• Mother’s Day Weekend Entertainment Mixtape

    Lots of rain tomorrow and lots of “I Love You, Mom’s” on Sunday.  Let’s Mother’s Day Weekend and make those plans full of love for Mom.  BB & T Pavilion From tonight’s Future:Nobody’s Safe tour stop to this weekend’s Radio 104.5 Lawn Jawn (day two is sold out) starring Bastille, Empire of the Sun, The

  • Weekend (& Beyond) Entertainment Mixtape

    No matter what happens with anything…the show must go on, especially when it comes to this feast of local entertainment spectacles starring fierce local talent from all over the shenanigans map. Let’s weekend and stuff. Sing Your Life Karaoke Since now’s a good of a time as any to sing it all out at your angst’s

  • Weekend Entertainment Mixtape

    There’s really nothing to say here except let’s weekend as if our next weekend lives depend on it, gurl. Sing Your Life Karaoke Like Ms. Michelle Branch, Sing Your Life Karaoke songstress Sara Sherr is indeed everywhere in Philly and always serving you song butchering life at any one of these fabulous locations. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509

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