Forgot About Friday/Kiesza

Oh, Ms. Kiesza….we hardly knew ye before some of us may have been forgotten about everything you had to offer when you hit the scene just a few short years ago…..that voice! those moves! that hair! 

With her Canadian roots and Brooklyn based sass, Kiesza was destined for stardom right from the very beginning. Well, maybe not the very beginning since she joined the Navy at 17 years to be a code breaker (true story) But, it wasn’t long before the flame-haired diva took her love of theater, ballet and tap and put it all to work at Boston’s acclaimed Berklee College of Music

From there, Kiesza soon discovered that she just really liked to get down to a solid dance beat (really, who the f#$k doesn’t?), and put her passions for EDM and deep house to great use while searching for the perfect producers to craft her first studio-kissed record—the way forgotten about 2014 pop music masterpiece, Sound of a Woman. 

Helmed by acclaimed producers Rami Samir Afuni and Jayson Jenkins (just to name a few) Kiesza’s sophomore set (she released an independent record in ’08), stormed the overseas before it made its big splash in the U.S. in mid-2014. With its mix of soul, R&B, hip-hop and dance influences, it wasn’t long before Woman singles including “Hideaway,” “No Enemiesz” and “Giant in My Heart” began tapping their way into our life lovin’ souls. 

See also, “The Love,” “So Deep,” ah, you know, just stage dive into the whole album below. 

But as much as Kiesza’s feisty and still very fresh record made its waves in the industry, it was the diva’s on-stage presence that truly got lots of attention thanks to the fact that with every live show….girlfriend just turned it the fuck out. For those of you in Philly who’ve ever seen her own the TLA not once, but twice, a few years back, you know exactly what we’re spilling about here. If you’re still not convinced, just ask Demi Lovato, Gorgon City and Duran Duran, all of whom have the taken the deep pop princess on the road with them. 

So, know comes the question….where has she been??

Well, although we’re all still so damn ready for a Woman follow-up, the energetic diva has been busy serving out (and also healing after her best friend’s death….dive into this Billboard story right here) a handful of 2018 singles including, “Mother,” “Weird Kid,” “Phantom of the Dancefloor,” and her latest hot-for-the-holidays groove, “I Only Love You at Christmas,” which is everything you think it is. 

But if we really want to take a stroll down music memory lane today, we must show love to “Take U There,” a remix collaboration with Skrillex, Diplo, and the one, the only, Missy Elliot. Because you know what they say…if you’ve earned the M-I-double S-Y-E stamp of approval, it’s something to be cherished forever and never, ever forgotten about…ever. 

Cover photo courtesy of Billboard 

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Groove of the Day/Missy Elliot/”Work It”

Only 364 more days until Pride 2018! 

But as we begin the glittered up count down to next year’s love fest, let’s not forget that there’s plenty to do, so let’s all continue to work it like Missy, shall we? 

Yas. And of course, put our thing down, flip it and reverse it while we get our hair did along this fabulously gay walk of lyfe, gurl. 

So, let’s beat drop…because life’s too short for anything else. 




Groove of the Day/Missy/Lamb/”I’m Better”

In a week that’s been, well, 2016, leave it up to our girl Missy Elliot to swoop and save our lives with a new song and video for her latest futuristic and krunkalicious banger, “I’m Better,” co-starring rapper Lamb. 

While we have no idea if this is the jump off lead single to what will be her seventh studio album (and very, very much anticipated), who…the..f#$k cares…it’s Missy for God sakes.

However, the cray video did come with a trailer for some kind of Misdemeanor documentary that’s headed our way this year, but since we don’t want to lose any sleep in excitement over what’s to take over our lives Missy style in 2017, let’s just relax and get down to the ready sounds of her latest heat. 

Happy Friday! 

This year’s grooves sound like…