5 Reasons Why We Could All Use (A Little) More Kylie Minogue in Our Lives

If you’ve noticed that the fabulous people in your life are feelin’ a bit more fierce and yaaaas this weekend, it’s because Aussie pop disco diva Kylie Minogue just released her country-kissed fourteenth studio album, Golden, yesterday (tap here) to the delight of headphones all across the globe. 

Well, almost all of them.

Because you see when it comes to the exceptional four-decade career of Ms. Kylie, it’s a tricky one.

As much as she’s regarded across the shimmering as a true disco queen, a legend, an unstoppable force that’s owned every music chart she’s danced and pranced on…..


Well, not so much.

With the exception of a pair of breakthrough Billboard Hot 100 singles (we’ll get to them…calm down, kween) and straight ownership of the Billboard dance charts, the mainstream music market hasn’t been so kind to the iconic groove-filled goddess.

And dare we say…she’s a tad bit underrated over here? Yes, it’s very pearl clutching.

But not to worry, because we now get to revel in all things Mizz Minogue and convince not just those who aren’t on board her caboose, but to those who’ve stepped into her world in the late ’80s and have remained there ever since.

Because at the end of the day, we could all use a little more Kylie Minogue in our everyday lives…and here’s 5 reasons why. 

So, let’s do it and then…let’s dance. 

1.That angelic voice…..Whether on a synth-fully delicious banger (“Get Outta My Way,” “Into the Blue”), punch-y disco romp (“Million Miles,” “Sexy Love), bedroom ready beat (“Fever,” “Sexercize”), classic club anthem (“Your Disco Needs You,” “On A Night Like This”)  or reinvented dance craze (“The Locomotion”), Kylie has a voice that’ll just simply give it to ya and make you lose-it-in-the-music in the most delightful way possible.

On or off the dance floor, of course. 

Although her vocals may not be as brass as Madonna’s or a powerhouse like Adele’s, it’s one that will forever remain purr-fect for those days when you’re feeling happy, sad, feisty, a lil’ kinky, or for when you’re just plain…spinning around. 

2.Because you still do “The Loco-motion” and you still can’t get “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” out of your head…..    Speaking of Kylie’s timeless ’80s floor filler…..admit it…you still do it, Mom and everyone else.

And when it comes to the oh, so ooo-ey, goo-ey goodness of Kylie’s early ’00s breakthrough beat? Well, the title speaks for itself because we still fucking can’t get it out of our heads. But then again, why would we want to? Even almost two decades later, the Cathy Dennis (!!) penned tune still plays out as tempting and delish as the day it was rightfully served into our Minogue music hearts. Respect a little more, please. 

3.All of those delicious videos…..  From the delightful free-flowing love on display in “All the Lovers” to the simply stunning choreo (and those red boots!) in “Get Outta My Way,” from the girl-on-girl-on-girl realness  in “Sexercize” to that white outfit in “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” It’s all here and so, so, so much more in Kylie’s klassic music video vault.  And of course, we just cant’t leave out……any and every look from her late ’80s/early ’90s contributions. Priceless...and they all deserve your attention right….now. 

4.She’s a survivor……    Perhaps the Fever diva’s (go here) biggest feat came in 2007 when she kicked breast cancer’s ass after being diagnosed two years earlier. Although the iconic disco ball destroyer was on a world tour while she received her diagnosis, like a true tour-de-force, she kept on and underwent treatment while on the road.

Although her touring schedule was scaled back a bit, there was no stopping her recovery–and making sure her fans knew she was going to fight this fucking disease. And then it happened….in early 2007, the world rejoiced when it was announced that she was in remission, and soon came her tenth studio album, the dark and daring, X.

Although critics were a bit shady as to why there weren’t more tracks about her cancer battle, but hey, it’s Kylie’s fucking business, right? X not only proved that she didn’t miss a beat while fighting her fight, but that she won the battle and her grooves will go on forever and ever.

Werk, Ms. Minogue, werk. 

5.She’s a fucking legend……  Listen, whether you’re completely obsessed with everything she does, somewhere in the middle, or have no idea who the fuck she even is(let us pray for your music soul..), there’s simply no denying that this pop disco diva is a true legend.

