Groove of the Day/Missy Elliot/”Work It”

Only 364 more days until Pride 2018! 

But as we begin the glittered up count down to next year’s love fest, let’s not forget that there’s plenty to do, so let’s all continue to work it like Missy, shall we? 

Yas. And of course, put our thing down, flip it and reverse it while we get our hair did along this fabulously gay walk of lyfe, gurl. 

So, let’s beat drop…because life’s too short for anything else. 




Groove of the Day/Missy/Lamb/”I’m Better”

In a week that’s been, well, 2016, leave it up to our girl Missy Elliot to swoop and save our lives with a new song and video for her latest futuristic and krunkalicious banger, “I’m Better,” co-starring rapper Lamb. 

While we have no idea if this is the jump off lead single to what will be her seventh studio album (and very, very much anticipated), who…the..f#$k cares…it’s Missy for God sakes.

However, the cray video did come with a trailer for some kind of Misdemeanor documentary that’s headed our way this year, but since we don’t want to lose any sleep in excitement over what’s to take over our lives Missy style in 2017, let’s just relax and get down to the ready sounds of her latest heat. 

Happy Friday! 

This year’s grooves sound like…


Groove of the Day/Janet/Missy/Carly/”Son of a Gun(I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)

Picture it…the music from fall 2001…Britney was making us a slave for that Britney life…..Gwen Stefani and her No Doubt crew were keepin’ it Rock Steady…..we were still all in love with Incubus’ Brandon Boyd and Ms. Janet Jackson was continuing to serve with the third single from her multi platinum All for You record, “Son of a Gun.” 

While the original version featured just Janet and Ms. Carly Simon adding her undeniable vocal flair from her 1972 chart smash, “You’re So Vain,” for the single release, the one-and-only Missy!!! was added to the mix to give it a little extra werk. While the remix only managed to grab the number twenty-eight slot on the Billboard Hot 100, its accompanying music video truly was–and still is–something to remember. 

Directed by music video mastermind, Francis Lawrence (pretty much every one of your favorite early ’00s music videos..and The Hunger Games) the clip features Ms. J, those abs, a “Get Ur Freak On” styled Missy (you know…) and a gaggle of spooky-wooky (AHS fever, anyone?) backup dancers who create all kinds of shenanigans inside an ultra-boujie hotel for the swine in question who dared cheat on our beloved Janet and put a stupid bitch all up in that beach house. 

Bliss. Now, watch this. You’ll be glad you did. 

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