5 Reasons Why You Should Emancipate Yourself to ‘Mimi’ Right This Second

“I can’t sleep at night
When you are on my mind
Bobby Womack’s on the radio
Saying to me
“If you think you’re lonely now”…

Those are just a sample of the heart drenched lyrics laced all over “We Belong Together,” making it one of the reasons why you should get lost in The Emancipation of Mimi right this very second as Mariah Carey‘s monstrous tenth studio album (and gigantic comeback set) turns twelve years old today. 

Here’s a few more….so , let’s open off (??) the Bacardi and Mimi it up, shall we?

Yas, MC Kween, yaaaas. 

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1.”It’s Like That” will always be…like that.   “Them chickens is ash and I’m lotion.” Enough said. Well, that, Fatman Scoop and this Jermaine Dupri produced beat 4 lyfe, dah-ling.

2.”We Belong Together” will tear us apart until the end of music eternity…  Pass the Bon Bons, Kleenex, cookie dough, photo albums and the Rite Aid brand nighttime medicine because we still can’t when it comes to the powerhouse crying sessions that stem from Mimi‘s bulldozing ballad. Although “We Belong Together” spent fourteen weeks (!!) on top of the Billboard Hot 100 (plus..those vocal arrangements equal life), it’ll spend the rest of eternity ripping our love scorned worlds to shreds…and we’ll love every god damn second of it. Sigh….

3.Those other tracks and singles, though….   From the Calgon product placement/f@@k you vibes provided on “Shake It Off” to the sultry Snoop owning “Say Somethin,'” to the soaring “Circles” and “Fly Like a Bird” to the private jet ready “Get Your Number” to the Twista co-starring “One & Only”–they’re all here and so much more. But if you want an indefinite Mimi treat, spend some time with the Kanye produced “Stay the Night” and prepare to get taken away right this very second..because you will. 

….and we just can’t forget about those cuts from Mimi’s Ultra Platinum Edition including that other chart topping ballad, “Don’t Forget About Us,” “One & Only(Part 2)” (hey there again, Twista), and of course, “Makin It Last All Night,” because, well, that’s what it do. 

4.Without this record there would be no ‘Mariah’s World’…. Without drudging into MC‘s past (namely 2001-late ’04 ish and real quick…Glitter, a breakdown without Bone Thugz assistance, TRL, a popsicle cart paired with an oversized “Loverboy” t-shirt, Charmbracelet), the diva needed this album to work, and lucky for all of us who knew she could eventually pull through….Mimi werked and then some.

But just think, without this second coming of Mariah’s career (hey, twenty million worldwide can’t be wrong, right?), we wouldn’t have been blessed with a little “docu-series” on E! that we love to throw all of the shade/MC love at. Let’s face it–The Emancipation of Mimi is Mariah’s World and Mariah’s World is The Emancipation of Mimi

5.Because it makes us forget about this…  Well, maybe not since you’re about to watch it right now, but still…no matter what..Ms. Mimi is pure MC life that we’ll never be able to live without whether in good times or during the, um, not so good times. 

Even Wentworth Miller. 

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Mariah Carey cover photo courtesy of HQ Video Blogspot. 


5 Reasons Why You Should Fly Away with MC’s ‘Butterfly’ Right This Second

In order to save some time here, let’s just state some MC facts….

Butterfly is Mariah Carey’s sixth studio album and it was released on September 16th, 1997. 

It was led by sexy single, “Honey,” which in turn became the diva’s 12th Billboard number one hit. 

Oh, and it’s also her best record. 

Since it was already noted that the above statements are all facts, there should be no questions as to the five reasons why you should grab your Jack Russell Terrier, draw a nice warm bubble bath and slip into the sensual (and Missy! Trackmasters! Q-Tip! produced) sounds of MC’s standout Butterfly album right this very second. 

1.Because “Honey” is lead single life… Just ask Agent M and then get down to the official Bad Boy remix once more…today, of course. Ready, set, Ma$e

2.Those vocal arrangements, though…  While pretty much every single Mimi album is known for that eardrum shattering trademark octave vocal range of hers (even the later ones..eek…pours tea), it was Butterfly that took all of that and brought it into the bedroom at ravishing love makin,’ heart breakin’ levels with a sexier, softer style of arrangements that put those pipes to werk. honey.

If you haven’t checked your boudoir life to the tones and coos of tracks “Baby Doll,” “Whenever You Call,” “Fourth of July” and…major Mariah pearl clutch (and 13th number one single) “My All”….plain and simple…check it now.

But if you want further evidence of a set full of a MC certified vocal style that truly hasn’t been stripped down like this since, lock the door to “Breakdown” and just…break it down. Plus, there’s never a bad time to have a reminisce sesh to the sped up spits of the one-and-only, Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony. 

That same vocal hypothesis (take a seat, E=Mc2…this isn’t about you) can also be said about “The Roof,” which is probably the most underrated song of Mariah‘s career. And again…no questions here, just music facts to fly away with. 

