5 Reasons Why You Should Never Question Pink’s ‘M!ssundaztood’

Picture it….fall 2001. 

Ms. Alicia Moore aka P!nk was fresh off the Grammy snatching high-heeled success of “Lady Marmalade” alongside galpals Xtina, Mya, Lil’ Kim and Missy and had just served us with the news that the follow-up to her 2000 R&B bedroom romp, Can’t Take Me Home was coming soon. 

Then…it happened. P!nk released lead single “Get the Party Started,” which was a little more rocked out than what we were used to with an accompanying video in which our local girl (hailing from Doylestown) was a little less…pink.

Actually, it was the P!nk we never thought we needed as accompanying album M!ssundaztood turned out to be a smashing success, selling fifteen copies worldwide and would also be a big “fuck you” to her record label master, L.A. Reid, who told the diva, “You’ll be a pop star…all you have to change is everything you are.” 

Which indeed turns out to be another reason why you should never question P!nk’s M!ssundaztood, which has just celebrated its fifteenth birthday. 

Here’s five more. 

1.Because “Get the Party Started” will indeed always get the party started. When it comes to P!nk lead singles, perhaps none are as ferocious and fierce as “Party,” which took over our headphones and our Making the Video lives from the moment it skateboarded into our worlds back in the fall of 2001.

With its bouncy beat, campy lyrics and Ms. Moore’s ready flow, it’s the reason why our license plates still say “Stunna #1 Superstar” and why they’re still kissing our ass when we pull up to the bumper while checkin’ our gold diamond rings for life, gurl. 

Of course, it’s most likely the reason you joined Bally’s for a brief moment in time back in early 2002. Anyone remember those commercials? Of course you do.

2.Because “Just Like a Pill” is one of the best pop songs ever recorded. One part rock ballad, one part music truth and all parts a pop music manifesto, Mizz third single “Just Like a Pill” is a song that doesn’t just make you think about like, life and stuff, but P!nk’s delivery of every lyric just hits you in all the right places, taking you to another place that only our girl can provide a first class music ticket for. 

Plus, the accompanying video (with all that black hair!!) has the diva romping with white bunny rabbits for fuck’s sake. Sigh….just watch. 

3.It’s all wrapped up in Linda Party realness… Another reason you should never, ever question this album is because P!nk used her smart music business sense to link up with former 4 Non Blondes front runner, Linda Perry, (really...just what the fuck is goin’ on?), and in turn, the perky, yet delightfully miserable pair came up with an album that’s just full of life, especially on tracks, well, any of the eight tracks the two legendary ladies cooked up on Missundaztood, especially the saucy title track. 

4.It’s why we’re still obsessed with her today. Imagine if P!nk had kept her R&B sass throughout her entire almost two decade career? Now, stop it because we simply wouldn’t have it any other way. Why it was indeed a risky move to give the middle finger to Mr. Reid (although he was married to Pebbles, we still have to show him respect), it was one that certainly paid off as its the rocked our reason we’re still obsessed with P!nk in whatever she does, whether it’s announcing her second pregnancy in a glossy photo shoot, churning out hit-after-hit or flying high above the stage while serving us pure aerlized magic during any one of her performances, this is the album where all of it started from, and we’ll certainly be forever grateful.  

5.Because it’s fucking P!nk…. Do you really need another reason? Okay, here’s another one….the “Sweet Dreams” refire of “Get the Party Started” co-starring Redman and the legendary Ms. Annie Lennox is the absolute main reason why you just shouldn’t ever question M!ssundaztood, but the reason you should never question anything our local girl Pink does….because she does it oh, so fucking well.