15 Events Worth Your Philly Entertainment While This Week & Beyond

Feeling a bit cray after the loooong, hot holiday weekend?

No need to go all Britney-in-07 just yet, because this week Philly will be hosting a whole lot of fabulous drag queens, get to harmonizing with Bone Thugs, go picnicking with The Roots and be serving up many, many more events that will have you checking your June purses for your local and legendary entertainment lives. 

Also, this week will be your last chance to see the fabulous Bella Cane and the delightfully ratchet Ms. Pissi Myles in a hilarious adaptation of Charles Busch’s Psycho Beach Party, and the fact that it’s already Tuesday means that you should’ve had it all figured out by now, so get your planning on right….now. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke/All Over Philly Now that summer has unofficially arrived, it’s time to belt out some of your favorite warm weathered jamz, so get out there and lend your vocal chords to Philly’s only karaoke queen, the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr, all week and weekend long as she rightfully owns your song butchering lives with her extensive selection of tracks from her esteemed Sing Your Life Karaoke collection. You can catch her on any one of these nights tending to every single one of your Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff “Summertime” needs. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2, Sarah’s Place, 1216 N. 29th Street Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.

Monarch Philly/All Summer Long By now, you’ve sampled just about everything Philly’s hottest swim club has to offer, and now Monarch Philly is more than ready to help you get your summer ’16 life in check. Head to their official website right here for all of the sun-kissed truth you can handle. 

HoneyWolf Productions Presents Full Front Street/Every Monday Served up at The Victoria Freehouse and hosted by Philly Burlesque beauty, HoneyTree EvilEye, Philly’s only weekly Burlesque show is all sorts of tasseled up and guaranteed to get you more than ready for the week ahead. 

Sister Act:The Musical/Now through July 17th Because where would be in our lives without this delightful montage from the ’92 original featuring lots of Kathy Najimy and C+C Music Factory’s “Just a Touch of Love?” Absolutely nowhere, so head to the Walnut Street Theatre‘s website right now and get your Dolores Van Cartier life…you know you want to. 

Rupaul’s Battle of the Seasons Extravaganza/Tonight No explanation needed since every kween in the tristate area will be heading to the TLA tonight to witness…all of what’s about to go down. 

Psycho Beach Party starring Bella Cane & Pissi Myles/Tonight through June 5th Wednesday….Thursday….Friday…Saturday….Sunday. Those are the only days you have left to see ridiculously talented local drag diva Pissi Myles slay alongside the equally incredible Bella Cane as they team up to serve you with their side-splitting take on Charles Busch’s camp classic, Psycho Beach Party at Walnut Street Theatre’s Studio 5. However, you (yaaaas, you) better hurry, because those tickets are flying out the door faster than your last Grind’r hookup. 

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/Crossroads 20th Anniversary Party/June 2nd Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone.” Enough said. 

Franky’s Foxes/June 3rd Your favorite local drag goddesses-Zsa Zsa St. James, Iris Spectre, Ms. Karma, Omyra Lynn, Maria TopCatt, Ann Artist and Lady Poison–are once again about to chantay out of their foxholes this Friday night at Franky Bradley‘s for an evening of f#$king fierce entertainment, all while DJ Chris Urban gets you more right than J.Lo in 2005. 

Night Flight/June 3rd Guess what, kids? Your favorite gayborhood DJ, Mr. Carl Michaels is turning, um, 21 this weekend and he wants you to join him at Club Moussai along with your hostesses, Satine Harlow and Brittany Lynn, all while he spins out the deepest grooves this side of house music heaven. 

Bearlesque Presents Nickelodeon/June 3rd Get ready, Ms. Grande, because your favorite stripping bears are back at it again, and for this fuzzy, f#$kable go around, the red-hot cast will be slaying numbers as their favorite Nickelodeon characters. So, if you want to know what Ms. Amanda Bynes or Ms. Angelica Pickles have been up to these days, head to Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar this Friday night for all of the “You Can’t Do That on Television” debauchery.

Philly Beer Week BBQ Broads, Beers and Queens/June 4th Join your hostess with the absolute mostest, The Goddess Isis, alongside Pissi Myles, Ariel Versace, Omyra Lynn, Sapphira Cristal and Mary D’Knight at Smokin Betty’s for an evening celebrating some of the fiercest women in the beer industry. Along with a Tower Take Over of diva inspired drafts, proceeds will benefit the William Way Center, plus you’ll get a chance to meet the broads behind the brews and the performing queens…and we all know a little local drag love is always a good idea. 