3.Because Mariah her damn self says its her favorite record, dab-ling…  You would think that for a diva whose had eighteen number one singles and fourteen studio albums that she wouldn’t be able to pick out her favorites, but anyone that’s followed MC’s career throughout the course of it all knows that this whole entire record is the one she’s still..obsessed with.

And for good reason because not only did it mark her true descent into her now ever so present R&B offerings (but of course “Vision of Love” for life), but it was this album that her former record label Sony (and reason number five) didn’t want her to do at all. But if you’ll recall, although there was quite a bit of Sony drama, the then twenty-seven year old diva stood her firm ground and made this glorious set for both her and all of us as it’s also proved to be a long lasting favorite. 

In a ’98 interview with Billboard about of all of that Sony mess, Carey spilled: “In the past, people were scared to let me explore different types of music that I loved and enjoyed. They [the studio heads] saw me as having this instrument, and they wanted to get the most use out of it. There were a lot of people around me who were afraid of change. I was a valuable commodity, and they didn’t want to lose that. I was encouraged to act drab, because drab sells records.”

Now, Let us praise the MC Kweens above that are indeed no drab parts of any music piece of this Butterfly. 

4.The title track, though… Because we still f@cking can’t and we most likely never will. But…we do. Sigh….

5.No more Tommy Mottola with this record… As it’s the reason why Agent M and the rest of Mariah’s current, um, world exists. The “Honey” pony tail rests. 



5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Move On from Mariah Carey’s Legendary New Year’s Eve Performance


Let’s just get right to spillin’ and breakin’ those mugs from the “special” cabinet that your Mother just reorganized from the holidays.

Because  it’s 2017 now and it’s time to get down to business…starting with this

1.Because that earpiece really does make all of the difference…for Mariah. Okay, let’s first spill about that not-so-elusive earpiece that flew off, dah-ling, and was (it was) apparently the root of…all things Mariah’s live..singing career. Get ready to clutch those pearls because…every music artist uses one when they sing live. Not only does it help them get in tune with their backup music surroundings and all of that not so joyful backup noise that’s guaranteed to surround them (it will) with every show, but it helps them keep in glorious tune with….themselves.

Throw all of that into the mix with a veteren diva who clearly depends on that earpiece for a lot and looked terrified with the thought of vocally going forward without it against a bunch of boozed up bros and babes in Times Square on the biggest party night of the year…

…and well, Glitter 2.

And as far as that pesky back up track was concerned…y’all think MC‘s hittin’ them “We Belong Together” and “Emotions” hiiiigh notes all by her damn self anymore?

The “Honey” weave has been rested. 

2.Because she’ll most likely learn something from this whole experience.. If there’s one thing that we can all take away from this whole thing, it’s that it’s abundantly clear that Mariah has no idea what to do when your life apparently unravels in the front of the whole entire world to see.

Since this is Mariah we’re spilling about here, she’ll most likely get into her whole self-discovering Butterfly mode and might learn some stuff, like, how to properly start over when things don’t take off on the runway quite as planned. 

How about…walk off the stage. 

Or maybe, just maybe, she can take a refresher course on some of those lyrics to some of those classics that we love to hear her actually…..sing. Or if she’s really feeling humble, maybe she should watch J.Lo’s New Year’s Eve performance that we’re not sure anybody watched. Hello? 

Also, Mariah, those so-called “dips” need some serious werk before you drop by on March 18th. And (sigh…) please don’t cancel, Mr. Richie and your Philly fans would be so..heartbroken.

3.Because shit really does happen in this thing called life… While we may never know exactly (let’s not forget, MC’s got a fab PR team) which element lit the match to explode Mariah’s now legendary New Year’s Eve bomb (so much back & forth like the dearly departed Ms. ‘Liyah), but there did seem to be this thing called life tossed up all up in the middle of it. Unfortunately, things, like happen in life and as much as we want everyday to smell like roses and feel like whiskers…fucking shit’s going to happen to…you. 

And when you’re a celebrity all up in that spotlight, that shit storm sometimes scales sky-high off the charts. And in Mariah’s case? She gave and served us with full on Helen Hunt in the middle of Twister. With the cows.

Now, that’s life comin’ straight at you. You got this, boo.

4.Because she’s Mariah and she’ll always be more fabulous than you… See:Mariah’s World 

5. Because we’re all going to need to put focus on getting our life lessons on in optimism soon.. And the power of music always helps us get through this, that and the other thang…which will never be a subject here (so, come on in!) as we kick off a brand spankin’ new year of nothing else but the music truth and spill all kinds of piping hot local and legendary entertainment tea. 

Which is also why you should stop throwing all of that shade (put down the Lemonade, Bey…she’ll figure it out) at Ms. Mariah and get back to DaydreamButterflyThe Emanciptation of Mimi, or any other of the records that made her who she is and always will be through the triumph…or the through the rain…...that diva

And just remember as we march off into 2017, if Mariah can get through New Year’s Eve, you can get through anything that comes your way this year. 

Let’s do it. That means you, too, MC.