Throw in that undeniable fighting spirit and the fact that she continues the slay for all of us (and will most likely do so long after we’re gone) there’s no better time to bow down and rightfully insert a little more Kylie Minogue into your everyday life. 

So, do it…like now. 


15 Events Worth Your Philly Entertainment While This Week & Beyond

Feeling a bit cray after the loooong, hot holiday weekend?

No need to go all Britney-in-07 just yet, because this week Philly will be hosting a whole lot of fabulous drag queens, get to harmonizing with Bone Thugs, go picnicking with The Roots and be serving up many, many more events that will have you checking your June purses for your local and legendary entertainment lives. 

Also, this week will be your last chance to see the fabulous Bella Cane and the delightfully ratchet Ms. Pissi Myles in a hilarious adaptation of Charles Busch’s Psycho Beach Party, and the fact that it’s already Tuesday means that you should’ve had it all figured out by now, so get your planning on right….now. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke/All Over Philly Now that summer has unofficially arrived, it’s time to belt out some of your favorite warm weathered jamz, so get out there and lend your vocal chords to Philly’s only karaoke queen, the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr, all week and weekend long as she rightfully owns your song butchering lives with her extensive selection of tracks from her esteemed Sing Your Life Karaoke collection. You can catch her on any one of these nights tending to every single one of your Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff “Summertime” needs. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2, Sarah’s Place, 1216 N. 29th Street Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.

Monarch Philly/All Summer Long By now, you’ve sampled just about everything Philly’s hottest swim club has to offer, and now Monarch Philly is more than ready to help you get your summer ’16 life in check. Head to their official website right here for all of the sun-kissed truth you can handle. 

HoneyWolf Productions Presents Full Front Street/Every Monday Served up at The Victoria Freehouse and hosted by Philly Burlesque beauty, HoneyTree EvilEye, Philly’s only weekly Burlesque show is all sorts of tasseled up and guaranteed to get you more than ready for the week ahead. 

Sister Act:The Musical/Now through July 17th Because where would be in our lives without this delightful montage from the ’92 original featuring lots of Kathy Najimy and C+C Music Factory’s “Just a Touch of Love?” Absolutely nowhere, so head to the Walnut Street Theatre‘s website right now and get your Dolores Van Cartier life…you know you want to. 

Rupaul’s Battle of the Seasons Extravaganza/Tonight No explanation needed since every kween in the tristate area will be heading to the TLA tonight to witness…all of what’s about to go down. 

Psycho Beach Party starring Bella Cane & Pissi Myles/Tonight through June 5th Wednesday….Thursday….Friday…Saturday….Sunday. Those are the only days you have left to see ridiculously talented local drag diva Pissi Myles slay alongside the equally incredible Bella Cane as they team up to serve you with their side-splitting take on Charles Busch’s camp classic, Psycho Beach Party at Walnut Street Theatre’s Studio 5. However, you (yaaaas, you) better hurry, because those tickets are flying out the door faster than your last Grind’r hookup. 

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/Crossroads 20th Anniversary Party/June 2nd Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone.” Enough said. 

Franky’s Foxes/June 3rd Your favorite local drag goddesses-Zsa Zsa St. James, Iris Spectre, Ms. Karma, Omyra Lynn, Maria TopCatt, Ann Artist and Lady Poison–are once again about to chantay out of their foxholes this Friday night at Franky Bradley‘s for an evening of f#$king fierce entertainment, all while DJ Chris Urban gets you more right than J.Lo in 2005. 

Night Flight/June 3rd Guess what, kids? Your favorite gayborhood DJ, Mr. Carl Michaels is turning, um, 21 this weekend and he wants you to join him at Club Moussai along with your hostesses, Satine Harlow and Brittany Lynn, all while he spins out the deepest grooves this side of house music heaven. 

Bearlesque Presents Nickelodeon/June 3rd Get ready, Ms. Grande, because your favorite stripping bears are back at it again, and for this fuzzy, f#$kable go around, the red-hot cast will be slaying numbers as their favorite Nickelodeon characters. So, if you want to know what Ms. Amanda Bynes or Ms. Angelica Pickles have been up to these days, head to Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar this Friday night for all of the “You Can’t Do That on Television” debauchery.

