Groove of the Evening/Marian Hill/”Got It”

Tomorrow night, Philly’s own Marian Hill are set to take a sax-y hold of the stage at Union Transfer, and anyone that’s familiar with this dynamic duo knows that they’ve simply, um, got it when it comes to putting on a performance that’s guaranteed to blow your local music mind.

Before they get back down to their hometown roots, the oh, so busy tantalizing twosome took time of out of their bonkers touring schedule in promotion for their freshman record, Act One (and fresh it most certainly is...go here to listen), to take a seat at Philly Mixtape’s music tea table, but since they like to tease you with their one-of-a-kind flow, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to break some mugs with this fine-tuned local pairing.

So for now, sit back, relax and press all sorts of play on their gummy groove “Got It” because it simply has it. After just one romp, you’ll certainly know why.

Now, get those tickets.

This month’s grooves sound like…


Rewerk Wednesday/Kaskade

Born and raised in Chicago, world-renowned DJ and dance music producer Kaskade eventually found a musical home in San Francisco, with stops in Salt Lake City and New York along the way. One of the hardest-working music moguls in the San Francisco house music scene, he’s certainly known as Kaskade all around the music globe, but for many dance music moguls he’s known as Ryan Raddon, A&R director for OM Records. As an A&R music pimp, Mr. Raddon helped launch the careers of many artists, including Ming + FS and seductive soul-house act Soulstice.

Having a knack for familiarizing himself with the rapidly changing electronic music scene no matter where his dance music path took him, Kaskade found that house beats were what he loved best. First starting out as a DJ in New York and Salt Lake City clubs, it wasn’t until the end of his stay in Salt Lake City that his first attempts to produce tracks were released on his own underground label, Mechanized Records. It was also during his about-to-break time that he also sold a few tracks to Chris Smith, A&R director for an up-and-coming house label in San Francisco. This move ended up being a smart one for Raddon because family matters initiated his move to San Francisco where Smith hired Raddon to assist him at the label, which was, you guessed it, OM Records. 

Taking us into his shimmering, swirling, strobe-lit dance music world in 2003 with his first full-length, house-kissed set, It’s You, It’s Me, Kaskade would continue to serve up a string of shimmer with follow-up records, In the Moment (’04), Love Mysterious (’06)  and Strobelite Seduction (’08), which are laced with such Kaskade klassics as “Step One Two,” “Move for Me” and “Stars Align.” 2010’s Dynasty took Kaskade to the next levels of DJ-dom, this time he linked up with Tiesto for a set that proved to be chart and dance floor shattering wonder, especially the blazers, “Fire in Your New Shoes” and “Only You.” The DJ also cooked up the Electric Daisy Carnival, a glittering mix of dance artists on a blistering bill for an inaugural one-of-a-kind dance-music festival of the same name. 

While his last buffet of beats, including 2013’s Atmosphere and his latest hot-to-headphones set, Automatic, play out as a more subdued dance music romp, Kaskade still proves he’s got what it takes when it comes to serving us on the floor and in the music bedroom, particularly in Automatic tracks, “Promise” with K. Flay, his collaboration with the extraordinary John Dahlback, “A Little More,” and “Day Trippin” with everyone’s favorite “American Boy” UK diva, Ms, Estelle. 

For those who are attending Kaskade’s dance music spectacle at The Fillmore this Friday night, you’re in for a real dance music treat that will most likely stay with you for a very long time, because that’s indeed what this extraordinary DJ does best. 


Review:Bradley’s Bucks Brought the Local Dance Heat to Franky Bradley’s Last Night

There are certainly many words that I can come up with to describe the dazzling Bradley’s Bucks dance spectacle that took place at Franky Bradley’s last night, but one word that I will absolutely use is “fun.” 

Last night, up-and-coming Philly hotspot Franky Bradley’s served us with another tantalizing troupe (the first being the fierce Franky’s Foxes), this time with a herd of five local dancing gentlemen (get to know them right here) who not only put on a show that was all wrapped up (literally) in their individual locally trained dance strengths, but stampeded out as a fun slice of local entertainment truth that kept the packed audience bucking for more.

Marching in dressed in black with sheer stockings masking their adorable faces, the Bucks entered by working it out to an industrial strength disco groove (hey Bucks DJ Chris Urban, I need that track in my music life), burning the audience one-by-one with their solo strides as well as creating a sense of team work that was about to be on full display. Keeping on, the boys mixed, matched and bungeed their way across the stage, performing to anything from a spiritual groove to a doo wop flow. Remember Louis Prima’s classic ’50s tune, “Just A Gigalo/Ain’t Got Nobody?” Both classics were alive and well on the Bucks stage last night, as was so much more. 

But as much as the gentlemen were an entertainment force to be reckoned with, the ladies laced throughout the evening also held their own to the destructive dance sequences that were happening around them. Your host for the evening, the fucking hilarious Christa D’Agger, simply owned the night with her spot on comedy routines, impromptu performance of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” and eventually delightfully serving us with a subpoena happy character named “No Nonsense Susan.” By the way, why isn’t this incredible local comedic talent on Saturday Night Live? Like, seriously…

Also in the groovy mix were two of Franky’s Foxes–Ms. Zsa Zsa St. James and Ms. Iris Spectre–who worked it like Missy to Neon Jungle’s bubbly electro pop groove, “Braveheart,” all while serving us with fierce faces, oh, so high heels and well crafted choreography that remained on point throughout the whole performance. Chantay, both you fabulous gals owned the Bucks stage last night. 

However, let’s talk about how the ending of this sexy spectacle, um, went down. Besides the fact that by this point all of the Bucks were in tight black boxer briefs, they stormed the stage together with bar stools in antlers and you could tell the guys were simulating truly loving themselves up there while spraying the stage down with…silly string…lots and lots of silly string. You could probably get the visual of just what the Bucks were doing–now, picture it being set to Mozart’s “Serenade in G Major.” Yes. 

Last night’s extraordinary local dance display not only proves that Bradley’s Bucks certainly know how to work hard, but know how to play hard as well-and that’s the sexiest part of it all. 

Make sure you get to their next stampeding dance set that will take place on Thursday, November 15th at Franky Bradley’s–you don’t want to miss it.