The Roots Picnic/June 4th With a stand out line up that includes Usher, Future, Kaytranada, Leon Bridges, Willow Smith, DMX and of course, The Roots, why wouldn’t you want to head to Festival Pier this Saturday to get lost in all that sweet music love? Yes, that was a question. Go. 

Honeygasm Sunday/June 5th With a line-up that includes Philly Burlesque superstars Gemini Rose, Margot Starlux, May Day and your curator, the ferocious HoneyTree Evil Eye, Franky Bradley’s is the place to be this Sunday night for a show that is just as much entertaining as it is sticky and oh, so sensual. 

Positano Coast Industry Night/June 6th Since Mondays are like Fridays for pretty much everyone in the Philly service industry, you’ll absolutely want to join DJ Chris Urban as he serves up all the grooves you’ll want to hear (accompanied by some fabulous drink specials) as you let your hair down and be, like a normal person for one fabulous evening you’ll never forget. 

Slay ‘N Play/July How the f#$k did an event for July get on this list? New Emily is so getting fired. #staytunedkids 

Listen to Music/Everyday/ Because, why the fuck wouldn’t you? 




Jam of the Day/Nelly Furtado/”Afraid”

Ask any creative person and they’ll tell you that there’s noting better than the confidence that surges from getting out there and owning your craft on a daily basis. However, every once in a dreaded while that confidence can get a little off base, and when that happens there’s nothing worse than that feeling. It can make you feel out of touch with the craft, make your slay vulnerable, and worst of all, it can make you feel like you’re not good enough for the world outside of your creative life. There’s no need to argue that it’s the worst god damn feeling in the fucking world.

I have no shame in a buffet of plenty of pride in spilling  that I’ve lost my confidence with it all recently, but even just breaking mugs about it with y’all now it now makes me feel that I’m taking the right steps in getting it all back. And If you’re a creative person out there in Philly and beyond whose reading this right now and are too proud to admit you’ve been through “the struggle,” you’re only fucking kidding yourself in not admitting it, because once you realize the depths of your creative despair, it marks the true start of your journey. Those reasons as to why you began this will come flooding back and that creative fire will begin to shine brighter than RiRi’s diamonds.

Another thing you must remember is that nothing worth having comes easy, but if it’s bitter at the start, it’s always sweeter in the end and always that much worth it. You just have to own your light and don’t ever be afraid to show your creative colors whether they are with you on the brightest of days or fucking with your head on those dark-and-twisty days, they’re yours and no one can ever take them away from you.

So get out there and own it all, bitch…meaning you, me and most importantly….you. 





Songbird Spillage/Broadway Week

Broadway or Bust….turns out to be the later. With more twists, turns, highs, and lows than a Rocky Mountain highway, last night’s show was more Broadway flop than Broadway showstopper.

Yes, I’m back! After a 2 week hiatus I sat at the table as a clean slate, well rested, and with fresh eyes on the contestants.
And so I ask….What the hell happened while I was away?! Frontrunners in the bottom 3, lackluster performances, and almost everyone trying to be something they are not. Is it the mid-competition blues? Is it the lure of the Great White Way tempting people to stray? I don’t know and I don’t care….time to steer this ship back on course!

We opened with perennial favorite, Larisa Bunch, slaying “I’ll Cover Your (Reprise)” from RENT. Moving the crowd to join in as a fierce back-up chorus, Bunch showed all the performers how it should be done. Did you miss it? Well, you can still catch her at the Haddonfield Ritz’s production of RENT as Joanne.

Last week’s puzzling bottom 3, Tait Gehman, Keely, and De’Soul took to the stage to learn of their fate. Tait took the crowd vote leaving De’Soul to go up against powerhouse Keely, which almost seemed unfair. Singing “Sail,” Keely once again proved that she is not going anywhere anytime soon and then De’Soul did something wonderful. With a look in his eye that showed he was well aware of what was to come, De’Soul delivered the swan song of the century, Whitney Huston’s “I Look to You.” With lyrics that matched perfectly to his journey in this competition, I could not help but get a little choked up. Although we said farewell, I am still so very proud of how far he has come as a performer. Seeing a singer breakout of their shell and start to truly blossom on stage is the greatest joy that a judge/mentor can have. We were all very hard on him this season because we truly believe in his talent and soaring voice. I can’t wait to see what De’Soul will do next (and I hope you are reading this De’Soul….you are wonderful!)

