5 Reasons Why “Lean On” Is Truly the Best Song of 2015

It’s almost time to close out another year (can you believe it??), which means it’s time to put together those coveted playlists of your favorite tracks of 2015. Philly Mixtape is betting its golden headphones that two lovely ladies by the names of Adele and Taylor (and one comeback kid named Justin) will most likely be at the top of year-end playlists all across the music globe as we get ready to say, um, hello to 2016. 

One song that will certainly be on everyone’s year-end playlists is Major Lazer’s beaming dance offering, “Lean On,” which features stand out vocals from Swedish pop diva, MØ. Pieced together by Major Lazer (which consists of Jillionaire, Walshy Fire, and one time Philly native DJ, Diplo) with assistance from DJ Snake (“You Know You Like It,” another monster single this year) who helped craft the beat and guide MØ’s penned lyrics to fit, plain and simple-“Lean On” is just that groove. 

Ask your cousin in the fourth grade or your aunt whose house you’re going over for the holidays, and they’ll tell you that there wasn’t at least one time this year that “Lean On” came on the radio and they didn’t move for their music lives. Although it was released in early March, Major Lazer’s spaced out dance ballad not only wound up becoming one of the biggest singles of the summer, but of the year (Billboard also recently named it as their favorite dance single of 2015 ), which have all helped establish Major Lazer’s whirling tune as a true mainstream music highlight. 

However, Philly Mixtape is going to ante up the volume a little further and actually go on record to say that “Lean On” is truly the best song of the year, and has five other reasons why to prove this music hypothesis, including one that snatches the wig off of any other song released in 2015…..any. 

Hit the funkdafied floor and dive into Philly Mixtape’s conclusions below, and think about it, how many times has “Lean On” given your spin class new life in 2015? Go. 

1.That beat though….

While every part of “Lean On” is a tasty music treat, its sticky groove is what makes it stand out among any other radio song released in 2015. No shade to the dance music genre of tropical house, which was all over mainstream radio this year (Kygo, OMI, anything Biebs), but Major Lazer proved that a deep electronic groove could still fair well on the charts and that the Grammys got it all wrong with their recent Best Dance Recording snub. 

With its equal parts almost haunting synths and plugged in Western dancehall vibe–which are topped to perfection by MØ’s unforgettable vocal cantor–whether you’re working it out, cruising in your car or hitting the coveted dance floor of life, the infectious beat of “Lean On” is going to grab you, take a hold of you and have its delicious way with you. 

But what makes “Lean On” even more thriving (as if that were possible) is its breathtaking accompanying video, complete with bountiful backdrops of India, Ms. MØ in all her glory, and Diplo dancing for his life. Priceless. 

2.It’s Spotify’s most streamed song…ever. 

Hey, 526 million streams can’t be wrong, right? 

3.It’s a rare breed of songs that never seems to feel played out….

Usually when a song is streamed that many times, radio is taking it and making it its bitch…hello, “Hello.” Why “Lean On” is now a certified monster radio smash (which helped carry it to number four on the Billboard Hot 100), it’s got the kind of musically magnetic pull that will take you in with every listen, armed with a groove that succeeds every time in giving the listener life when they want to escape theirs for a few delightful moments. 

Major Lazer didn’t just cook up the best song of the year, but “Lean On” also gives bridesmaids all over the world another choice besides “Like a Prater” to dance to at all future weddings. 

4.Its lyrics cut deep on the dance floor..

While “Lean On” is carved out as a bouncy banger, its lyrics are deep, meaningful and full of sweet sorrow (“Do you recall, not long ago/We would walk on the sidewalk? Innocent, remember?All we did was care for each other”) about loved ones and friends we’ve parted with ways with down the twisted road of this thing called life.

Hey, there’s no denying it, sh#t gets real sometimes with all of us, but as we long as we have grooves like “Lean On” to help guide us along, it makes it all just a little easier to wade through. 

5.Because there’s truly only one MØ….

Picture it–Diplo offered a reggae inspired version of the track to both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, who politely said “bye” to his music prospect. Lucky for us, he eventually went with MØ, because any other diva on the track just wouldn’t make sense. Certainly after her Iggy Azalea/Saturday Night Live debacle, err, performance, the quirky singer has rightfully deserved her time to shine. Besides being finally known on the radio, Iggy’s “Beg for It’ co-star has also become a regular on the festival circuit, where she has worked it out to own the spotlight while help “Lean On” become the little/big song that most certainly could this year and then some, and for that we’ll all be forever grateful.