Mixtape Music News/Madonna Birthday Edition

1.Is Madonna being a major ‘Rebel’ diva? 

We know by now that Ms. Madonna has been known for being a little diva-ish, and music word has it that she may be at it…again.

According to, sources close to her upcoming Rebel Heart Tour say that her diva behavior is getting a little out of control. really crossed the line!

With the 56-year-old’s latest tour set to kick off in a little less than a month, those same insiders say she is cracking under the pressure.

“Madonna is a real piece of work. On Monday night, the dancers declared mutiny on Madonna because she is working them way too hard,” the source claimed to RO.

“One dancer even went so far as to take off his credentials, throw it in her face and say, ‘F*ck you. I quit!’”

Stated the source, “She had to call security to protect her and escort her remaining dancers out!”

The same source also said that “On another occasion, one of her dancers broke her arm during rehearsals and instead of showing concern, Madonna had a nuclear meltdown.”

But the most shadiest of Material Girl shade came when the source also just had to throw in that the dancers are required to ear slimming black head-to-toe at all times because Madonnas quoted as saying there are What’s more, ‘no fat c*nts allowed in her presence.’”

A second source close to the production also spoke to production and threw even more shade towards the Queen of Pop. Grab those sunglasses and click here for more of these, um, rumors.

2.Will you be ready for the Rebel Heart tour?

Speaking of Madonna’s upcoming live opus, the show will touch down in Philly on Sept 24th, and judging by the grooves on the supposed leak track list, it’s looking to be another wild on-the-road ride from the Material Girl.

But since every concert tour presented by the Queen of Pop is creatively different, we never know what to expect as in her three decades of touring she has proven to be an unstoppable live force. Relive all of her concert glory with a Philly Mixtape look back at every tour, including the strobe-lit Confessions show, the sexed up Girlie spectacle and her most successful and, um daring show of them all, The Blonde Ambition Tour.

3.When’s the last time you heard this Madonna summer groove? 

With its bubble gum beat, cheeky vocals and Sean Penn inspired lyrics, “Cherish” is still one hell of still a great pop ride. And how can we forget about the Herb Ritts directed accompanying video? We can’t. 

4. Did you get your Philly Mixtape Madonna week on? 

All week long, Philly Mixtape has been serving everyone with a buffet of Materal beats, including some of her most ravenous sun-kissed sonnets, got lost in a sea of essential rewerks, got our “Ashanti” on to “Ray of Light’ and remembered her long lost American Life set. Needless to say, it’ been quite a week. Check out all of the delightful highlights below.Only one more year until we do it again!

Summer Grooves

“Into the Groove”

“Who’s That Girl”/”Causing a Commotion”

“Express Yourself”

“Human Nature”


15 Essential Madonna Rewerks

5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ Right This Second

Forgot About Friday/’American Life’


5.Which one of these underrated Madonna ’80s gems are your favorite? 

Madonna certainly delivered hit-after-hit in the ’80s, so it’s easy those songs that still fly under the Boy Toy radar. Music case in point, the equally delightful, “Spotlight” and “Angel.” Which one is your favorite? Most likely both. 

6.Because it’s Sunday, too. 

Eroti….ca for life. 




Madonna Summer Groove of the Day/”Celebration”

Serving as the lead single from her third greatest hits set of the same name, “Celebration” was cooked up by Madonna and legendary turntable genius, Paul Oakenfold.  Released in late-summer of ’09, the electro-ditty was a moderate hit on the radio, also going on to earn a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording the following year. Its accompanying remixes also took over dance floors across the globe, earning the Material Girl another #1 beat bundle of chart-topping remixes. 

The video for “Celebration” used the Benny Benassi retelling of the song and portrayed Madonna and her tour dancers all getting lost in the dance of music life. There’s also of appearances along the way that include Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, and Madonna’s boy toy at the time. model Jesus Luz. #ForgotAboutFriday

But the main reason that the Queen of Pop’s late-career dance tune is just so delicious is because of the cheeky spoken word bridge that she delivers mid way:

‘Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
You look familiar
You wanna dance?
I guess I just don’t recognize you with your clothes on
(that laugh)
What are you waiting for??

Pretty much sums it all up, now doesn’t it? 


Come join the music party…



Madonna Summer Groove of the Day/”Human Nature”

Whenever we musically throw it back to the summer of  ’95, there’s pretty much only one video that comes to mind-the S&M-baked visual for “Human Nature,” the fourth single released from Madonna’s dreamy sixth album, Bedtime Stories.

Recorded as a big ol’ “fuck you” to critics after they had written the Material Girl off due to the insane backlash stemming from her Erotica set and Sex book, Madge’s R&B-laced number gained loads of steam, mostly for its accompanying simple-yet-effective Jean-Baptiste Mondino directed video, which features Madonna and her dancers all wrapped up in tight choreography and lots of latex and leather.

Unlike her previous sexed up clips for “Justify My Love” and “Erotica,” the “Human Nature” clip was meant to be more humorous than sexy-and it worked like a charm. Laced with a satirical depiction of sex, and the taboos that several societies place on the subject, it’s no wonder that Madonna has performed “Human Nature” on several of her concert tours. While the boudoir ready beat stalled at number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100, it certainly made its, um, mark on not just Madonna fans, but those pesky haters who deemed that the Queen of Pop reign was over. 

But if there’s one thing from Madonna’s gritty groove that we will take with us for all of music eternity, it’s the line in the track when when she states, “express yourself, don’t repress yourself.” Those five little words are not only magically strewn throughout the romping Bedtime number, but they will always hold true in life itself. 

And always remember….just like Madonna taught us…….absolutely no regrets

It’s Philly Mixtape music nature….