Philly Beer Week BBQ Broads, Beers and Queens/June 4th Join your hostess with the absolute mostest, The Goddess Isis, alongside Pissi Myles, Ariel Versace, Omyra Lynn, Sapphira Cristal and Mary D’Knight at Smokin Betty’s for an evening celebrating some of the fiercest women in the beer industry. Along with a Tower Take Over of diva inspired drafts, proceeds will benefit the William Way Center, plus you’ll get a chance to meet the broads behind the brews and the performing queens…and we all know a little local drag love is always a good idea. 

The Roots Picnic/June 4th With a stand out line up that includes Usher, Future, Kaytranada, Leon Bridges, Willow Smith, DMX and of course, The Roots, why wouldn’t you want to head to Festival Pier this Saturday to get lost in all that sweet music love? Yes, that was a question. Go. 

Honeygasm Sunday/June 5th With a line-up that includes Philly Burlesque superstars Gemini Rose, Margot Starlux, May Day and your curator, the ferocious HoneyTree Evil Eye, Franky Bradley’s is the place to be this Sunday night for a show that is just as much entertaining as it is sticky and oh, so sensual. 

Positano Coast Industry Night/June 6th Since Mondays are like Fridays for pretty much everyone in the Philly service industry, you’ll absolutely want to join DJ Chris Urban as he serves up all the grooves you’ll want to hear (accompanied by some fabulous drink specials) as you let your hair down and be, like a normal person for one fabulous evening you’ll never forget. 

Slay ‘N Play/July How the f#$k did an event for July get on this list? New Emily is so getting fired. #staytunedkids 

Listen to Music/Everyday/ Because, why the fuck wouldn’t you? 




15 Philly Events Worth Your Entertainment While in May

I know I sound like a broken record, but I know I can speak for everyone when I say…..what the f#$k is up with weather? Seriously, Does anyone remember when the last time the sun was out for more than a two-day stretch? Anyone? That’s because “No” like Ms. Trainor…it just hasn’t happened recently. 

However, much like those lightly soaked runners and spectators experienced during last weekend’s Broad Street Run, Philly certainly lives that #RainorShine life, so no matter what kind of Britney “Stronger” video weather we’re faced with, the show (and life) must go on. Meaning we must (once again) ignore this week’s forecast and continue on with the local and legendary Spring entertainment slay. 

With a fabulous mix of events that includes the launch of The Tea Philly, the third annual South Street Music Festival and all the Monarch Philly truth you can handle, it’s going to be quite a glorious first weekend and beyond in May in Philly.  If that’s not enough Spring heat for you, Franky Bradley’s sizzling local drag troupe, Franky’s Foxes, will be serving up a 6 inch worthy one year  anniversary show tonight that is aiming to pollinate your local drag flower and have its foxy way with you…..and it all starts 

Sing Your Life Karaoke/Everywhere Now that the Spring has finally sprung, it’s all the more reason to bust out in a little tune, so get out there and lend your vocal chords to Philly’s only karaoke queen, the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr, all week and weekend long as she rightfully owns your song butchering lives with her extensive selection of tracks from her esteemed Sing Your Life Karaoke collection. You can catch her on any one of these nights tending to every single one of your Alannah Myles “Black Velvet” needs. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2, Sarah’s Place, 1216 N. 29th Street Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.

The Tea Philly/Every Monday in May So, got things on your mind like love, sex, life, and like, other stuff? Then download the TuneIn app (go here for more, um, tea on The Tea) and link it up to The Daily Grind Radio to listen to The Tea Philly, a fabulous new Philly podcast show that has one goal and one goal only–to help you get into complete lyfe formation.

Join moderator, director and producer Mansa Jaiye along with his esteemed co-hosts, Miguel Andrare and Brandon Gommer as they gather to discuss all of it while serving up all the truth you’ll want hear while getting through the fabulously frustrating thing we call…life. Plus, they’ll absolutely help you find your true inner diva and having living you that Red Lobster life in no time flat. Ready, set, spill. 

Monarch Philly/All Summer Long The pool–and so much more–are now open for your summer ’16 pleasure, so head to Monarch Philly’s site right now for all of the eat, drink and swim truth your bikini-and-stilletos readied up self can handle. 

