• Groove of the Evening/Ciara/Missy/”1,2 Step”

    TweetOh, the days when Ms. Ciara and her music Goodies ruled our worlds….wasn’t life just so much more krunkalicious back then?  As matter of fact, Krunk-n’-B Queen, it most certainly was as even thirteen years after CiCi and Missy shook our Jello shakin worlds with Goodies sophomore single, “1,2 Step,” it still sounds fresh to

  • Top 10 Philly Mixtape Stories of March

    Tweet Hard to believe that another Philly Mixtape month has come and gone. It really seems like yesterday that the site was under construction like Missy’s classic ’02 album, and now it’s truly blooming into something special-and it’s all because of each and every one of you guys who take the time out of your

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