Ok- now on to the show. Jesse Braff did a fantastic job with “The World Goes Round” from New York New York, a song well-known through its performance by Liza Minnelli. A solid way to start. Rob Anthony attempted “Let Me Be Your Star,” a delightful little ditty from Broadway-adjacent TV show and One-Night event SMASH. Swing and a miss! With the Broadway genre now spanning many decades and countless styles, I just can’t understand why performers can’t find the right song. Anything from Rock of Ages, We Will Rock You, In The Heights, etc would have been ideal….but he goes for SMASH. Tait Gehman, fresh off his save, boosted up the energy with “I’m Alive” from Next to Normal. A solid “good” on this one. Dan Callahan continued to be a shining star, as he should be with this week’s theme, when he absolutely blew us out of the water with “As Long as He Needs Me” from Oliver. Still and poised with every last ounce of emotion radiating from his face, Dan gave a pitch perfect, technically astounding, silky smooth performance that would make Judy Garland or Titus Burgess shake a finger and say “YASSSSSSS”. PS- he wins the week! Brianna Roth had the unfortunate task of following that with “Look At Me Now” from the Wild Party. High energy, yes, but a track that just gave away any flaw in her notes while dancing around the stage.

Intermission….and boy I needed it. Broadway week was quickly turning into esoteric Broadway show tunes week. Would I get some Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Sound of Music, Matilda, Book of Mormon, or Pippin in the second act? Not so much. But if you want to see these shows and more, go right here for more details. Groups or 10 or more SAVE! (Shameless plug, but dear God that was happening all last night….time for me to get my due!)

Katie Mae nailed it while opening the second half with “Get Out and Stay Out” from box office stinker, 9 to 5. Chali stepped outside of her normal style with “Hello Young Lovers” from the King and I. Bringing a sexy undertone to a very humble piece and breathing wherever the hell she felt like it, Chali left me puzzled. She was able to silence the audience with a ballad, but I’m not quite sold that they were silent in captivation or puzzlement…..”Is a puzzlement” (quote from The King and I…look it up). Keely continued the awkward Broadway babies with “The Light in the Piazza” from the show of the same title. Singing somewhere in-between her cool jazz sound and Broadway operatic tone, I ask- WHY?! Did she enjoy the rush of being in the bottom 3? Beautiful, HAIR (which she was already dressed for), If/Then, ONCE….any of these shows have a million gems that would have come soaring out of her. Although she did well, I think this is a moment where we are seeing artists start to stray from who they are to try to fit a style….or are just getting tired of pumping out winning number after winning number week after week.

Brittany Marie was “The Life of The Party” as she tackled a technically difficult number from The Wild Party. Really…anyone want to do WICKED? Krista Starr battled for the spotlight with her guitarist as she did an R&B rendition of “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess. However, I give Ms. Starr major credit. She keeps staying true to herself despite the week’s theme. Lisa Parks closed out the show with “Bless The Lord My Soul” from Godspell with a chorus of sway and clap challenged friends behind her. A very fun way to end the night, but not her best vocals to date.

Following her mom- Ellie Parks, from season one, was our guest closer for the evening with “Ain’t No Other Man”….Ain’t no other Ellie is more like it!

So Broadway week was what it was. What else can I say?

The contestants lined up to learn of their fate. Dan Callahan won the night, hands down, and took home a pair of tickets to Matilda the Musical at the Academy of Music (Nov 17-29)….and then the reaping commenced. One by one saved until the bottom 3 of Chali, Rob Anthony, and Brianna Roth were left.


Do you remember when I wrote in one of my early posts that Chali won the Songbird Save? You don’t? Oh well…she did.
This grants her the opportunity to erase the bottom 3, save those folks, and have the judges pick again. And you know what she did?… Yup…she used it.

Well, the songbird save is now gone, never to be used again. Chali, Rob Anthony, and Brianna Roth are all safe and us judges went back to work. Krista Starr, Lisa Parks, and Keely formed the new bottom 3. What a twist. What a night. What a mess.

Winner- Dan Callahan

Bottom 3– Keely, Krista Starr, Lisa Parks

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