Franky’s Foxes One Year Anniversary Show/May 6th Hard to believe, but it’s already been an entire year since Franky Bradley’s served up their one-of-a-kind local drag troupe, who in that oh, so short time (because in today’s cray life it really is) have become a name, a brand, a business, a slay that will forever be Philly’s very own……Franky’s Foxes

So, you can absolutely bet that Lady Poison, Omyra Lynn, Ms. Karma, Zsa Zsa St. James, Iris Spectre, Maria Top Catt, as well as “Momma Fox,” Nicole Fatima and “Daddy Fox,” Dave Morreale are more than ready to serve up a one year show that you (yas, you) will never never forget. It will also be Mr. Daddy’s B’Day celebration, and a few of the fine gentlemen from FB’s red-hot all male dance troupe Bradley’s Bucks may or may not be (they are) stopping by to deliver a special performance, all while the oh, so studly DJ Chris Urban gets you more right than J.Lo in 2005. Enough said. Be there…but first you must check this out. 

The Naked Magic Show/May 6th After you watch the clip posted below for what’s sure to be a manly, magical Philly event, the only thing you’ll be doing is heading straight to The Kimmel Center’s website and searching for those tickets as fast as you can.

Cedric Gervais/May 6th If you want to live that “Summertime Sadness” life before the first day of Memorial Day weekend, then you must head to Coda on Friday night to hang out with frequent Philly DJ Cedric Gervais in all of his electric dance music glory.

Bearlesque Does Divas/May 6th What could be better than seeing your favorite fuzzy bears from Josh Schonewolf’s Burlesque troupe shakin their tails to the likes of tracks by Gaga, Britney and Whitney? Absolutely nothing, so get your ass to Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar on Friday night and get into the furry groove. It’s also their three year anniversary show, so you know it’s really going to be…something

South Street Spring Festival/May 7th 40 bands rockin’ it outside plus 30 restaurants owning your taste buds mixed with 125 shops and boutiques catering to your Spring style needs equals a big ol’ Philly yaaaas to this event. For much more on this gathering that’s quickly become a Philly staple, step it on up go right here. And for much more South Street Festival tea (including what’s up with that Philly Taco Contest?), Philly Mixtape has your complete guide to this year’s par-tay right here. 

Glitter & Garbage/May 7th Okay, kids here’s the story according to this truly one-of-kind Philly event’s Facebook page….Divine (yes, that Divine) and Liza Minelli had a baby. That baby grew up with a taste for Green Chartreuse, Glitter, Punk Rock and Lounge Singers. Somebody gave that baby a cabaret residency at L’etage and that baby’s name is Shannon Turner, who along with the fabulous Kevin Lutz on Keys is more than ready to bring you round three of her sexy cabaret show. Only this time, she’ll have the fabulous Bev and Philly Burlesque beauty Honeytree EvilEye by her glitter slaying side…get ready.

Foreigner/May 7th Because you still want to know what the f#$k love is….and you just might find out when the ’80s rock/dentist offices legends take over the Borgata this weekend. 

Justin Bieber/May 7th & 8th If there’s one concert this year you and your mom absolutely can’t wait for in time for Mother’s Day weekend, it’s Mr. Biebs long-awaited live music comeback. With a production value that’s expected to rocket sky-high, it looks as if the “Sorry,” “What Do You Mean,” and “Love Yourself” um, badass crooner is aiming for the big time with his upcoming Purpose World Tour stop at the Wells Fargo Center that will be taking over Philly all…weekend…long. 

Dj Chris Urban at City Tap House Logan/May 8th Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, why not lose yourself in the grooves provided by one of Philly’s hottest DJs while getting lost in a fabulous brunch, beer and bubbly menu that will have you and Mom living it up to the very fullest. 

Psycho Beach Party starring Bella Cane/May 21st-June 5th Okay, so this gender bending mind fuck of a local drag extravaganza may not be taking our lives for a few more weeks, but tickets will be going faster than a wig snatching on Drag Race, and with a cast that also includes (sometimes) gracious local drag goddess, Ms. Pissi Myles, you need to get your shit together, Carol, and head to the show’s official Facebook page for all the, um, big D’s….now. 

“Not Your Basic” Brunch/Summer Send Off Edition/May 22nd As we’ve seen with the first two rounds of Pennsylvania 6’s red-hot event is that those tables will fill up quickly, so if you want that bubbly brunch kissed werk so hot it’ll melt your Sunday Funday popsicle, get those giant beach balls ready and head right here….right now.