Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Madonna/”Living For Love”/Erick Morillo Remix

As we ALL know, Madonna’s thirteenth album, ‘Rebel Heart’ hits headphones all over the music world today, so to commemorate the occasion, Philly Mixtape has whipped up a lil’ something special for our beloved Material Girl. While you guys won’t find an official ‘Rebel” album review here(me thinks that ship has sailed), you will find Ms. Madonna all up in the Mixtape for the rest of the week. Starting off, we will be kickstarting things off today with the bubbling Erick Morillo remix of her dance floor destroying hit, “Living For Love.” I’m going to admit, there haven’t been a lot of remixes of “Love” that have hit my music “G” spot, but Mr. Morillo’s certainly comes close. With its funkdafied flow and deep house groove, it’s the perfect kickstarter for your Tuesday. Also kids, be sure to check the page later today for a very special Madonna piece that will also introduce a new column into the Philly Mixtape world. Trust me, you’ll want to get lost in the Mixtape for this one…




Madonna Unleashes ‘Living For Love’ Video

Yesterday, Madonna debuted the clip for ‘Rebel Heart’ lead single, “Living For Love,” via the picture messaging app, Snapchat. The explosive video features Madge looking proper and polished as a matador (References to her mid-’90s clips, “Take a Bow” and “You’ll See,” all day.), while battling a man dressed all up in bull among a flurry of dazzling dancers decked out in black costumes. The S&M-ish video, which was directed by French duo, Julien Choquart and Camille Hirigoyen, picks up on the song’s “fuck-you-I’m-living-now” lyrics, while at the same time, cruises along to contrast the bouncy feel of the tune. It’s been announced that the video for “Love” will remain on Snapchat until it makes its official debut on Vevo later today.

While the clip is visually intriguing, the very last few seconds of are a bit of a head scratcher. Why, you ask? Well, much like the ending of the video for her bomb of her ‘MDNA’single, “Gimme All Your Lovin,’ Madge once again has cheers thrown in and delivered her way. I mean, it’s bad enough she did it for that video, but, to do it again? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. You guys can decide by diving into “Living For Love” below. For more Madonna, be sure to watch her hit the Grammy stage this Sunday and then at the Brit awards on Feb 26th. Happy Friday!

To dive into “Living For Love,” go right here.