Philly Mixtape Music Tea/ DJ Javascript

Earlier this week, Philly Mixtape spilled music tea with Firefly Festival 2015 performer, singer/songwriter, Le1f. Today, we’re spilling with his other half from the coveted stage, Philly’s own, DJ Javascript….

It’s Saturday at Firefly and our friends went out to grab coffee. We sit outside and pretend to be ready to take on the day. Better known as DJ Javascript, Javas and I have known each other since college days. He was arguably the first one to introduce me to the DJ scene as well as artists like M.I.A. and LCD Soundsystem. Today, he’s no different except that he’s sitting here having the time of his life;having played on one of the festival’s main stages by chance the day before. We discuss his influences, his fears, and the infamous Philly club Scene…

PM – I feel like I met you in the middle of your career. How did you get your start into producing and DJ’ing?
JS – When I came to Philly I spent some time with Plastic Little and a lot of time with Spank Rock. 

PM – I remember those parties at the loft ! I had just moved into the city myself. You were just getting your start. Then a few years later I saw you start to take residences at some of the clubs in the city.
JS – Yup.


PM – You just played one of the main stages at Firefly by chance. Yer a lucky dude. How did you know Le1f and how did that all come together?

JS – Le1f and I lived close by but went to different schools. We knew each other just from our own lifestyle and similar interests. I consider Le1f fashion forward rap. He’s always been ahead of the curve. Real avant garde. He needed someone last minute to run the CDJ’s on stage. I got the call and made my way to the stage that morning. 

PM – What motivates you as an artist in today’s world?
JS – Seeing how young and successful my peers are. It’s a wake up call sometimes. You gotta keep up with the kids and the trends these days.

PM – Any music influences?
JS – In general, the global sound. I never cared for songs in English. Freestyle music, the Miami sound, ’90s old school (but still relevant) DJs.

Javas 5

PM – How do you feel about the club scene in Philly since living there?
JS – It’s extremely approachable but also very real. You have to work hard to achieve anything in the scene there. It’s also too small to hold grudges in. If yer not self confident enough or yer skills don’t set you apart it’s gonna be hard to branch out. Philly’s always been known as a tough city but I like that.

PM – What genre do you consider yourself?
JS – Philly Club. 

Javascript has just been signed to Sea Punk Gang / WEIRD CLUB and you can check his new EP out below and…dog-EE-dog:


Philly Mixtape Music Tea/ Le1f

Sitting in a tent with the air conditioning on us (we’re in the glamping area and yes…I hate the word too) I ask Le1f if he’s ready for an interview. He’s calm and collected after having performed in front of thousands less than an hour ago. My buddy DJ Javascript has just performed with him, reeling from the high, getting us started for another different kind of high. Le1f and I take the time to discuss his experience as a producer and our love for Bjork. It’s his calmness, shyness (not to be confused with his confidence) that carries throughout the time I spent with him on that particularly iconic day:

PM – Where are you from these days?
Le1f – (laughs). I’m from Harlem.

PM –  How was your first Firefly Festival experience?
Le1f – I thought it was very well received.


PM – How did you get your start as an entertainer?
Le1f – I was a child dancer. Went to a prep academy which also helped shape me as an artist.

PM – And you produce too?
Le1f –  Yes. I started in Fruity Loops like some of my peers in the computer labs at school, then transitioned into Logic and making my own sounds. I collaborated a lot with Boody where we tried to have a different process for every song. Javas (Javascript) and I have known each other since we were in the same town.

PM –  Who have been some of your biggest influences shaping you as an artist today?
Le1f – Emotions in art and in music. And art. Especially art. Don’t forget art.

PM – You do seem very in tune with you surroundings and projection as an artist. That’s a rare gift to have and even more rare to see these days. What about artists?
Le1f –  Aaliyah and most definitely Bjork.

PM –  I actually went to the Bjork exhibit at MoMa in New York. Fell in love with the experience sitting there in the theater with everyone watching her music videos. It was so cool.
Le1f – I loved that as well…those couches in the theater, it was like a playpen. I love her outfits in those videos. Every one of them are so different.


PM –  What have you been most excited about being here other than performing at Firefly?
Le1f –  My friends. Bear Hands and Lizzo. I’m really excited to see them perfom.

PM – So what can we expect from you next?
Le1f –  Clarity in my vocals.