought you were safe, Mr. Jonas done destroys our souls one more time…sigh…

Gorgon City/Kelly Kiara/”Night Drive” What the end of summer sounds and feels like. Now, roll down the windows and just….cruise…..

Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj/”the light is coming”     It sure is. Happy late summer groovin’!