• Groove of the Day/Ariana Grande/”Be Alright”

    TweetStarting things off, I would like to send some Veterans Day love to all of the oh, so brave women and men (and service animals, too!) out there who’ve fought so fucking hard for our country. Your services will no doubt continue to shine a light of freedom down for us all. Thank you. Second,

  • 20 Philly Events Worth Your Entertainment While This Week & Beyond

    TweetNow that 4th of July is behind us, there’s no need to argue that it seems as if summer flies by from this point on, so that’s why Philly Mixtape will be bulking up its events calendar to 20 shimmering displays of Philly entertainment love, all to delay you from the presumed summer truth that

  • Jam of the Day/Lisa Shaw/”Heartbeat”

    TweetOut of all the many, many, many (did I say many?) reasons why I’m infatuated with all things deep house music, one of them is certainly because the lyrics provided on those lavish and luscious grooves shine through with like, some deep thoughts about life and stuff, man.  Aside from being contained with blissful beats

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